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General Questions / how 2 blend 2 circuits
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:33:15 PM »
Here is my first post for a while if ever.

I have an effect circuit that I want to parallel with a Clean drive circuit and blend it back in together.
1 input -> split to 2 circuits -> blended together with a pot to integrate the clean over the top of the effect. I didn't want to blend the effect out, just integrate the clean into it to 1 output.
How do I do this?
I had the input going into a pot to blend between the 2 circuits but when it mixed the whole circuit turned into a distortion and I got no clean integration.
I think it was at the junction where the 2 signals mixed back together that it got messed up.
Essentially I wanted it to sound like a clean boosted guitar playing the same thing as a distorted guitar next to each other.
Is this even possible?
Will it work?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As Paul from GIYGuitarPedals is taking care of his family (Family First mate, best of luck to you and your son) I'm asking here for some assistance.

I bought Paul's 7min Fuzz and I want to incorporate it into a combination pedal that's running off of 12 volts.
It's a 12au7 Tube boost & distortion pedal that requires 12v.

7min Fuzz Schematic

So I roughly calculated that for the 7min Fuzz to work on 12v I need to increase the voltage of R1 (10k Ohm) to a 12k or 13k ohm resistor?
Can someone with better electronics knowledge confirm this please?

Also I only have a 50k Ohm Audio pot will this be ok for the Volume control?
His circuit requires a 100k Ohm Audio pot.

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