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As Paul from GIYGuitarPedals is taking care of his family (Family First mate, best of luck to you and your son) I'm asking here for some assistance.

I bought Paul's 7min Fuzz and I want to incorporate it into a combination pedal that's running off of 12 volts.
It's a 12au7 Tube boost & distortion pedal that requires 12v.

7min Fuzz Schematic

So I roughly calculated that for the 7min Fuzz to work on 12v I need to increase the voltage of R1 (10k Ohm) to a 12k or 13k ohm resistor?
Can someone with better electronics knowledge confirm this please?

Also I only have a 50k Ohm Audio pot will this be ok for the Volume control?
His circuit requires a 100k Ohm Audio pot.

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