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Build Reports / Train I ride...
« on: August 06, 2019, 01:35:21 AM »
.... 16 coaches long.

I do love me some steam locos. So time to make some boxes with a bit of steam action on it.
Full Blast is Pedalpcb Hyped Fuzz, certainly a full on type of fuzz. Two different unique fuzz voicings and a boost in middle position of switch.

Acrylic faceplates over laser decal. Relay bypass courtesy of 1776 finishline pcb.

Runaway Train is Pedalpcb Derailer circuit, aimed at the high gain Marshall type grind of Trainwreck soundz.

The build doc call for OPA2134 op amps which I will give a go once I have them on handm for now I chucked in some TL072 to stoke the fire.

Build Reports / May the force be with the X wing fighter
« on: June 13, 2019, 01:03:40 AM »
Lots of knobs, firepower and possibilities in this cockpit for sure.
Pedalpcb take on John Hollis Omnidrive, a very clever piece of circuit hacking and I'm impressed with the first test flight.
Great sounds and tweakability, will take me a while to get through what it can do.
Dig it already though and it's great to have this grinder in the stable that's not just another slight variation.

I might add a protective thingy of sorts to prevent the toggle switches to get accidentally knocked when foot switching, mostly to make sure I don't damage one of the levers. Taking it out and replacing switch is too much of a PITA to leave it like this. But for now it's take off and fight for glory, princess and empire.

Build Reports / Genecode of a tubescreamer...
« on: June 08, 2019, 12:54:26 AM »
... is firmly embedded in these.

I think the first stompbox I bought was a secondhand Fulldrive, don't quite remember which version, but it was blue and had scratches on the outside, the inside smelled like beer and bar floorsweepings.
I loved it and still sold it after starting building pedals, so it's good to have a Fulldrive back in the stable of overdrives (which is a bit overcrowded I have to admit but I do enjoy it) without the boost section which I never quite liked on the original and I named it 'Gearbox' because it drives everything harder.
So this is smaller in 125B and has relay switching and I won't sell it (because it's not worth it as we all know..  ;D after all, only the original blue smelly scratchy box would get a decent price these days...).

And then the 'Evolution', BuGGs version of VfE Scream. Versatile to the hilt and sounds great.

Build Reports / Sparky (don't pee on the electric fence...)
« on: May 24, 2019, 12:50:09 AM »
Sparky booster, built on pedalpcb ember boost board (BuGGs take on TC spark booster).
Nice versatile push to things after it, amp or other drives. Quite versatile I find and relatively low noise, so a already higher gain overdrive or distortion doesn't get too much more noise when pushed with this. Maybe helped by the low noise pricey OPA2134 opamps.

Switching courtesy of 1776 finish line relay, graphics are laser water slide decal with acrylic face plate over it.

I named it in 'honour' of Sparky, one of the misfits sidekicks staring in classic kiwi soap comedy 'Westside' and 'Outrageous Fortune'.
Worth checking out...

Build Reports / Unicorn Tears
« on: March 07, 2019, 12:12:50 AM »
And don't we love some overdrive goodness...
Here's one built ob pedalpcb 'Pauper' pcb which is BuGG's take on Analogman 'Prince of Tone'.
Very nice sounds in there and great tweakability with internal DIP switchiness and pres trimmer.
I even had the 'magic' MA856 diodes to make the Unicorn more sparkly and weepy.

Acrylic face plate over laser decal, relay switching with 1776 finish line.

Build Reports / Drive Me Nuts
« on: February 09, 2019, 10:09:23 PM »
A lot of knobbies here to fiddle and drive one nuts. Hours of fun to be had.
Two overdrives in one box, first is "Skylight OD', sounds great.
That pumps into "Lamb Chop", dual path overdrive with clean channel to mix in.
Lotsa tweaks here, some are very subtle and if you don't like lotsa knobs probably not your thing. I find it good fun and I don't mind twiddling around. Some unusual controls there with 'feel' (called 'texture' in original), 'impedance', 'curve' (adjust corner freq of OD path), 'filter' (adjust clean path only).

Switching with 1776 relay boards. Acrylic face plate over laser waterslide decal.
The box is actually recycled from another pedal that I didn't really like, I filled the previous pot holes with automotive filler, sanded down, drilled new pots. Hardly visible and I guess you wouldn't know if I hadn't told ya...

Build Reports / Dopamine
« on: January 21, 2019, 11:35:43 PM »
Post number 2000... let's make it a build report, one full of dopamine...

Very nice and super flexible fuzz here on BuGG's 'Marsh' Fuzz.
Dopamine seemed a fitting name, and the original that this is made after is played by one of my current idols, Josh Smith.

Relay bypass courtesy of 1776 fx, those work great for me.
Acrylic face plate over laser decal, that's how I roll these days most of the time.

Build Reports / Turbo charger
« on: January 19, 2019, 11:39:37 PM »
Nice cleanish with a bit of grit and airy, transparent and all those unicorn tears sounding boost and drive.
What else to say? Made on a ProfPoopy pedalpcbdotcom 'Six String Singer' board (google any of those and you shall find...).
Acrylic faceplate over laser waterslide decal, relay bypass from 1776 effects (I'm running low Josh, order will need to come soon...).

Miscalculated the position of name a bit too close to stomp.... ah well... next time...

This is why it sounds 'airy (fairy)': look at all the empty space...  ;)

Open Discussion / XR2206 function generator chip supplier
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:14:50 PM »
Just a heads up that I have recently ordered the obsolete XR2206 function generator chip from two different ebay suppliers, one turned out dodgy (got my money back) and the other sellers were good (I ordered twice there).
That's of course no guarantee that they all will be good, but if you're looking for some I'd recommend this seller:
The chip is used in the Catalinbread Pareidolia. Also in cheap function generators on ebay.

Hi guys, we're looking forward to travelling to the US again in mid June until mid July, visiting my son and his wife.
They are living in Columbia / Missouri. We've been there last time in Aug 2015 for their wedding and now we are blessed to have a Grandchild coming, I'm getting elevated from 'old fart' to official Grandpa, woohoo. The must be an official badge that comes with it, right?
We got some greatly appreciated travel tips and insider hints from you guys on the forum back then when we've been to places like San Francisco, New Orleans, up the Mississippi, Memphis etc.

This time we are flying into Chicago and will stay with family for about two weeks, after that we are ball parking to maybe travel to New York and then make our way to Chicago to fly out again. We haven't really put any details and travel itinerary in place, just hoping to get some hints and ideas what you guys would recommend off the cuff.
Any suggestions and comments appreciated!
Things we are interested in:
  • museums, art, architecture
    cool and unique music shops
    some nice markets, vibrant suburbs or quarters to check out (and which ones to avoid... :P)
    hints for accommodation that doesn't break the bank and also doesn't have us ending up in a dodgy area and place
    ideas for how to get around. For example: Is the train journey from New York back to Chicago worthwhile?
    what towns and places would you guys recommend checking out in that Missouri/New York/Chicago 'triangle'?
    what cool music clubs would there be in New York and Chicago and places? Not so much late night techno clubbing (we've outgrown that and with my Grandpa badge I won't make it into those, after bedtime etc...  ;)), more like blues and jazz and stuff.
Thanks! Looking forward to the trip!

Howdy, I found an old etched board of early version Fatpants booster (just one vol pot), any idea where I would find build doc please?

Open Discussion / CA3401 chip - any pedal related projects use these?
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:30:19 PM »
Howdy, I've scored a bunch of NOS RCA3401 chips, are there any pedal related or otherwise interesting projects that would come in handy with these?

Build Reports / Bad Kitty and Big Cheese, finishing up 2018
« on: December 30, 2018, 11:57:39 PM »
What better way to finish up 2018 by boxing up two fuzzy boxes of goodiness and rocking it out while the neighbourhood is extra tolerant of noise today...!

Bad Kitty is a based on  Katzenkoenig as per THC schematic. Experimented with a few trannies to settle for the favourite growl, ended up with all BC548 and tested for HfE, settled on a matched set that was all around the 280 HfE mark.
Great versatile fun box, singing sustain and grit, many tones in different combination of tone and sensitivity. Like it lots.

Being a HUGE Wallace and Gromit fan AND a dog owner it was high time to have a pedal with Gromit graphics...
The Lovetone Big Cheese made a crackin' candidat. I messed with the circuit a bit, admittedly, I know sacrilege... but nothing too major. I used a 2P4T small rotary because I have a tone of them and they are great space savers.
That meant I had to put the 'velcro' type setting on a separate switch as the original does that with a 3P4T rotary instead and it allowed me to introduce and extra tone setting on rotary. his also means that the gated 'velcro' type sound is available on any rotary setting and I have even two slightly different versions via the on/off/on toggle (called 'bones'...). So a bit more versatility, soundwise however no changes to the core circuitry. Just more options.
Very cool fuzz too. Rippin'...

Relay bypass courtesy of 1776 finish line, acrylic faceplate over laser printed water decal.

Guts 'Bad Kitty':

Guts 'Big Cheese':

Have a fab and happy New Years everyone out there, stay safe and sound! 8)

Build Reports / Stealthy Mesmerizer machine
« on: October 02, 2018, 02:14:11 AM »
Here's a Mesmerizer that I stuck into a wah shell. The wah pot controls the depth of effect, the two extra knobbies on side are speed and volume.

Since the pedalpcb mesmerizer had a fault in charge pump section of pcb I plugged in an external chargepump board similar to MBP roadrage idea. Works just fine. Also added a klon buffer on output as I found that helps to make it compatible with all sorts of other pedals in behind. I had on another mesmerizer build found that I had a funny interaction/volume drop with some pedals after this. The buffer solved that for me.

The donor shell was from a defunkt IK multimedia Stealth pedal, hence the label on treadle. Nicely built shell and works just fine, only I had to make new side panels as the original ones had too many holes for what I was planning. I could have left that, but i did prefer the exercise to make new side parts out of aluminum brackets. A bit fiddly but worth it.

Bypass is courtesy of Finish Line 1776 effects relay bypass, made an acrylic LED bar to sit on front which I quite like.
Very nice pedal with UniVibe/tremolo/phaser flavours.
I added an extra 1/4 stereo jack that can be utilized as expression pedal which disconnects the treadle pot from circuit board when stereo jack is inserted. In that case I can't use the inbuilt circuit, just the expression function obviously. But good to have both options.
Dig it.

Build Reports / Purple Haze and Fairy Dust (Prof. Poopy content)
« on: September 11, 2018, 04:34:14 AM »
Purple Haze and Fairy Dust is two UniVibe derivates in one box.
A mixer board to seamlessly blend between both or to blend between clean bypass and into one of them. The mix can be done with the knob on dash or via expression pedal, which is where the sweetness really comes in.

I'm a vibe-a-holic and this goes right up my sweet spot. All the cool vibes I can handle squeezed in one box.

Built on pedalpcb (aka Prof von Poopenhauser, the top secret new pedal company or so... sorry this will become a running joke me thinks...) boards, the "Abyss" (Fairy Dust side) and the "Photon Vibe" (Star Dust side).

I designed the mixer board with smd parts and through hole electros, makes for a nice compact utility for this and I will use it in other incarnations as well. That's why I made three versions, one pot mounted, two with onboard expression jack (sideways and frontal orientation).

Mixer board in place:

Mixer boards different versions:

Since I made the 'Phase Melter' dual Mutron I dig the concept of blending between two circuits and/or blending between clean (bypass) and wet side.
Made me use expression pedal a lot more.

It was a build that didn't want to go down too easy, not just because it's a bit of shoe horning as you can see, but mainly because I had a faulty part in there. It didn't reveal itself at first and took some debugging, swearing, fighting and head scratching to isolate and get it right, I'm sure you all have a story of sorts like this.
Initially all circuits worked on test rig and all seemed plain sailing, however when I had it boxed up and played it euphorically, all sounding well something started to smell funky after ten minutes of playing... like toast in the kitchen left on... and my power supply that has a voltage meter started to get a bit wobbly, which is rather unusual.
A quick check under the hood revealed a toasting (literally... crispy brown...) 100ohm R29 towards the 15V voltage regulator.
I changed the 1/4 W resistor for a 1W 100ohm resistor and that still got hot as, didn't burn up, but really too hot too touch and that's no good obviously.

Really shouldn't do that seeing that downstream of that resistor the regulator powers just mainly the ICs.
That much current draw and dissipation was clearly off the mark. I measured overall current draw and that was about 260mA. Too high for comfort.

So I had to take it all out again (insert your favorite swear words #$&^^##**@...) and did all the usual double and triple checking of solder joints, measuring voltages, current draw etc.
No stone unturned I could only assume that the voltage regulator was somehow dodgy.
Off course as Murphy was around I didn't have a second 15V one at hand to replace.
So waiting for the next order of parts twiddling thumbs and building something else in between I finally got another 15V regulator, a bigger body one as Tayda doesn't stock the small version.
Since the board is very tight I had to coax the regulator offboard wired in. And it was all worth it, fired up just fine, the 100ohm resistor was replaced with a normal 1/4 W again and doesn't get hot at all as it should. It was indeed just a blimmin' faulty voltage regulator that caused this.

New voltage regulator off board wired:

Current draw measures now around 160mA slightly fluctuating with light bulb glow, that's in the more to be expected range I think.

So all back in and it works just peachy now, dig it.

Another thing that didn't quite fit in was that I wanted initially to also add a three position rotary for UniVibe cap mod on Photon Vibe board, I had it all wired up already and tested.
However I miscalculated in a burst of optimism and it just physically didn't fit in, the switch assembly was too big, no way. Enclosure was already drilled with the extra hole for it and the label was done. Yes, very optimistic.

So I un-soldered all that offboard rotary arrangement and replaced it with standard caps. That's why on the enclosure there's a filled hole in front and the 'voice' label on top that wasn't gonna be. Nevermind.
And since the Photon Vibe is quite flexible with the bass/treble dials in voicing anyway it's not a biggie to miss.
There's so much possiblities in this pedal, it'll do me for awhile...

Really where the money is having both vibes set to different speeds and voicings (they both sound unique to each other anyway) and blend between the two creating a change in speed as well as flavour and intensity. In the middle position this can sound like the faster vibe modulation sits on top of the slower swoosh.

Or the option of blending in and out of one vibe sound while the other is bypassed is also very useful and fun, fun, fun.

Really happy with it and glad that I could find that gremlin of faulty component, yay.

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