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A suggestion and what I did was bought like 10 of the TO-92s from Smallbear and use them to test the board. Once running I replace them with the SMDs.  Iíve always been afraid of putting to much heat on the SMDs and burning it up. 

Iíve ran through a bunch testing them and they tested no different than the TO-92s.  I had to go through 20 or so to find 3-4 that matched. 

I thought General Guitar Gadgets sold matched sets but they donít anymore.  I know he matched some 5952s for me when I asked.  Also see that he is selling 5457s for .36 each TO92s.

Smallbear sells them also. Theyíre .75 each and real. 

When you say a switch box are you talking about an a/b box?
If you would post a picture it might be easier to see what youíre doing.
And you need a pull down resistor on the positive leg of the led. 

Goggle how to build an a/b switch box and click on images if thatís what your trying to do.  There are some on there that are easy to follow.

Your jack has two solder points, i.e., tip and sleeve.  The tip is the input and the sleeve is ground.  So on your 3pdt board the IJ wire goes to the tip solder point of the input jack. The OJ wire goes to the tip solder joint of your out jack.  V - is your positive  voltage and the wire goes to the + side of your power jack. G- your ground wire goes to the - on your power jack and to the input jack sleeve solder point.  The I wire goes to the input point of your board and the O wire goes to the board output point. 

The reason I asked you to read the tutorial is for you to think of your 3pdt board as nothing more than a 3pdt switch without the board.  Every lug on the switch basically corresponds with your board.  Instead of going to the switch all your points are on the front of your board.

Go here

Thereís a tutorial at the bottom on wiring a 3pdt.

In/out jack tip wire goes to the tip of the respective jack.
In/out wire goes to the in and out on board.
Voltage is positive power.
Ground is self explanatory.

Read the tutorial all the way through and you should have a good understanding of what to do.

Build Reports / Re: Klein Bottle WIP
« on: April 22, 2019, 05:31:37 PM »
Success to you on that monster.  After looking at the build docs and my not so good success rate with the complicated builds I caved and spent the $350 for a finished one.  Still havenít had time to play with it but the YouTube videos sold me on all the things you can do with it.
I must tell you, $350 for a finished one is a very good bargain. I wouldn't be willing to build one of these for someone else for less than $500.

That was another thing I just couldnít get past, the time involved in puttting it together and then just dreading a ďNo Fire Up.Ē  Troubleshooting is not my forte and the thought of over $200 worth of electronic pieces not functioning just didnít sit well. LOL.  Iím sure youíll blow this out of the water though.  I donít post much on here anymore but I do follow things and you put together some really nice stuff.

Build Reports / Re: Klein Bottle WIP
« on: April 22, 2019, 05:16:41 PM »
Success to you on that monster.  After looking at the build docs and my not so good success rate with the complicated builds I caved and spent the $350 for a finished one.  Still havenít had time to play with it but the YouTube videos sold me on all the things you can do with it. 

Open Discussion / Re: Considering giving up on the DIY pedal hobby...
« on: November 04, 2018, 06:30:05 PM »
Out of pretty much boredom, not necessity, I went back to work in February.  Building pedals kept life interesting and productive for the last 4 years.  Ive got a box full of boards in various stages that I go out a couple of times a week and work on.  After working as an adult babysitter (Iím a construction manager for a new home builder) for 9-10 hrs just going out and soldering a couple of parts just relieves a lot of the days frustrations.  Iíve got two of the pedals Iíve built on my board (a Pale Horse and a Bolviator) so I too have gone the commercial route for the most part.  But I still get a huge sense of satisfaction when I get one of these things to work.  I still scan the board daily just to see the interesting stuff going on.  Pickdropperís builds and enclosure finishing still just amazes the heck out of me. 

Gordo my wife just shakes her head when she goes back and looks at the mass of pedals Iíve built so I know exactly where youíre coming from. 

And Cliff after having that DD-500 you sold me for a year it is on my board now.  Echo delightful. 

Open Discussion / Re: NBD!
« on: September 23, 2018, 05:34:59 PM »
Awesome.  Congrats 🍾🎊🎉🎈

Tech Help - Projects Page / Re: UberTuber
« on: September 16, 2018, 06:30:48 PM »
Please post your outcome.  Thanks.

Tech Help - Projects Page / Re: UberTuber Spoke To Soon
« on: September 16, 2018, 04:11:20 PM »
I purchased my tube from the same place and my build is working.  Not saying that your tube is good, just saying mine was ok. 

Well disregard that. I plugged mine in and it worked then I remembered I needed to set the trimmer.  My voltages are running the same as yours.  This canít be a coincidence that my voltage at T1 and T2 are almost the same.  Iím pulling mine and getting another one from a reputable place. 

Build Reports / Re: Busy Summer Build Bonanza
« on: September 02, 2018, 08:10:07 PM »
Man you've been busy.  I have to confess I have the Postfontaine, Vomit Comet and Sagan 2 pretty much populated but can't seem to push through to complete them.  The White Horse looks really good.  But no new board designs in a while and I can see why now. LOL.

Are you using a GuitarPCB 3pdt board or one from somewhere else?

Build Reports / Re: Octagon Build
« on: February 18, 2018, 08:59:33 PM »
Looks super.  How does it sound?

Open Discussion / Re: Funny Arrow packaging
« on: February 15, 2018, 03:01:53 PM »
Arrow is the best for stocking me up with packing paper which I use for a variety of things. 

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