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General Questions / Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: Today at 10:53:40 AM »
Hello, I ordered some 1590A type box. I used them a pair of time to build AB Box, and now I'm seraching some little project for these little box.

I alredy have in list an IC Buffer, then probably a SHO.

Now, I have to to find a small good real distortion. No fuzz circuit (One Knob Fuzz, Bazz Fuss, D*A*M Meathead...). I like them but some I built and some I'll try later, maybe.
Just no PCB, I used to build with stripboard or in case with protoboard. Max two pots because I don't want to fill too much the box, but also at least two pots to have gain and volume control.

In my list there are the MXR Distortion +, Blue Clipper and Acapulco Gold.

- MXR Distortion +
I build the DOD250, enough distortion though the pot I used is a 500k (1M gives more gain). I don't like too much the DOD250 I built, because my version is too harsh (it was my second pedal). So I could base the new schematic on the Distortion + and tweak it a bit to have more bass and a in case less harshness.

- Blue Cliepper
I don't know it, but it seems have enough distortion, I just afraid it sounds too fuzzy.

- Acapulco Gold
I didn't want LM386 based distortion pedal, indeed this has two! ;D But it sounds good. Maybe a bit peculiar distortion, I hope that the layout I can found it's not too much large.

Any circuit I'll choose I can do some mods to adjust and improve the tone and to add gain if I can or I need.
I don't think there are many distortion circuits I could use, because I build just using stripboard or protoboard, but this is it, I can live with it. I don't want to buy PCB, too. It's ok If I work with tha board I told.

Suggestion? :P


Build Reports / Re: 4-Knob Fuzz Face
« on: March 19, 2019, 02:15:16 AM »
I'm figuring the schematic, nothing new, I supposed.
The transistors should be the modern germanium, right?
A classic Fuzz Face with a charge pump; a Body control, maybe the Mid control like in the Fulltone 70? Voltage is the Bias, I guess.
I'd like to build something like that, but I didn't think about the charge pump, is it worth?
I wont't find proper hfe of AC128, probably. What about AC126, or AC125 (of this I'd have a larger range of hfe)?

The charge pump is there as an inverter. The Fuzz Face was from an era where transistor technology meant it was easier to design with a Positive Ground in mind. Makes using one with a modern power supply a pain in the ass, so adding little extra circuitry to get around the headache is worth the "mojo" cost.

Ok! ;) So it can works at 9v with a standard PSU, but it has positive ground, if I understand. Cool!

And the voltage control is a voltage reduction not a bias control.  It allows you to run the circuit at a lower voltgae, as if the battery is sagging.

Yes, it was that I meant, I just told wrongly! ;D Bias and Voltage controls are two different kind of mod.

Thanks! ;)

Build Reports / Re: 4-Knob Fuzz Face
« on: March 18, 2019, 02:13:11 AM »
I'm figuring the schematic, nothing new, I supposed.
The transistors should be the modern germanium, right?
A classic Fuzz Face with a charge pump; a Body control, maybe the Mid control like in the Fulltone 70? Voltage is the Bias, I guess.
I'd like to build something like that, but I didn't think about the charge pump, is it worth?
I wont't find proper hfe of AC128, probably. What about AC126, or AC125 (of this I'd have a larger range of hfe)?

General Questions / Re: Tutorials on how to troubleshoot?
« on: March 14, 2019, 04:38:54 AM »
I don't know if we can write a tutorial, but probably you can find some tips. And even some tips about the building, check everything double or triple.
Measure your resistors before and after to solder, read the code on the caps, use the test of the continuity for wires, check the positions of the parts, etc...

To probe the cirucuit you should follow the signal looking at the schematic, and of course, it depends from the schematic.

General Questions / Re: Glam Chorus with Vibe Mod?
« on: March 11, 2019, 03:35:31 PM »
Thank you very much! I couldn't get it.
A switch after R3 should be ok, I guess. Like in Little Angel.


General Questions / Glam Chorus with Vibe Mod?
« on: March 11, 2019, 03:32:51 AM »
Hello everybody!
I built some years ago my first chorus, the Little Angel, but I dismatled because it had background noise when I hit the strings. I tried three PT2399 (from Tayda), I tried some solution, but nothing.
Now, I'm seeing the Glam Chorus, and I want to try this and to see if I like it more, and because I want to try PT2399 from another shop and this time I don't care about eventualy noise, in fact I could like it. I want to get a sound that feel old like a ruined tape or something. If the new PT2399 sounds clean I still have the old ones! :D
The thing I like in the Little Angel was the Vibe mode, I guess I liked it more than the Vibe mode of the Zombie Chorus and the CE-2 clone (yes, after I realized more complex chorus).
I'm looking the two schematics, but I think them are too much different, maybe.

General Questions / Re: Engineer's Thumb: Is this issue normal?
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:17:18 AM »
Hello, I have a problem with the Engineer's Thumb using Sabrotone layout.
All the informations about it, here:

The effect seems work, a sort of, indeed I get the compression, but with some weird issues.
When I don't hit the strings I can hear the hiss and the volume rise up, and when I hit the strings I get a loud attack, then the compression act and I can play normally, though I got another strange thing: depends by the settings, but if I hit the strings harder the compression low the volume more than when I play softly.
I think this depends from the volume that rise up too much, it cause the loud attack and the loud volume when I play softly.
This issue cause a third problem. When I wired it into the box with footswitch and all the rest, this loud attack cause a high pitch snap when I switch off the effect, especially after I waited 6-7 seconds the release time.

That was my first stripboard, where I followed the instructions on the Sabrotone page to set fixed resistors for Threshold and Release, both at max.
Here's my update image with instructions included:

I included even the two leds (you can see in the original schematic in Valve Wizard page) in my first board. I didn't notice changing, but maybe it was because the Threshold and Release settings.

I can get a better usability, though a have little distortion in the peak in the attack with humbucker, and just at high setting of the Ratio. This time I don't have leds. I hope that will help.

To adjust the setting, after some test, I could set the Release resistor around 330k, but for the Threshold I have to understand the right replacement of that resistor. Just change the value of 1M or get the dual action of a trimpot.

Here's the original schematic, 2016:

Sabrotone version is based in the 2012 schematic version, just some little difference.
- C8: from 100nF to 1uF. Less noise?
- Release resistor was 1M but now not over 470k and not under 100k.
- 33R in line from the 9v (I think to reduce noise).
- 1k resistor (R11) left out and replaced with a jumper between pin 4 of LM137000 adn pin 6 of IC2 TL072 (look Sabrotone Layout). I don't know why.

It's been even used some parts of the LM137000 early not used.
And I just noticed that there's a newer version of the schematic, with some adding and modified parts.
I just would that my version work fine and not so weird.

General Questions / Re: Engineer's Thumb: Is this issue normal?
« on: March 06, 2019, 03:19:16 AM »
Sorry for the third post, but I'm really disturbed about this circuit! :-\

Looking some version of layout, schematic, document, etc... I found a different suggestion to replace the 1M threshold resistor.
Sometime it is just a variation of that value, so we need the lug 1 and the lug 2 and 3 connected together to change that value. Sometimes, how the Sabrotone layout does, the lug 2 of the pot goes to the positive of U1b, the lug 3 to the 4.5V the lug 1 to the positive of the U1a.

Having the Threshold and the Release pots should give us more setting, but the setting of this two pots are very tricky and get the way to play with this compressore is really dinamycally unnatural. I have to play softly to get loud and I have to play hard to get less volume!

It shouldn't be my mistake, because this is my second Engineer's Thumb and the issue is the same.
I could set the Release with a resistor, and for the Threshold a resistor or a trimpot (flying, probably). It depends from the right wiring of it.

General Questions / Re: Engineer's Thumb: Is this issue normal?
« on: March 04, 2019, 11:13:33 AM »

This is the original schematic with the indications for the extra knobs:

Im' having a lot of setting problem with this circuit!
Defintely the 1M Release resistor have to be no more than 470k (like an old version of the schematic I seen). But even the Threshold pot have to be set fine.
If I don set well this two pot/resistor I get several issue I got when I built the first time.
The release increase the volume of the soft picking, and the threshold decrease the volume of the hard picking. I can't play reverse!
I really need to find a good balance. 470k the release (between 1 & 2 lugs). And 220k the Threshold (between 1 & 2 lugs).
Early, I found a good set of this two potentiometers and I get more "compression effect" more attack and fast reaction and squishy, that I liked, than the version with fixed resistors. But trying again now I have some distortion (I have no leds). Anyway, with Ratio at max the issue tend to come up again. I would like to set it fine even with extreme settings.

General Questions / Re: Engineer's Thumb: Is this issue normal?
« on: March 04, 2019, 02:10:49 AM »
I didn't try it with this last one I built because it's still without footswitch, but the other one had a loud pop when I engaged and disengaged it. I don't have the old one right now and I can't verify, but I guess this issue occurs just when the release encrease the volume, there's almost no pop when the compression was in action. It was enough pick softly the strings, or make some noise with it to decrease the volume. Else youo get a loud attack before to get a normalize volume.

I just hope that with a release of 470k or even a bit lower I don't have any pop noise when I use the footswitch.
I really can't understand how some people can use this pedal with no regret. And I have to say that I like it enough, but this bug was annoying and dangerous.

General Questions / Re: Engineer's Thumb: Is this issue normal?
« on: March 03, 2019, 03:07:09 AM »
I built it again, and this time with all the five knobs. Actually, I guees I never told that I my old version include just three knobs: Level, Ratio and Attack. Following the instruction in the comment I used some resistors e some links to set the Threshold and Release control at max. If I set this two pots at max I get the same issue with the old one I built, and of course the problem get worst when the Ratio is higher.
I found that the problem is the Release control. At 1M is very very high, I can't believe that nobody noticed that. The volume after some seconds encrease a lot and the initial attack is very loud, just before the compression effect starts. The thing get better if I keep the Release pot at 50% about.
I'll do some further tests.

What value did you used for the "Release" resistor?

Zombiesonore had understood something, but maybe fater ask me he miss this topic.

Let me know what do you think about this news.

General Questions / Re: First 1590A tybe box
« on: February 13, 2019, 04:03:17 AM »
Of course I'm curious. ;)
I got some ideas (maybe not so original) for 1590LB project:
- Buffer (as benny_profane did)
- Charge pump
- Huminator

General Questions / Re: First 1590A tybe box
« on: February 12, 2019, 03:10:41 PM »
Thanks for the guide. I found it and I started to read. ;)

There's this jack:
It doesn't have the lugs, but I guess I can solder the wire in some good way.

Thanks for all that tricks. I'm going to try with an AB Box, just to see how much room has this box for the next time.

Wait til you do 1590LB, you'll feel claustrophobic

What I should do with a 1590LB? ;D
Maybe just some peculiar circuit and not standard effects pedal.

General Questions / First 1590A tybe box
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:03:53 AM »
Hello! :)
The B size box is the smallest box I ever bought, I scared about the small size A box, but i think is the right moment to start to use even these smaller box.

I want to build a simple AB Box:
1 Size A Box 90mm x 38mm x 31mm:
2 Input open frame jack and 1 Output open frame jack:
1 3PDT Footswitch:
1 DC Jack:
2 LED 3mm

I need a template or a sort of drilling guide. I can't believe how I can fit all these stuff inside the box.

Thanks! ;)

I don't understand what exactly you did, but I got a similar issue with a Big Muff DIY clone. I messed up with a ground wire.
Try to check the grounds spots in your board, in case you missed something.

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