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I worked on Wooly Mammoth where I reoriented the 100uF and I worked on Pharaoh Fuzz replacing the DC jack. Nothing, really nothing, changed!
Wooly still squeals and the Pharaoh Fuzz works just if I connect a second flying DC jack where a pair of test leads bring the ground and the 9v to this second DC jack.
It's crazy!

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: Today at 04:58:35 AM »
Thanks! The mainly difference between the DOD250 and the Distortion+ is a cap from input to the ground that tame a bit some highs, it could be useful.
And the schematis help me a lot. ;)

Meanwhile, I draw this:

I don't know if I drawn it well and though the schematic is pretty simple this layout is UNVERIFIED.
(I tried to copy the Effects Layout style for a better and easier reading). ;D
The only problem is that with this layout is a bit hard replace the 470k resistor with a pot using a small value resistor like a 4.7k as minimum gain resistor. Not impossible, just a bit tricky and unhandy, or whatever.

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: Today at 01:35:52 AM »
Thanks for the suggestion, anyway I'm excluding Rat even because I'm building a three clipping version into a 1590B box.

Anyway, tou see? 13x15 on protoboard. How the Rat can stay in a 10x12 veroboard? ;D Maybe a simplfied version? It will be interesting! ;)

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: Today at 12:25:29 AM »
A Rat layout with 10x12 using vero? :o Really? I never seen it! Can you link it or post it, please? :D

Yes, I am considering the size of the components, too. But I can change the components in case of lacking room. Using shorter electrolytic caps, for example. Or I could solder the IC without the socket IC (I never do it).
While the size of the board have to be necessarily small enough. And I don't want the board touch the jacks and the footswitch. This is my little afraid, now.

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: July 21, 2019, 09:09:37 AM »
At the beginning I was considering the Rat, but the board it's a bit too large.
Also the Crunch Box has the board pretty big for a 1590A (I always mean using veroboard layout). Further, I would like to build the Crunch Box or something like that in another box, probably I'll try the JHS AT.

This is my updated list:

1. Smash Driver
Pro: Small layout; A lot of gain.
Cons: LM386 (but it could be ok).
2. MXR Distortion +
Pro: Barely enough gain, but it's ok.
Cons: Big layout.
3. HAO Rust Driver
Pro: It's nice.
Cons: Big layout, a protoboard is better; Not so gainy without mods.

Smash Drive is the one with more gain. Distortion+ sounds good, but the board is bigger. The same thing about HAO Rust Driver, it sounds good, maybe not so gainy how I would like, I have to see how work some mods. I should include the Drive pot, but that is not a problem.
The Rust Driver is in the last position just because I would like to build in another project, in a bigger box, maybe with some mods.

General Questions / Re: Sometime circuits squeal, sometime not
« on: July 21, 2019, 05:15:19 AM »
Wiring and component positioning is very important, I learnt it in a pair of cases during my building. An OCD with a lot of jumper wires from the board on the breadboard. I got a squeal at higher gain setting. When I put the component directly on the board the squeal is gone how I confided.
Once I built a Rat veroboard, I got an unexpected terrfying squeal (oscillating problem) at high gain settings with the bridge humbucker (some people got this issue, someon else not). I changed the layout with another I used in the past. It works perfectly.

In these last cases maybe we can call this squeal with the words whine, English is not my language, sorry. It's like a constant whine.
I remember, almost an years ago, I got something like that while I was building a compressor and an overdrive in a box. It was just for few days. Then it worked ok.
While, few months ago I build an Echoplex Preamp type circuit. It sounded sparkle, but nice and clean. Just I got the whine, just with the power supply, by the way, it's an old 9v Boss PSU. It works fine. I solved the problem with the Echoplex Preamp with a 1N5817 in line with the 9v.

With the Pharaoh Fuzz I got the whine with the soldered DC jack, while with another one flying connected (so, if you want, this adds messy longer wires) the whine gone away and the circuit works really good. I hope I can solve this replacing the old DC jack, just I can't explain how it worked fine just few days early.

For the Wooly Mammoth the situation seems harder, but I find a thing, actually. I had to move a pair of components, and I saw just now the 100uF filter cap in the power supply reversed. Even if I had to move those components to sovle the whine issue, so I had already it. I can't understand.
Anyway, when I reoriented it the circuit MUST work ok as early. I hope.

It's just really weird how this little accident are coincided. I still suspect there's something weird, but I hope I can solve both the situation this time.

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: July 21, 2019, 01:18:29 AM »
Hey! Where's the value? I'm kidding! :D I appreciated so much. ;)
I'll try to convert your draw in a protoboard layout, I'll post here later. The circuit is simple, but the layout will be unverified until someone build it. I use to be very cautious about this stuff.

Indeed, the 47nF was really high, I noticed that.
Thanks for let me know about the Juansolo version. ;)

Anyway, I guess there's two version, or at least three Hao Rust Driver pedal. A red one, without the toggle switch, probably the early version. Then two green versions, probably the same thing with a different position of the toggle switch: one on the side and a the newer with the toggle witch on top next to the knob.
Tagboard has, indeed, both the version.
The difference are in some values of caps and resistors, and one cap added. The update version on TagBoard, like of the Effectslayout version, has two electrolytic cap in the power section. Effectslayout version includes even the pulldown resistor and the polarity protection diode.

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: July 20, 2019, 12:04:06 PM »
Yes, I can add the Hao Rust Drive. I knew it, but now I heard it a bit better some demo. I think I'll not include the switch. I prefer it with a gain control (or pre-Gain?) :P
I found this protoboard layout:
The smallest side is 12 holes I can't check it now, but it should fit into a 1590A box.

Here's the veroboard layout, narrower but even longer:

I prefer work on stripboard, it's easier, but this boards are a bit bigger than I want, but maybe not impossibile to put it into a 1590A box.
287m, can you make a smaller layout?
Anyway, the one from Effectslayouts is already verified.

PS I noticed that TagBoard and Effectslayouts are differents. ???

General Questions / Sometime circuits squeal, sometime not
« on: July 20, 2019, 03:50:50 AM »
Hi, I'm living a weird experience with a pair of my circuits I'm building.
I have on verobaord a Wooly Mammoth, it worked, but at high setting of the Fuzz and EQ I noticed got the tipical squeal coming from the power supply, usually I never have this problem. With the battery non squeal at all.
So few days later I made the place on the board to add a pair of socket pin to test a resistor or a diode in line with the 9v. I tried a 47R resistor and I apparently solved the problem, indeed, I can't hear any squeal. But using a jumper on the socket to see the difference I got none squeal! Ok, maybe in the first test I had a lot of wires connected on the breadboard, I made some experiment with socket pin on the board (to try some caps) that caused some the squeal. Fine, I don't need any resistors or diodes, and then I soldered the jumper on the 9v.

Now I built a Pharaoh Fuzz on veroboard. It really worked perfectly. in a second test to make some experiment I got the squeal! Really weird, the day before worked fine! Let me try the Wooly Mammoth. It squeals, too!. What's happening?
I tried my Triple Wreck clone, it sounds fine. My power supply should be ok.
I tried the Pharaoh Fuzz touching the DC jack and in some positions the squeal goes away. Somehow I tried another DC jack and with that Pharaoh Fuzz was ok, again. Solved! It was a bad DC jack.
Probably it will be the same things with Wooly Mammoth. Instead, with the same DC jack I tried with the Pharaoh the Wooly Mammoth squeals anyway. I tried with a 100R or with a 1N5817, but it squeals.

Someone can tell me something about all this?

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: July 20, 2019, 02:20:16 AM »
Ok, thanks, the Madbean LaVache is nice, but pretty far from what I'm searching.

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: July 20, 2019, 01:20:43 AM »
Distortion+ has enough gain for me in this case. Maybe I can try to increase the gain even more, but I guess this circuit is already pretty maximized. I'll do some research, anyway.
I know it's impossible find something metal, on stripboard, of course.

Now, I like the Smash Drive, I'm trying to built a layout by myself, and I could add some mods to tame high or add bass, considering it will not have eq nor tone control. I heard it can tend to have much shrilling treble.

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: July 19, 2019, 08:28:11 AM »
Thanks. I'm looking the Smash Drive, too. LM386 and without JFET stage. A bit different control gain, and the demo I found seems good enough, with a lot of gain.
The Smash Drive has the a Marshall style eq, but I there's even a simple version. I found some version and replicas, I have to choice the better layout to modify a bit, in case.

General Questions / Re: Small Good Distortion in 1590A box
« on: July 19, 2019, 02:12:35 AM »
I can totally change my mind about LM386 distortion based on, because there's no enough distortion circuit small enough to stay into a A type box, excpet LM386 based on.

But I have some doubt about the Acapulco Gold. I am a bit scared because some people get squeal noise problem with it. I didn't find any definitive solution, somebody luckiest than other.
I heard some demo of the DOD FX55, but I think I don't like it.

So, this is the list, until now:
1. MXR Distortion +
2. DOD FX55
3. Acapulco Gold

And I have some doubts even for the Distortion+ because the board could be a bit large, even if not too much. ::) The pots will be 9mm for sure.
I'm searching even some info about the Ross Distortion and some mods I can apreciate about this kind of circuit.

I still have to try if I can leave out the eq section of the Guv'Nor and to find some alternative good LM386 distortion-no fuzz (taking count I already build the ProTone Body Rot board, and I don't want two pedal too much similar).

Requests / Re: Dragonfly BM pedal
« on: July 19, 2019, 01:12:26 AM »
I didn't find the schematic, but I found this:
«Washburn Soloist Distortion is the same as the Artec Soloist Distortion and so both are the same as the Black Metal».

Build Reports / Re: Dunwich Modded HM-2
« on: June 15, 2019, 12:51:42 AM »
I was curious about this pedal. Is the schematic revealed?

The HM-2 is "Legendary" among death metal aficionados. Its a mean, nasty, bully of a pedal. It wrecks your tone and spits out hissy garbage at ridiculous levels.


There are a few clone pcb's floating around out there. PedalPCB has one, Aion too, and a few individual folks have made their own versions.

Circuit analysis:


Thanks for the link. Of course I know the HM-2! :)
I hope to know something more about the mods of your version. Just curiosity. I thouth often to build this pedal, but I was never too much sure.

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