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Tech Help - Projects Page / Sprout voltages
« on: July 09, 2013, 12:40:18 AM »
Gudday all, got a small prob. Of all the projects to try, this sprout I'm building in preparation for thurdays workshop is not working...

Project:  Sprout
Problem:  Bypasses fine.  Hit the switch and the LED lights up fine, but no sound.
Substitions:  BC548 and BC549 for Q1 and Q2 respectively.

Doesn't seem to be a solder bridge problem.  The offboard seems to be ok too.  Checked many times.

I've had a bit of a probe around with the DMM, and it seems that the voltages on one of the trannies is fine (?), all around 5v or so, but one is a bit low.  I'm not 100% certain I'm doing it right - one clipped to ground, and touching the solder pads of the tranny legs with the other.

Anyone know what the sprout should measure normally?  I'll stick a pic up later.

Open Discussion / Re: Pedal project for kids?
« on: June 28, 2013, 05:00:28 PM »
Dead bug style?

Open Discussion / Re: Australia?
« on: June 27, 2013, 08:29:26 AM »
Useless (or possibly useful) piece of information. Apparently there is only one U.S. city (New York City) with a greater population than either of Australia's two largest cities (Sydney and Melbourne). Crazy I know.

Thought this was interesting, but found it's not true.  There are something like 10 US cities with larger populations than Sydney or Melbourne..

Open Discussion / Re: Pedal project for kids?
« on: June 26, 2013, 05:45:15 PM »
Necrothread revival.

Looks like it might be going ahead in the next 3 weeks or so, with the kids building sprouts that I got Haberdasher to etch for me.  Even got a couple of dads interested in building with the kids.  Should be good fun.

Open Discussion / Re: Curious. What do you do for a living?
« on: June 19, 2013, 08:05:23 AM »
TLDR, but I'm a guitar teacher.

These ones drink blood!... really, Oz fearers, it's just a little sting... Wink
ROFLMA.  I had one bite me through the top of my sneaker....

Open Discussion / Re: Using Dark T-shirt transfer to get white
« on: May 31, 2013, 06:52:16 AM »
Just a +1 thumbup to the t-shirt transfer thing.  I've used it twice with great results (little angel and krankosaurus) - once you get the clearcoat to work properly!  I've also stuck medium thickness card on an enclosure which worked well, but it took a stack of clearcoat to finish it properly.

Open Discussion / Re: Australia?
« on: May 23, 2013, 05:56:21 AM »
Well, Australia's the best country in the world.

Unfortuantely due to our low population we essentially get all the fender and gibson seconds compared to what the US is used to in terms of quality if those are what floats your boat.

Sydney is super expensive (and smells bad imo), but Melbourne is better but has worse weather.

This is a jiffy box, but the photo isn't great...

No, it's a plastic Jiffy box.  I'll get the dimensions up shortly, but it was the cheapest thing in Jaycar that was tall enough for the transformer(s) (1 amp, multiple voltage taps) that I ended up using. 

Bit of a funny story about why it has 3 trannys:  I brought one with the intention of rrunning 20v and 12v off it at the same time and doing the current job, but for whatever reason that didnt work, so I grabbed another one to do 20v only.  THEN, I found an 240v->20vAC wall wart at the local flea market that I grabbed for $7 promptly butchered open with a screwdriver and a hobby knife.  At that point I figured I might as well run two regulated 9vDV circuits and have a dedicated 20vAC tranny....

The size is fine, but ultimately determined by the two big arsed trannys in there.  It's probably a little wider than 2 boss pedals side by side, and a bit higher.  I'd like to make a cleaner enclosure though...

Finally finished my pedal power supply project.  It has 8 x 9vDC outputs (2amps) for all my regular stomps and a 20vAC output (1amp) for my Blackstar pedal.

Originally it didn't work even though the rocker was lighting up, so I put it aside and came back to it today after searching the web and finding that I'd wired the rocker wrong (the lamp lights off the 3rd prong, the rest of the circuit goes off the center lug - I'd wired everything off the 3rd lug).

Anyway, it looks like crap now after having put it away for 3 months or so (paint was too soft), and the jiffy enclosure is really too light for what's inside (probably 3 pounds of copper and magnets all told) and none of the jacks are flush so I will re-house it one day if I can be bothered.  In the meantime it will get mounted on my pedalboard. 

Regardless, behold, the S.L.O.P.P.Y!

Open Discussion / Re: First spray painting experience!
« on: May 04, 2013, 07:34:59 PM »
Once you have your graphics on, clear coat a couple of good coats over the top (use the same brand of paint), cut it back with some wet and dry, and then use a cut/polish compound to bring up a mirror sheen.

BUT - be prepared for some heartbreak if the clear chucks a mental, check out my Krankosaurus build report.

Build Reports / Re: Voxy Brown - CB Galileo (Video)
« on: March 18, 2013, 07:27:19 AM »
I'm a definite maybe for a board...

Build Reports / Crusty Brussel - sprout and SHO 2-in-1 box
« on: December 21, 2012, 02:39:39 AM »
Gudday all, just finished my "Crusty Brussel", which has a Haberdasher Sprout etch on one side and a vero of Soul Sonics' Crackle Not OK SHO improvement.

First go at a multi, and it worked first go.  If you look at the gutshot you'll see I haven't bothered to run the effect inouts to ground when switched out of the circuit.  Is this like crossing the streams or doesn't it make a difference?

Might have done something wrong with the sprout.  It sounds ok but it really has that top end torn speaker sound at the end of the chords.  Having said that, the transistors are just the generic pn100 that I can get easily locally... I shpuld probably decouple the power from the effects too, but anyway.

The enclosure is an experiment.  It's actually a reclaimed case that was going to be used for a Kranosaurus before I messed up the holes.  I used Kneed It to fill the holes, then redrilled it, and instead of the usual t-shirt transfer I laser printed onto 210gsm paper and used spray adhesive to hold that to the top.  It took gallons of clearcoat to get a decent result on the top though, I daresay the paper soaked up stacks before it leveled out.  


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