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4 million $ ! What a bargain xD... and they say income inequality aint a thing :p
Open Discussion / Gilmour's Black Strat sells for $3,975,000 at Christie's
« Last post by aion on Today at 03:50:35 PM »
Just a few minutes ago. Smashed the record for most expensive guitar ever sold. Second place was the "Reach Out to Asia" tsunami relief Strat back in 2005 ($2.7 million).
Open Discussion / Re: Pickups for a hurdy gurdy?
« Last post by midwayfair on Today at 03:23:13 PM »
This question makes me unreasonably happy.
Build Reports / Re: Pedalboard pics megathread
« Last post by Bio77 on Today at 11:48:14 AM »
I like the toolbox idea, great work! (and I like the Lone Wolf too  ;) )

Thanks Dan!  LW is a great circuit.

Nice run of fuzzes here! On your Mayo sidenote, make sure you flip those BC550s 180 degrees opposite to the silkscreen image of the transistor package. The pinout on those is usually flipped compared to 2n5088s, so that's the only thing that comes to mind right away. My apologies if you already knew this. Again, awesome builds!

That was my thought, too. The BC550C should have similar hFE characteristics compared to the 2n5088.

And, agreed! Nice work with the fuzzes! Looking forward to more builds!

Thanks guys! Just tried out the BC550s last night and turns out I didn't flip them around on the first try. Sounds exactly like the Siamese Dream album, love it! Appreciate the help!

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Open Discussion / Re: Is the golden age over?
« Last post by lars on Today at 08:40:18 AM »
Yes, the golden age is over. You no longer can go onto parts sites and purchase vintage components for any reasonable amount. You can't go to flea markets or thrift stores and find anything electronics vintage, because people freak out and put big price tags on them thinking they have gold. Often times, the "boutique" version of something is about the same price as the original.
And then there is the never-ending "new" overdrives that sound exactly like the old overdrives with a different EQ setting. Maybe just buy an EQ pedal instead?
Open Discussion / Re: Is the golden age over?
« Last post by aion on Today at 08:16:38 AM »
From a retail perceptive on the 'industry' i would actually disagree.  I cant talk about other stores, but I personally have never been busier.  Part of the reason im not on the forum as much these days, just trying to keep up with it all...

I agree, there are more pcb designers these days then 10 years ago, but i think thats more to do with the ease of fabrication and cheap cost to fabricate prototypes etc and accessibility more then anything.  Infact, it kind of confirms the hobby isnt slowing down.

Lastly, i recall seeing a thread on another forum, approximately 10 years ago, also announcing the end of the golden age (he used the same term).  But, we're still here :D

Just my 2 cents.

Same boat here. I've grown about 40-50% each of the past couple of years and am almost to the point where I can do this full time - which means the floodgates will open for tons more interesting & complex projects. I've never been more excited to be doing this.

It could just be more that the demographics are changing - perhaps people are using Facebook and Instagram more than DIY-specific forums like this one. And today there is much better documentation for DIY projects than 10 years ago when you may have had little more than a veroboard layout to go off of.

So perhaps beginners have fewer questions, I don't know. But most of the time beginners will end up on forums trying to get a question answered - and then they'll get hooked and stay for the community. Fewer questions = less community.
General Questions / Re: Transistor for a Phase 90 Clone
« Last post by aion on Today at 08:11:37 AM »
JFETs don't play by the rules of other types of components. The manufacturing process is wildly inexact, so they basically just make a batch of JFETs according to a certain process and then label them with part numbers according to their performance.

So 5952s have a VGS(off) range of -1.3V to -3.5V. Typically for a Phase 90 you want it to be in the -1.5V to -2V range.

5457s have a Vgs(off) range of -0.5V to -6V. This means that the entire range of a 5952 will fit inside the range of a 5457.

This is speaking very roughly since there are some other differences between 5457's and 5952's such as the IDSS range. But when used in the Phase 90 we typically only match based on Vgs(off) so other specs are less of an issue.

Long story short - a quad of 5457s and 5952s with the same Vgs(off) value should behave identically. With JFETs, the part number is a lot less rigid than with other types of components and the actual specs of the individual device are the most important thing.

So generally speaking, a batch of 5457s is less likely to render good matches for the Phase 90 since the ideal P90 spec is on the low end of its range. But, it's definitely possible - and no, in this case 5952's wouldn't necessarily be an upgrade.
General Questions / Re: Transistor for a Phase 90 Clone
« Last post by jimilee on Today at 08:11:03 AM »
IMHO, no. Iíve built literally dozens of phasers and I havenít heard any difference at all.

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Open Discussion / Re: Is the golden age over?
« Last post by EBK on Today at 08:02:57 AM »
Through-hole parts are slowly disappearing as product manufacturers try to build ever-smaller gadgets.

Digital is becoming so cheap that is makes less and less sense to design new analog stuff.  For a small business, digital is cost prohibitive from a regulatory testing point of view.  (I hate to mention this as we all would very much like to pretend it doesn't exist)

The market is saturated with clones of clones of clones.  Even designs marketed as original are just tweaked clones of something.

Joyo can make anything cheaply and of acceptable quality. 

Once you factor in a reasonable monetary value of your design work and labor, pedal building becomes clearly unfeasible as a business. 

Note that none of the above statements are 100% true, strictly speaking, but there is enough truth to shape the reality of the world we build in.

Maybe the golden age is over, or maybe it isn't.  I think it's more of a very gradual, ongoing decline -- still a somewhat depressing thought.

I enjoy the hobby of building pedals by looking at everything else (mainly soft values).

Examples (just a personal list; not meant to suggest that these things should/could motivate everyone):

DIY allows you to be in charge of what mods and tweaks you do.

There is value in art (the thing that absolutely drives me the most).  This can be enclosure design and graphics, pedal naming, making beautiful PCBs, unique control schemes, making crazy non-musical sounds, growing chia plants on a pedal (just saying). 

There is satisfaction in building things from scratch.

There is value in learning how/why things work. 

There is value in being able to teach others.

There are many as of yet undiscovered pedal ideas out there (especially once you stop thinking in terms of fuzz, overdrive, etc.)

I can't think of a good way to end my rambling.   ::)
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