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Open Discussion / Re: ENIG Headaches
« Last post by somnif on Today at 02:22:42 PM »
Kester 63/37 No-clean. Its not every pad, its just the occasional little bugger that makes me want to toss the board across the room.

On normal 1/4W resistor pads its not really a problem, only when I'm doing tightly packed 1/8W sized things (or my surface mount comedy of errors from a few weeks back) that my headaches start to appear.

HASL finishes just wet better (in my experience). They're uneven, oxidize easily, and involve a metric butt load of lead, but I find them overall easier to work with. ENIG is prettier and more resilient, but just gets a bit frustrating at times.
Open Discussion / Re: ENIG Headaches
« Last post by aion on Today at 02:17:15 PM »
What formula are you using - 60/40 or 63/37?

I've been using ENIG exclusively for about two years now and never had any issues to speak of. It always takes quickly and forms a solid joint. I use 63/37, which is supposedly a little easier to work with, so that may be it.
Global Annoucements / 2018 Shipping prices start today
« Last post by madbean on Today at 12:25:52 PM »
If you've been following this thread you know that USPS has made a major change in international shipping. The cheap "Flats" option which I used to ship orders (under $40) is no longer available for anything other than "documents" - which definitely does not cover PCBs. Consequently, all non-USA shipments will now require 1st Class International postage which is a significant price increase over Flats. Priority International has increased up to 30% from 2017 and will no longer be required for international orders over $100. Domestic Priority has also increased and I will no longer be able to offer free Priority on USA orders of $100 and over. So, the following shipping rates go into effect today:

1st Class Shipping (only option)
USA - $3.00 for orders under $75, and free for $75 and over
Canada - $9.50
Mexico - $11.70
Everywhere else - $13.30


(1) Supposedly, there may be an option to continue to use Flats through some mail services by sending it to a separate "processing center" where they re-label shipments for a fee. This might be a way to lower the new shipping costs eventually but I don't know enough about this yet to use it (and it appears it may not be an option with the Dazzle software I use for international postage ((I have a support ticket submitted))). So, until I know something different or better this is how it is.

(2) I'm really sorry for the impact it will have on all customers and especially the international ones. I'm also worried about how it will impact MBP since nearly half my business is from outside the US. I guess time will tell.

(3) One positive footnote - since all shipments will require 1st Class all the VFE projects are now priced exactly the same whether or not they include custom pots. No more "shipping adjusted prices" to deal with.
Open Discussion / Re: what are you guys listening to at the moment?
« Last post by 287m on Today at 11:55:17 AM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

i just can't imagine,
when i young and have too much energy and ideas, have bassist like Widi, my life is different than today
God save metal, i know.
Thank you Madbean! I love your pcbs, and you have the best prices. Thanks again.
Those are used for I/O connection pads on the PCB. Not relevant to the actual circuit schematic.
I wanted to try point to point wiring with this schematic. I've never done it, and I know it's cheaper and simpler to just get the pcb, which I have already done with other projects, but I want to build a point to point for fun. My only question is... what is the little circle with the word "pin" in it, and where does that terminate?

Thank you
Well, I'm not seeing the option to ship with Flats re-labeling option with the Dazzle software.
Open Discussion / Re: what are you guys listening to at the moment?
« Last post by midwayfair on Today at 10:06:42 AM »
About two day's worth of Alfred Schnittke, mostly his cello compositions. Probably the most consistently "terrifying" art music I've ever heard. The guy had a real flair for absurdity and dissonance (not just in terms of "these notes don't belong together" but also with the rhythms).

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
I forgot the weirdest part of yesterday. The guy who showed up with his Bible with the pages carved out. He wanted to mount the fuzz in it. I told him it wasn't exactly the best idea and it would amplify radio stations, 50 hz hum, etc. In the end he put it in the 1590b and tried to mount that in the Bible. But messed up the book trying to drill it.
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