Author Topic: Deathklaw mods: less filtering, more control  (Read 635 times)


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Deathklaw mods: less filtering, more control
« on: May 02, 2017, 06:08:23 AM »
I've 'designed' a double pt2399 delay which for a large part can be build on a Deathklaw board. Basically I find the Deathklaw has too much filtering which makes it sound dull and dark. I like to run my delays really subtle, more atmospheric type settings and adding 'depth' to solos. That means the delay level is quite low and noise should be low enough on the first repeat (but can distort more on 2nd). I'm not The Edge, more Adrian Smith you see :). I understand Brian's choices but I think his previous versions were better sounding, with just a little more noise, for my intended use. Also, I find the mix control goes from nothing to unusable in about 20% of the pots turn. So, here are some mods:

R5 15k -> 22k (as Brian has suggested, bumps the output up to unity gain, should really be in the build doc)
R23 2k -> 1k

C5 15n -> 4n7
C6, C7, C13, C14 2n2 -> 1n5
C20 47n -> 15n

Solder 2k7 (anything from 1k to 4k7 gave me nice results) across lugs 1 and 2 of the mix knob. This alters the taper and gives more control in the first 70% of the turn. Full on is still the same. Alternatively, just use a log pot (50kA) for this. I had to fix this afterwards and this was less hassle for me.
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