Author Topic: Very neat idea for a hundred year old piano.  (Read 381 times)


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Very neat idea for a hundred year old piano.
« on: September 12, 2017, 06:49:27 PM »
There was a player piano and many piano rolls in the house while I was growing up. They are fascinating to watch in action. As a kid I would spend hours mesmerized by it. The movement of the keys, the various controls, and the brilliant vacuum system that was used to "read" the rolls. I always wanted to learn piano but never had the opportunity but I was able to pick up a few things here and there watching it play itself.

That piano is probably why I got so into music when I was young.

This guy converted a very old player piano that ran on a vacuum system into a midi controlled player piano that still runs on the vacuum system. It's a great write up. Tons of details.

Personally I wouldn't have added te screen. I think it makes for a starker contrast to have it look old but have some digital controls hacked in. To each his own I guess. It is an amazing achievement though.
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Re: Very neat idea for a hundred year old piano.
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Wow, very cool!