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USPS nixing international flats as a shipping method for anything but documents

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Yikes. I and most of the other US-based PCB sellers around here rely on USPS's International Flats pretty heavily for international shipments, but they're changing it in a couple days so it's now only valid for documents and correspondence, not merchandise of any sort. Letters are now subject to the same rules as well, so there don't appear to be any sneaky alternatives.

Did anyone else know about this?

I'm covered somewhat by - they have a new thing called the Global Advantage Program where you mail it to them and then they relabel it and send it overseas for only $2.50 extra (covering the cost of getting it to them, I think), and it's all done automatically so nothing really changes except the cost - apparently they have a special agreement with USPS allowing them to send packages as flats under the old rates and regulations. But it still stings.

I had not heard about this. I use Endicia/Dazzle for all my international shipments and I don't recall receiving any notification of the change. This is really terrible news, actually. It's going to have a major impact on international customers. I really don't know what else to say...

Pcbs have writing on them,  therefore they are documents! ...cough.

I've been using Endicia for years but I may need to switch if they don't offer a comparable service like

About half my sales are international flats.  If I lose international sales because of the shipping change, it may not be worth keeping up a storefront anymore.

I understand why they are doing it, but this one hurts...


Dang! Iím really sorry that this is going to affect you guys. I hope thereís a reliable workaround.


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