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Looking for a quiet EQ project.

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Do you know of a good EQ project?
Prefer not to deal with Vero but I could if push comes to shove.

I have a Bugera and a VOX AC15HW. Really night and day tone wise.
Would love the option to EQ/tune differing pedal combinations.

Should sell both amps and my car and buy a Matchless or something spectacular.

Having an audio engineering background I love me my EQz..
I bought a BOSS 7 band pedal in the early 80s and it was really noisy. Couldn't use it so I'm gun shy in that department.

I'm working on something, but don't know about the noise floor yet. Maybe try the parametric EQ from BYOC? possibly with fixed Qs so save some space and knobs. I've been fiddling around with semi-parametrics and I think they're less prone to noise than graphic EQs and in reality more flexible.

I have built the eq from 1776 effects the six shooter I believe. 6 frequencies.  It is pretty quiet until you really start diming the high frequencies. Really easy build.

If an EQ is noisy, try running a booster before it.

YMMV obviously, but if the incoming signal is at a hotter level, it will effectively bring the noise down


I just built a vero Iketera dual eq created by Drolo, very quiet, Fender tone stack based with two eqs in one 125B-sized box (if you rotate the layout and like 8 pots in that space.). Itís on the forum at tagboard fx in the verified section under EQ.


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