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Mobius Strip
« on: May 04, 2018, 08:26:45 AM »
Built the Mobius Strip and had to troubleshoot it for a little while to find and replace the wrong part I had installed into the board.  It is working now, and I like the sound.  Much cleaner than another pedal I built around the PT2399. 

One simple change I made was using a DPDT on-on-on switch instead of just the on-on called for in the BOM.  The recommended DPDT on-on switch swaps the feedback loops between the two delays (accounting for the "Mobius Strip" name for the pedal), while using the middle position of the DPDT on-on-on switch routes both of the feedback loops into one of the delay channels and just leaves the delay with no feedback on the other.  Sort of hard to describe, but it seems different enough from the other two switch positions that I wanted to suggest it in case others want to try it.