Author Topic: Is it a bad idea to wire IEC receptacle to prongs of a wall plug PSU?  (Read 515 times)


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Sorry, if I deserve a Darwin award for contemplating this, but at least I'm asking before doing?!?

In briefest terms, I'd like to put a Mackie Mix8 compact mixer on one of my pedalboards and - for cable management reasons - feed it onboard power.  However, my Voodoo Lab ISO-5 doesn't pump enough current at 18V. 

The original PSU is this one, but it's too big to fit under the board and is a US wall plug-style and all I've got are IEC Y-cable extension cords for driving my PSUs.

So, I thought I'd pick up a chassis mount IEC receptacle ( plus one of these compact power supplies (, then wire the IEC ground to the pedalboard and the IEC + and - to the PSU prongs, apply shrink tubing and tape and consider it done.

Is there a reason this wouldn't be safe?  Are there better options? 


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I'm not entirely sure I follow your plan or understand your setup or your concern.  You are connecting your pedalboard into the house mains, and you're going to tap that with the IEC connector, put the new mixer wall wart supply on that outlet, and then plug the wart out into the mixer, correct?  Seems a bit complicated and I don't totally follow why you can't plug into the outlet for your board supply with your new, smaller transformer, but so long as the new wall wart is the correct voltage and current rating and it's plugged into the mains and its polarity and end barrel type is correct, then it will work.


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The Mackie is 18v AC  the other is 18v DC.
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Seems like there are two issues, the first is getting the proper 18V supply (AC or DC - one of those pages seems to suggest the mixer may have come in both versions). And the second is that, if I understand right, you have an IEC connection coming into your board and Y-cables but don't want to run an additional standard AC cord. In that case, it turns out there are premade adapters available, like this or just google "iec to ac adapter." One of these would be better than rolling your own.