Author Topic: Dry/Wet Blend pot mod for Sharkfin 2015  (Read 497 times)

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Dry/Wet Blend pot mod for Sharkfin 2015
« on: June 02, 2018, 07:14:23 AM »
Hi folks,
In case anyone wanted to add this simple mod to Sharkfin 2015- (Explanation views are from rear of 3PDT BYP Switch & rear of Linear pot)-
Requires disconnection of Bank C entirely from the BYP Switch & reconnection to a 500K Linear pot for Wet/Dry signal 'Blend'.

Disconnected BYP Switch C1 ('R' from PCB) & attached to the terminal 3 (left lug) of the 'Blend' pot.
Disconnected BYP Switch C3 ('I' link from BYP Switch B1) & attached to terminal 1 (right lug) of the 'Blend' pot.
Disconnected BYP Switch C2 (to 'O' on PCB) & attached to terminal 2 (Centre Lug) of the 'Blend' pot.

Values other than 500K will work for the pot.
Full anti-clockwise is 100% Dry signal. Full clockwise is 100% Effect signal.

When effect is not in Bypass, this 'Blend' pot allows the effect signal level to be balanced with the clean signal level & operates across the output jack.
Very handy when pedal is in Sample/Hold mode to add more playing flexibility & bring in a layer of drive among the all encompassing fields of bubbles.

When effect is in Bypass & effect signal is cut from output, 'Blend' pot controls the dry signal level only.

Only negative I've discovered so far is if you have the 'Blend' pot fully clockwise to 100% effect & then you kick into Bypass mode then your signal will be muted as the output is fully slanted by the 'blend' pot to 100% effect output only. I haven't had a good play on it yet but there was a noticeable drop in signal level from dry to effect outputs in the original circuit so this 'Blend' pot may also help to achieve balancing that out.

All Thanx to Charlie at Moosapotamus who came up with this mod a few years back for JD Sleep's FSH-1 version of the Maestro Filter Sample/Hold circuit at GGG.

Cheers :) 
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