Author Topic: Aion Cerulean - Question / Guidance / Help  (Read 314 times)


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Aion Cerulean - Question / Guidance / Help
« on: June 12, 2018, 06:45:30 PM »
Link to project

I had a friend request a build for a Prince Of Tone - after some research I decided to go with Aion’s Cerulean board built as a King of Tone with a couple of the recommended mods. Based on the build document I included the Clipping Mod and changed the Drive pot to 250kB. For D1-4 I used 1n914, for D5-8 I also used 1n914 but asymmetrical and for DX1-2 I used 1n4148.

The pedal does work but I have a few questions / concerns - first is the volume control, I am having to turn to about 3-4 o’clock to get above what sounds like unity versus bypassed signal. This may be normal as I have never built this circuit before. My other concern is the Clipping Mod and Hard Clipping feature, with the pedal in gaged I am not noting any “sound” difference when changing the positions of either switch ( I used SPDT on/on). I figured I would at least have some signal / gain changed or even a “pop” when changing the settings awhile the pedal was active.

One concern is that using the same diodes for the two Clipping mods even though the second set is asymmetrical may not be noticeable and I need to use something more varied. But I was expecting to hear something change when engaging the Hard Clipping option.

Anyway.. any insights or suggestions would be appreciated. I will include some pics from the build process.



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Re: Aion Cerulean - Question / Guidance / Help
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2018, 01:25:30 PM »
The volume thing is fairly normal. I have had a similar experience with mine.

As for the clipping options, those can be subtle changes. I've found it's most noticeable when using an on-off-on for the soft clipping so you can use the off position as a reference point for the hard clipping diodes on the other switch. If you're using the same diodes for the symetrical and asymmetrical then you probably won't notice a huge difference. It will be more noticeable at lower drive settings and when played loud in my experience.