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Muffin triangle
« on: June 24, 2018, 12:34:59 PM »
I built this with the triangle values. Originally I added a mid scoop pot and switch to remove the second set of diodes.  I reverted back to the standard build after I ran into the issue of not being able to get it to sound good.

The problem:
Sounds farty with not much distortion. Itís almost like you can hear smooth distortion off in the distance With the cleaner farty sound in the front.
In fact, when I remove the diodes, the distortion goes up considerably which I sort of understand but this seems extreme.

I checked all values and voltages multiple times and they all look good
Power 9v
Q1 (1) 0.15 (2) 0.73 (3) 4.35
Q2 (1) 0.09 (2) 0.7 (3) 1.17
Q3 (1) 0.14 (2) 0.72 (3) 4.28
Q4 (1) 1.1 (2) 1.7 (3) 3.75

I changed r2 from 3k3 to 33k thinking the 3k3 was a typo.  Neither value corrected the issue.
Here are some photos of the board.