Author Topic: workstations...lets see them  (Read 675 times)


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Re: workstations...lets see them
« Reply #30 on: August 13, 2019, 08:33:55 PM »
All I see in this pic is a beautiful Hakko 888-D and some assorted confetti.  Love my Hakko!
Love my Hakko too! *high five*

Felt kind of bad for them after I ordered a second soldering tip directly from them (well, directly from their US presence).  They actually called me up and asked if there was ANYTHING else they could do for me or my company (no, they didn't say it in a lustful voice or anything).  The rep probably started rattling off a detailed sales pitch--I can't fully remember.  It seemed like I really let them down when I revealed myself to be a hobbyist (their choice of word). 

Still, top notch soldering station, even though I've never changed it from its default setting of 750 soldering magic units (must be degrees or something; I judged by the results that it seemed an appropriate enough number and never worried about it afterward :P).
I run mine full tilt (899) all day Monday through Saturday, on my second tip, always impressed at how it handles heavier stuff with ease, Tele basplate ground wires, tremolo claw ground wires, humbucker covers, eats it all up.
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Re: workstations...lets see them
« Reply #31 on: August 13, 2019, 09:03:58 PM »
I love mine too but I wish it just had the older analog knob instead of the buttons. I realized shortly after I got it that the memory settings isnít a feature thatís useful to me. I do most stuff around 560 or so and crank it to 700 when I need to dump in some heat.