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Started by madbean, March 17, 2024, 12:34:30 AM

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Still having login issues. The forum doesn't seem to be passing login information when you actually click on specific posts. I'll be logged in on the main forum page, but then click on a specific post in "open discussion", and then I'm logged out.


Yep, I still see that issue too. There are some others I've noticed as well.

I randomly switch to the brown theme for a post and then back to regular.

The unread posts page doesn't immediately clear once I've visited, it takes a little while.

Going to a post I've visited always takes me to the first post/page.

Edit: it took about 2 hours for this post to show up for me.


I just got the change to brown theme and Brian's profile showed up when I clicked on that thread. I go to another page and its back to normal.


Thanks again guys. I'm going to get on top of this later this week. I'll either get it solved or look into migrating the forum. This is beyond dumb.


It's been better here. there is still significant delay between a post and its appearance and other basic stuff but the login issue are mostly gone. I removed the madbean cookies on chrome but i'm not sure that was the solution.


Quote from: Aentons on May 15, 2024, 04:54:52 PMThe unread posts page doesn't immediately clear once I've visited, it takes a little while.

This seems to be working for me now.


When visiting Recent Unread, I see the default theme and in the top left I'm signed in as a different user. That page at least is still being cached server-side. Once I clicked into a thread it was back to normal.


Was mostly doing okay, but I'm getting intermittent "phantom" browsing. Today I clicked on several different links and it showed me as someone different each time. Logged out, cleared cookies and site data, still doing it  :-\

I go to my PM inbox and it shows someone else's