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Title: What to build first?
Post by: CapnCrunch on May 10, 2010, 10:34:14 PM
Hey all,

This will be my first DIY effects pedal.  I've built a few tube amps, so I know which end of a soldering iron gets hot.  However, I've never soldered a PCB and i've never put anything together that is as closely packed as a pedal circuit.  So my first consideration is to start relatively simple (I need a good overdrive and a good distortion so I thought i'd start with one of each).

Second consideration, I am going to be building several pedals for use on my own gigging pedal board, and I would like effects that work and sound good with both single coils and humbuckers. 

So, I'm thinking of building a Serendipity and a Neutrino.  After that I'm thinking of trying a Darkside and/or a Mudbunny.

Anybody have any thoughts on these circuits.  I haven't played any of the commercial versions of these circuits, so I am hoping someone might chime in on them or with other suggestions.  I really want to try the combination of the G2 errr Darkside with the Serndiptiy or Neutrino because I'm after a good Gilmourish tone but I won't actually know until I try.
Title: Re: What to build first?
Post by: mjcyates on May 11, 2010, 08:13:29 AM
I have had good success with the Neutrino and Sunking. Both sound great.
Title: Re: What to build first?
Post by: irmcdermott on May 11, 2010, 09:18:05 AM
I'll second the Neutrino for an overdrive, very simple build. For a distortion, maybe check out the Krunkee? I haven't built it, but I think that original sounds good and the layout seems to be fairly simple.