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Title: Naughty Fish Help
Post by: sugabear2133 on August 04, 2014, 03:34:34 PM
Hey there,

I have a Naughty Fish build that I have finished but I am not 100% happy with it.  Im coming a from a big box Q-Tron, so I may be slightly biased.  This unit is much more snappy and percussive in the top end and lacks in the bottom end than my Q-Tron which is more full and round all the way around. 

Is there any way to...
Increase the depth of the filter in Lo-pass mode.  I feel like my filter is not getting low enough.  If I am in the "down" position it gets really low, but when I'm in the "up" position, it only gets slightly lower than bandpass mode.  It doesn't get that classic low filter growl like my Q-Tron does
If i increase the sweep pot, it gets better, but still does not get into the territory I would like.  I replaced the Sweep pot with a 10k, which helped a tiny bit more, but still not there...

Also Is there a decent way to increase headroom of the entire unit and/or volume output? It is flirting right on the line of unity gain and would love some more output so I did not have to run the gain too high (as you can hear the clipping)

Just thought I would see if anyone had any suggestions.