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Title: Just another boost
Post by: Willybomb on August 07, 2014, 09:58:25 AM
Gudday all.  This is another Crackle Not Ok SHO clone thing on someone's vero layout.  I suspect it may be Marks.  I build a few of them thinking I'd have need for them at some stage.

As it turned out Camo wanted a boost for his ukelele which didn't have enough output for his covers duo.  I told him to send me a pic of his signature so I could include it in the artwork as a "signature edition".  After much bugging, he finally send me a pic saying "This is my name in Japanese" with the associated katakana.  So.... I did the whole thing in katakana, as you do.

It's again black etching primer with a clearcoat.  The label is some sort of adhesive paper with a few more coats of clear on top that has then been cut and polished down to a nice flat finish.  The vero is attached to the sidewall because the pot is actually to high to do my usual doublesided tape thing to the bottom of the pot to allow me to close the box properly.  The pot shaft is too long too, so I might replace that at some stage as the knob is about 1 cm off the box...

Anyway, here's the "Adam Cameron Signature Edition Boost" or "アダムキャメロン署名版ブースト".
Title: Re: Just another boost
Post by: jimilee on August 07, 2014, 10:59:55 AM
Oh, there's the circuit. Looks great!
Title: Re: Just another boost
Post by: Leevibe on August 07, 2014, 12:50:55 PM
That looks fantastic!