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Title: LaVache Problem
Post by: masterlk on January 10, 2015, 12:05:18 AM
Hey guys. Just built a LaVache and I tested it prior to boxing and all seemed to be fine. Then I boxed it up and the trouble I am having is this. In two of the three positions(middle and up) on the shape switch everything is ok but when switching to the third position(down on my build) I loose about 1/3 volume and 1/3 the fidelity or fullness of sound. It does not sound as though there is anything shorting, no farting out. I swapped transistors and the same thing is happening. I have tried both the 2n5088 and 2N3565.

My urgent plea is this. I know the rules for getting help but I am supposed to give this thing away as a present to my brother in law tomorrow! I checked all part values when populating the board and have double/triple checked my wiring. On/off and boost works fine. Just that third position on the switch. Could I have a solder bridge on two of the diodes? I don't have means to update any pics or readings now. So, if anyone has any suggestions that I could easily try I would appreciate it. I will have one more opportunity in the morning to trouble shoot it.

If I can get it going I will post proper pics and tranny readings next week.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Title: Re: LaVache Problem
Post by: masterlk on January 10, 2015, 12:19:25 PM
I retested this today and all seems ok. Not convinced that something still is not amis but when I tested it last night(late, and couldn't turn up the amp since the kidos were sleeping) I thought I was getting the low output issue on the one setting on the shape switch. Oh well, it's going off to its new owner. He will have to let me know if he has issues with it. I will post the build report tomorrow.

Sorry I couldn't give you guys anymore to go on.