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Title: Ninja - dual channel Crunchbox
Post by: Willybomb on October 12, 2017, 10:22:59 PM
Gudday all.

I love the Crunchbox, and this is probably the 4th one I've built, but if you haven't noticed I'm not a fan of having to do two stomps on two pedals to change from a mid to high gain sound and vice versa.  I've always wanted to do a two channel Crunchbox, and this was going to go in Red5, but I needed the bigger box for the BSAIB vero.

Comparatively, I'd say that the BSIAB does lower gain a little better, and really, to get the best out of it you probably need to have a separate volume for each channel too as there's a *slight* jump between the two on either build.  Both are great circuits though and you could gig with either easily imo.  There's a bit more "wood" in the crunchbox or something.

I used a 100k pot for the B channel, and 50k for the A channel, as that's what I had lying around again. I seem to have a lot of them for some reason.

I'm particularly proud of the LED, as it changes between blue when bypassed, and red or green when engaged depending on what channel is selected.  Probably not as a good as a separate LED for each footswitch but it's a bit different at least.

Had to open up the holes for the top row of pots so they would fit, and it's definitely tight.  It looked a lot better on the drilling template.  9mm pots next time..

I think that's my last build for a week or so....