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Title: Another combining circuits question.
Post by: Ekimneets on December 16, 2018, 10:19:21 AM

iíve Searched and could not find a satisfactory answer.

My amp is on the fritz and so last night I started a project that Iíve been thinking about for awhile.

I have a v6 drive from GuitarPCB (vox/fender tone in a box) and a small 20w stereo class D amp from Adafruit that I was thinking of combining into one enclosure.

Is it really as simple as routing the output of the v6 into the amp?

Then is there something I need to do to isolate the two power supplies from one another?

Then last question, should I make both circuits common ground to eliminate ground loops or just do that for each individual circuit.

Thanks in advance for any help and If I am way off in left field donít hold back, I can use any constructive criticism I can get.