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Per Don@Breja, I actually reversed them. Correct ID would be:
A1 = 1
A2 = C1
A3 = 2

B1 = 3
B2 = C2
B3 = 4

There's a diagram comparing the CTS to Alpha buried on the StewMac site, but they didn't include it with the rest of the wiring diagrams they sent with the pots. Hopefully this will help anyone else who needs to compare the two companies in the future.

Not exactly a pedal question, but does relate to pedal components/electronics... I've posted this elsewhere, and emailed both Stew-Mac and CTS. I hope that it's okay to post here, if not delete it. 
Anyways, I'm getting ready to wire up my new project Les Paul with the 50's style Jimmy Page scheme, via the tried and tested Breja Toneworks video on youtube, but he appears to use Alpha pots with the traditional style lugs. I ordered CTS DPDT pots from StewMac, since I have used CTS in the past and prefer them. However, CTS uses a completely different pad identification than the Alphas. Just trying to be sure I'm labeling my pads correctly before I jump in.
If I use the identifiers from the Breja video, A1=4 A2=C2 A3=3 B1=2 B2=C1 B3=1. Looking at the pics, can anyone tell me if this is correct? Or does CTS wire their internals differently than Alpha?
Attached are pics of the CTS with PCB and pads, Alpha with lugs, and the ID scheme from the Breja wiring diagram and video...

Both PCBs are shared projects and free for use, so that shouldn't be an issue. I just blanked completely looking at it. I think I have it figured out, at least enough to give it a go. I'll probably order everything and post a build thread in case I run into issues.

I need to stop thinking left to right... IN to SHO, SHO OUT to Noisy Cricket IN, Cricket OUT to headphone and speaker, which have their own individual pads... It's been a long night. If anyone has any other recommendations before I give it a go, chime in...

Meant to put this in Projects: General Questions... Wow, I'm going to bed.

I came across this little beast the other day while searching for an extremely portable headphone amp project and I can't get it out of my head. I feel like I need a noisy little grasshopper on viagra in my life, but still being somewhat new to building I'm confused on a couple of points; the website was in Spanish, and it's after 1AM so my brain is fried.
My thoughts were to combine a couple of OSHPark PCBs in one box (I'm guessing 125B?) since I'm not setup for etching. I'm blindly assuming the out from the Noisy Cricket runs straight into the IN of the Super Hard On clone board? The Noisy Cricket/Pocket Pounder PCB calls for a headphone jack with Tip/Ring/Sleeve instead of a simple two wire out, so that has me tossed. I'm assuming I'd run a simple 3PDT switch obviously on the booster, as seen on the right side, rather than a stomp. I don't know if I'll ever run a speaker off it, but I would think the headphone and speaker jacks on the backside are wired in series? All the little things, like adding a couple LED for the Boost and Gain, and power options I can figure out but for some reason the rest alludes me tonight... Should I just sit down with Eagle and redo the whole thing on a single board (which seems a little daunting but I might do just that...) and have OSH Park do a small run or?
If anyone has done something like this, or has better options for ready to solder PCBs to replicate, or any input at all, it would be greatly appreciated.

The Noisy Cricket/Pocket Pounder can be found here:
Thinking of running this Super Hard On clone:

Introductions / New guy here from Maine, USA
« on: April 12, 2016, 05:43:59 PM »
Hey everyone, name's Ian. Just getting into pedal building and loving every minute. Thought I'd say hi and thank everyone for all the resources amassed here and elsewhere. Hope to learn a lot more here, and maybe someday I'll have a contribution of my own to make.

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