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Build Reports / SnackShack
April 19, 2020, 02:58:31 PM
Noice lil' Fuzz! Thanks, Brian!
YEP! Thanks brother.

lol! Man, I would not be surprised..........lemmy swap 'em and see!

Flummoxed, I say!
here it is. Thank you for the help. I am flummoxed!
switched between bench power supply and 9v battery. 9volt was considerably less hum,whereas the bench power supply was off the chart loud.
HUM............... (pun intended.)I will hook it up later this morning and take a listen........THANKS~ it is 2619 :o Might be on Beans double secret PCB list?

Well, got the fuzz, got the octave..and some hum....any suggestions?!? bypass or active,btw.

Will do!
Thanks,Scruf! Yeah, I had said to myself,best to grab the data sheet on those dual ICs and then see what sorta of cap/resistor fanagelin I could get into..............
Hullo! Well, at last there is a pcb for the clone of the very, Iomi-esque, tychobrahe parapedal available from Pedalpcb. I was lucky to get a nice 2w dual gang 10k pot for my build.($16.99-ouch!)
I know Chicago Iron works has a dead on clone called the Parachute, but I am intrigued at the wilson effects clone and its mods, this from a description on the page, There is an added six position Q switch that adjusts the filter settings of the wah pedal. These range from a high filter sweep to a deep filter sweep and everything else in between. It doesn't stop there. There is also and added sweep knob that allows you to open up the Freaker's sweep to it's maximum width or narrow it down to a thin filter sweep. We have also added an external boost knob to boost the filter above unity gain if needed. The V2 has additional volume available via the volume/boost control at the heel of the pedal as well as a mini toggle located under the treadle of the pedal that allows the user to choose between the original function of the pedal or you can now eliminate the volume drop at the heel of the sweep via this toggle. I am wondering if they could be implemented on my clone build?Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Well,well,WELL.. It was a Bad I car pot.  >:(I happen to have one that was the same value for a future wah build,the  PedalBCB Tearjerker.
Aqua Baby, Aqua Boy and Aqua Deluxe( and an Aquaboy-BL on the etchers paradise side )is all I see on the shop for sale list. Are you asking about one of those?