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Open Discussion / Re: AMZ Effects
« on: August 12, 2022, 06:57:55 AM »
Awesome, thanks for letting me know.
Glad he's still around.   
I've been away from this hobby for a couple years and poking around I'm seeing a bunch of folks sites are no longer around.  Sort of thought that maybe I snuck in that order as he thought he was shutting it all down.    :)
Anyway, all good.   Thanks again.

Long Live Madbean!!

Open Discussion / AMZ Effects
« on: August 11, 2022, 03:01:40 PM »
Does anyone know if AMZ Effects is still around (
Asking because I placed an order for 2 buffers Tuesday, haven't received any acknowledgement except from PayPal and now the site is gone like the hosting expired.

Not sure who to email to ask (because there is no site   :) ).


General Questions / Re: DeathKlaw Build Doc
« on: August 02, 2021, 12:12:03 PM »
Awesome!  Got it!
Thank you!

General Questions / DeathKlaw Build Doc
« on: August 02, 2021, 11:56:38 AM »
Does anyone have the DeathKlaw build doc they would share with me.
(Or point to R5 on the PCB if you know).


Open Discussion / Re: what are you guys listening to at the moment?
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:28:13 AM »
on vacation this week.
This song is doing it for me (especially after a day of drinking)

Tech Help - Projects Page / Re: RAH Vero build: No gain
« on: January 15, 2015, 03:20:54 PM »

Did you match your fets or pick certain ones for this?
I've got a Prince Albert populated i'm testing and while it sounds great it doesn't quite have the "amp pushed to limit" feel I remember getting from a real RAH I tried.  I don't have any more BS170's around to try so.. before I order some thought I'd ask.


Open Discussion / Re: Any coders or developers out there?
« on: January 06, 2015, 05:17:46 PM »
Here in NYC people always seem to have a hard time finding developers... that's why I was thinking of it as a second/third career.
What you should study depends on what you want to do.
And sometimes what you want to do is dictated by the people you work for :)

Yeah RobA makes some good points, I glossed over all that because you need to first see if you might even like doing any part of coding and... I tend to get over zealous to help someone who wants to learn something new in life (even if they never use it).

Regardless of all the failure points, just try doing some tutorials to see if programming even catches your interest.  If you cant stand it then you've wasted nothing but a couple hours, if you love it then you can start thinking which language or platform and of a path to potentially doing it as a career or even side work or something. 

From your comments you seem to realize the difficulties involved in changing careers so I wont add to the comments so far.


Open Discussion / Re: Any coders or developers out there?
« on: January 06, 2015, 03:10:20 PM »
I only hire people with degrees in Math or Computer Science

Really? You are either located somewhere with an abundance of developers or working in a very specific industry.  We have a hard time finding developers, actually it seems to be the re-occuring theme over my career and companies.  :)

Open Discussion / Re: Any coders or developers out there?
« on: January 06, 2015, 03:00:42 PM »
I'm a enterprise system architect;  been coding for about 18 years.
Java is main bread and butter but also php, c#, C,C++, Javascript and Html, SQL and anything else I need to know at any given moment.

Working in drupal, writing and editing copy is not like writing code but writing code is also not like saying "I'll be doctor today" either. 

It's pretty easy and free to give coding a try to see if
a) you like it
b) your any good at it.

Java is free and the development environments are free and excellent too.  Lots of tutorials on java too, just google search.
Java Developer Kit

Eclipse IDE:

If you want to go more of the HTML/Javascript route I prefer NetBeans IDE:

Actually, dont start with HTML / CSS / Javascript.. you will become frustrated pretty quick.

PHP is good to know and fairly easy to learn.  Search for Xampp to get a php environment up and running quickly.

If you have any specific questions, just shoot me a message and I'll try to help.

Open Discussion / Small Laser Engraver
« on: December 18, 2014, 07:50:06 AM »
Look.. mini laser engravers!  :)
How powerful would it have to be in order to get through powder coat?

Open Discussion / Re: Blender Pen
« on: December 03, 2014, 04:40:53 PM »
I found this for making your own solution.
Distilled water + isopropyl alcohol + Glycerin

Open Discussion / Blender Pen
« on: December 03, 2014, 01:15:00 PM »
Has anyone tried a blender pen for enclosure labeling & art?

Open Discussion / Re: what are you guys listening to at the moment?
« on: November 05, 2014, 08:17:25 AM »
Working from home today.. listening to some oldies

Tech Help - Projects Page / Re: Catch 22
« on: October 27, 2014, 05:40:04 PM »
Oh and ic2 is the charge pump to get the circuit running at 18v

I used the icl7660Scpa, I think it was less expensive at mouser for it was why.

Tech Help - Projects Page / Re: Catch 22
« on: October 27, 2014, 05:35:17 PM »

Not if you use the A10k volume pot like the bill of materials states.

You do only if you want to use an A25k pot like the mod states.
Okay thanks, I think I'm going to build it with the mod so I will order the 18k resistor. All the caps are non polarized film except the 3 electrolytic polarized right? I was confused because the BOM has C3 and C6 as "non- polarized". Aren't C1-C6 just film caps and C7-C9 polarized electrolytic?

Also does anyone know the differences in ic2 choices or are they just for power and don't affect the audio?

Last question, did anyone just use the Timmy ic (JRC4559)? Curious why a different ic was used?

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Yes C3 & C6 are film box caps.  The are noted as non polarized because caps up around 1mf and higher are typically electrolytic but these are box caps.

I used the jrc4559 but I haven't gotten around to trying anything else.
Was there anything on fsb about the different ics ?


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