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Hm. Wondering if this is normal function. Does anyone else have signal pass through their true bypass wired Total Recall when there is NO power, but pedal is engaged?
Continuity test shows that there isn't a short on the switch...anywhere else it could be?
Got the bias issue solved, got the regulator issue solved, now it's a really really weird thing:

Even when the pedal is not powered, it passes signal when engaged. It is very faint, but it's there. I have it wired true bypass. I am assuming I have a short somewhere on my switch, but wanted to see what you guys thought. More digging to follow...
Ah so it's a gain trim setting issue. I will try to calibrate it again!
Hey all,

So my total recall works (mostly) as it should, but the blend knob is really weird. I get unity blend with the knob at like 9 o'clock. With it at noon, the repeats are WAY louder than the dry signal. Anyone else experience this?
It was just the regulator. Many many many thanks to tcpoint for sending me one! We are back up and running.
Will do when I get home. Reg is DEFINITELY cooked though.
So I realized there was a solder bridge across the input and ground (1 and 2)  :-X

Really hoping that I didn't fry anything other than the LM7915.....
Thanks, Brian :)
Oh I don't play out live; the univibe largely just sits on my board and is very rarely used. I'm just tired of fishing around for the 9v plug from underneath my pedaltrain every time I want to plug it in; figure I could just leave it plugged in and wire in a switch to turn it on for the once in a blue moon that I do want to kick it on. 
Just to double check my thought, if I put an on/off switch between the 9v socket and the pcb, I can use that as a power kill switch to the pedal, right? I have a Harbinger One and I like to keep it off until I know that I am going to use it for a song so as to maximize the lifespan of the lightbulb. Thanks!
So I had a faulty barrel plug on my Total Recall, so I swapped it out (wires are oriented correct, positive center). I plug in the PSU and turn it on, heard a loud pop, and now the pedal is dead. I checked the voltage on the EHX power supply, and I'm reading 33 volts DC. Could that have fried the board? If so, what are the likely components I'd have to replace? I'm assuming the LM7915, but is there anything else I should be looking hard at? I'm thinking maybe the 1N4751a as well, as it's only rated to 30v?
anyone else have any insight?
Resistor values are all correct for R9-R13. 68k for R9, R10, R11, 24k R12, 51k R13. This is weeeeird.
Thanks for the assist! Pin 7 is reading -5.6, and pins 14 and 15 are reading -12.95.

Curious as to why pin 7 is running -1 v higher than normal...