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Open Discussion / Fender Tone Box suggestions please
« on: April 05, 2015, 07:45:47 AM »
I'm planning a multi build that will give me some tone shaping ability, not so much interested in drive/gain, but to give some colour to my tone. The clean channel on the Laney IRT-Studio I play is a good base for effects but also fairly lifeless. My plan is a multi that switches between an ROG English Channel and some kind of fender tone. I was looking at the Lovepedal Les Luis clones, Wampler Tweed 57 and Black 65. The latter two look more gain based and emulate the cranked amps they reference. Any good ideas for me to consider would be greatly appreciated!

Build Reports / The Djentlemen and One More for the Sea
« on: March 31, 2015, 02:30:51 PM »
The Djentlemen - Wrecktifier PCB from Fuzz Dog
LOVE IT! Although seriously heavy and full on metal but very tonal and has tonnes of range. I even like the infamous boost. Sure its disgusting and odd, but does make for some unique sounds that nothing else makes. Anyone know if it would be possible to add an exp pedal out to control the boost pot? Artwork is a random image from google turned into a vector and neatened up, clear adhesive paper, EnviroTex, done. Lots of wiring but a relatively quick build none-the-less. Oh, and I accidentally put a LED in the wrong way round then destroyed the pad on removal, hence the random jumper on the back of the board.

One More for the Sea - Hamlet+ PCB from JMK
WHAT A DELAY! This is my first delay build and first tap tempo to boot. Big props to Jacob the design and layout, really can't say enough good stuff about it. Sadly, my artwork just didn't work in this case, the blue 1590BB was darker than I expected, I got a slightly better pic but not much. May well re-house or just build another when it takes my fancy. Also, didn't take into account the type of DPDT switch used so excuse the bent (although unused) lugs.

I must start posting these things more often!

El Embullo - I can't take any credit for this build, it was one of Lace Sensors "Larry David" prototype PCBs which was all populated bar adding the ICs into the sockets and wiring to the jacks/switch etc. BUT I am very happy with the artwork, drawn in Illustrator, printed on clear adhesive paper and EnviroTex'd in a 125B

Firebreather - Flender PCB by Fuzz Dog
Beastly fuzz with tone boost on the second footswitch. Thought about doing the octave cut mod but I love the tone with the octave and I can always build more! Artwork/name from Thrice's Alchemy Index I: Fire Album, in a 1590B, same finishing as above

Killer Hertz - Six Shooter PCB by 1776 Effects
Built two as it was one of my first builds and wanted to see if I built them the same. Had to use some parallel caps/series resistors to get the right values (I could have ordered the right values of course... ha). Artwork same as above. Really great layout, and would love to build another with different values that I have thought about more deeply for specific guitars etc.

True Bypass Looper - Realy basic I know, but rather proud of my drilling! Neat and tidy.

I do mean that literally, the poor thing isn't just pissed off at me... Anyway...

I was beavering away the other night and after placing 30+ resistors went to solder and nothing. I have an old (ish) Weller PS-2D Soldering Station that takes the TCP pen/tips. Love it. I inspected the base and no on/off light. Checked the mains fuse and on board fuse and it was the on board 315mA 250V (FYI, I'm in the UK) Slow Blow (Time Delay) Fuse that had blown. Next day I picked some more up and every fuse blows as soon as I power the unit on. I tested each fuse before it went in and they were all fine. The blow whether the Pen is connected or not. The on/off light flashes on and then fuse blows. From some googling I thought I may have a short on one side of the transformer. However, I checked blow sides and they blow read a resistance - 42 ohms on the primary, 0.8 ohms on the secondary. This seems correct based on my minimal knowledge and googling. There is also no visible sign of burning out or shorting on the transformer.

Any ideas as to what else this could be? Anything else I could check or any other way of testing it? I can't test the AC across each side of the transformer as the fuse blows, could I temporarily jumper the fuse to test the voltage or is this too dangerous?

Please help so I can finish building my Triple Wreck!  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Build Reports / Squeeze, Big Bull, Ghostbooster, Glitter and Trauma!
« on: January 23, 2015, 05:49:35 PM »
Ok... So i got round to boxing these up after the Tex had time to cure and got a trade show with work out of the way...

First up is Squeeze - Ross/Dyna Comp Clone on Fuzz Dog's Skwisher PCB
This was my very first full build, the gentleman that is LaceSensor aka Ian supplied the parts for me and it went together easy enough for my first build. The inside is messy compared to standards on this board, and I really want to refinish this as I don't like my hand-painted art. Started painting the orange and then remembered the compressor of that name... confusion. Ah well. Love this compressor, does what I want and the variable recovery switch is a nice touch.

Next up, two Big Bulls - BB Overdrive/Preamp Clones on Fuzz Dog's  Big Beefy PCB
I've played plenty of TS based gain boxes over the years, but this is really pushing to be my favourite, its a great variation with bags of volume on tap and the active baxandall tone stack is saweet. I built two as these were my 2nd/3rd builds and wanted to see if they turned out the same... They did. One's for sale, I'm keeping the sparkly one! This is the start of my now set aesthetic but I wanted the smoke and horns to be white, so i masked these off, sprayed and then put the decal over the top. Envirotexed an we're done. Loverly.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbooster! EP3 Boost clone on Fuzz Dog's EPic Boost PCB
LOVE LOVE LOVE this boost. Echoplex-y goodness with loads of boost and the Fat/Bright switches are subtle but thats all you need to tweak the tone. The name came from my friend, who thought I was talking about Ectoplasm when I said Echoplex... and Ghostbooster it was. Again, decal, Tex. Done. Though I ran out of my Ultrabright Red LEDs so this is waiting for some light action.

Finally we have Glitter and Trauma. I'm a big fan of Biffy Clyro (especially albums 1-3, and 6) and this is the name of the first track from 3rd album Infinity Land.
Glitter is a Euphoria Drive clone on Fuzz Dog's Joy Drive PCB. Wonderful tones, great dumble-in-a-box tones and a nice complement to my other TS variants.

Trauma is a Prunes 'n' Custard Clone on Fuzz Dog's Dirt Dessert PCB. Never had a chance to play the actual pedal for one reason or another, and its so fookin cool. Filthy, sweepy, dirty oddness and this is also my favourite artwork so far (apart from El Embullo, but thats another story for another day).

As you can see I've been doing a lot of Fuzz Dog PCBs so far. I highly recommend trying some for the UK/Europeans on here. His newer boards are getting more and more PCB mounted pots/switches and he has a big range too. All good.
Here's the family so far...

Build Reports / Rodent Apocalypse - First Build Report
« on: January 10, 2015, 05:23:48 AM »
First build report but not my first build! I have done a few more before this but as i have built/finished in batches this is the first one finished, boxed and ready to rock as it were...

Anyway, its multistomp made for a friend who liked an Xotic BB clone I made. He basically wanted a wee bopx to first off emulate the preamp from his Space Echo, then into the BB clone and finally a Rat. Hence the image of a Rat shooting a BB gun.

The preamp is the Nocturne Brain Setzer on vero courtesy of Tagboard - this is my first experience of working on vero and was a nice easy one to start off. Easy enough to do and has a really decent amount of volume on tap. The Tone control did nothing with my setup (strat into Laney IRT Studio) but it may working with my friends Gretsch. The Echo Pre is switchable via the Toggle on the top of the enclosure next to the DC in. the vero is held in by some thick foam double sided tape. I left some extra space on the end of the vero to link grounds and power to the other boards and the DC in.

Next up is the BB clone from Fuzz Dog/Pedal Parts UK. I have bought quite a few of his boards and they are really good quality as well as having a big BIG list on tap so worth trying a few. He's also doing a lot more with board mounted pots/switches which is nice. Anway, BB on the first footswitch, built stock with a blue LED and mounted on two of the pots. I couldn't mount on all four pots due to the pot spacing.

Finally there is Fuzz Dog's Rodent PCB with toggle for standard clipping diodes or 3mm Red LEDS (Turbo Rat). I love the LED clipping, WAY better than stock and much more dynamic. He's also just updated the board with the Ruetz mods and mounted pots, but this wouldn't have fit in the 1590BB. I also had to bend caps to fit this in, didnt plan for their height, which look as a bit uncouth but needs must.

Artwork was done by the chap the peal is for, printed on clear adhesive paper and then Envirotexed - big props to Juan and Cleggy for their tutorial, absolutely wonderful stuff! ALso my first experience of Tex'ing which I loved. Very theraputic. The finished are not 100% perfect (bloody dog and his hairs floating around) and even though i kept them covered their are a couple of flaws but nothing enough for me to remove and redo.

Boxing up was a challenge as I really pushed myself to put all this in a 1590BB, and you may wonder why the toggle isn't further over above the last pot (it would make more sense) and this was simple because i altered the inner layout slightly after drilling. Thankfully I had planned i (fairly) thoroughly but you can never count on the boards fitting EXACTLY as planned. I then had some wires break which I replaced with far better quality stuff.

All in all, it was a pain but work it. I think it looks neat enough, though i did tuck DC and the red LED Rat wire under the middle PCB after the pic. Anyway, thats enough blabbler, here's the pics.

Introductions / Good evening chaps and chappettes
« on: July 20, 2014, 11:03:26 AM »
Hi all on the wonderful forum,
Been stalking around on here for a few months and thought I should finally get posting and I'll pop up some build reports soon. I'm a friend of LaceSensor, actually in person too, can you believe it! I used to build guitars under the moniker Dorcia, hence the screen name. If anyone needs geetar work doing in here Manchester UK area do feel free to ask, I'm a trained luthier so I (pretend) to know what I'm talking about, haha.

Anyway, after meeting Lace and much chat I decided to build a few things, my currently list is:
Squeeze - Pedal Parts UK/Fuzz Dog Skwisher PCB, dynamcomp/Ross clone
El Embullo - One of LaceSensor's finished prototype boards he named Larry David aka Crunch Box, just wired in pots, boxed and added opamps
Big Bull - Pedal Parts UK/Fuzz Dog Big Bull PCB, Xotic BB Clone
Killer Hertz - 1776 Effects Six Shooter PCB

I have studied Juan and Cleggys finishing tutorial and ordered me some clear adhesive paper and Envirotex so I should be up and running with build reports/pics soon. Not sure how many of you have tried Pedal Parts UK/Fuzz Dog but his stuff is great. Just received a big Tayda order so my next builds are....
Xotic EP boost
Wampler Euphoria and Triple Wreck
Crowther Prunes n Custard
Multistomp for a friend - Dynabrain preamp, Xotic BB and Rat in one
Fender Blender Fuzz
MusicPCBs Tap Tempo Trem (terrified about this but what the hey)
Doppelgänger, PCB courtesy of Lace
Multiplex Echo Machine with Slam and attempting Tap Tempo implementation on both 'heads'... Will it work? Probably not, haaaaaahaaaaaa.

So I have plenty to be going on with... I'm sure I will be much more vocal when I getting into the harder builds!

Much love

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