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Build Reports / First Build (Neutrino)
« on: March 26, 2010, 02:20:54 PM »
Hi everyone.
Just wanted to show off my first non-kit build. It's a Neutrino, and I've kept it stock so far because it sounds bloody fantastic.

Also my first attempt at acid etching and paint, which came out surprisingly well... The edge at the top is a bit blurry 'cause I got a little over zealous with the sanding. I'm otherwise very happy with it, and shocked that I didn't screw it up any further.

In the next couple of weeks I'm gonna try to re do the case, 'cause I'm a hopeless perfectionist. I also want to get the wiring a little bit cleaner, since I really struggled to shove it all in there. I think there's still room for improvement.

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