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Build Reports / Bolsterdrive Valve Boost Pedal
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:04:17 AM »
Designed from scratch but built into a gutted Behringer VT999. Only the case, power switch and jack plugs remained.

Went for a bit of a gothic theme with this. The face is lacquered inkjet paper, the side lacquered wall paper - I obtained a sample from the local B&Q. Still perplexed as to who exactly would want black leather-look wall paper - different strokes I guess.

All thats left is to make the valve guards and and replace some components where I had to use multiples because I didn't have the values needed to hand. Took it into the friendly guitar shop and the guy thought it was great, so well chuffed.

This is it coming to the end of the build and before decorating the case.

Valves are 60/30L2 which are surprising good valves. Gives about 35dB of gain full out.

Build Reports / Whiskey Cream Overdrive
« on: May 15, 2017, 02:54:22 AM »
This was my first pedal. Been looking for somewhere to post details and the circuit if anyone is interested and someone told me about Madbeans Forum. I designed the circuit myself after having an idea for a clipping circuit that was a little different from what I had seen on other pedals. I used Tina Pro to design the circuit.

I wanted something with plenty of drive, smooth distortion and something that would open up the volume and tone controls of the guitar. This is what happened:-

Gain - obvious
Ice - rolls off the bass and out of band harmonics slightly to give a more focused sound
Tone - flat at zero and increases treble when turned up. This is to help with treble loss if you don't have bleed caps on the volume control of your guitar. Also opens up the guitars tone control to make it actually useful.
Volume - Obvious.
Power shows that the pedal is plugged into power and the other LED comes on when the footswitch is pressed.

Anyway hope you like.

Introductions / Just Joined The Forum
« on: May 15, 2017, 02:36:22 AM »

I am Paul and have just joined the forum so I can get talking with other pedal builders. This all started for me with an idea that I had after looking at various overdrive circuits, so I designed the circuit and build a pedal. I have so far built 3 pedals, 2 of which are my own circuit design and one was a TS kit. I will be posting details soon.

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