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General Questions / Lowrider 2015 question
« on: December 28, 2019, 09:30:22 AM »
I built the lowrider a while ago, and I have to say it sounds wonderful and has been on my board ever since. I finally got around to shooting a video-demo for it, but in figuring out how to demo this pedal, I realized that I had no clue what side of the A/B switch actually applies the active filter to the octave-up signal. I definitely hear a difference between the 2 settings, but both sides sound usable and the documentation doesn't specify. I tried to analyze the schematics to figure it out, but my circuit-knowledge ain't quite up to snuff yet, so I figured I'd come ask here rather than end up guessing!


Channel Link!

Hey folks! Just started up my youtube-channel, hopefully bringing y'all some decent-quality DIY pedal demos. I have a little over 20 builds I'd like to do videos on (mostly Madbean stuff!), but I figured I should ask people how I'm doing so far before trudging ahead. I could really use some feedback on the soundquality/format/whatever you might find important in a gear-demo, so I can perhaps improve future videos.

Madbean 8ball (discontinued!)

Madbean Pork Barrel (old version!)

Madbean Fat Pants Jr. (Just a darn challenge to really demo effectively  ???)

Also, just something that applies to this forum; Should I keep making seperate threads for seperate builds in the future, or maybe just collect them in 1? With the lack of activity on this specific subforum as of late, I don't really want to be THAT guy eventually filling up the entire first page.

Tech Help - Projects Page / Farty Hipster Fuzz
« on: December 09, 2017, 03:58:02 PM »
Hey y'all! I haven't been at this pedal-building game for too long, but have already achieved some wonderful sounds through piggybacking off of Madbean's engineering prowess. (Tonebender already done & the Afterlife Compressor ready to box up, gorgeous stuff) ... This time, however, I'm getting a farty, gated sound out of the Hipster Fuzz, and the bias isn't even getting close to what it's supposed to be. To get a proper note out of the fuzz you have to hit the string rather hard, after which the sound dies down very quickly. I've been reflowin', measurin', readin' and audio-probin' for days now, and am ready to give myself over to the expertise of people who actually know what they're doing, which is where you hopefully come in!

I used 2 2n3904 transistors, a 20k trimpot instead of a 25k one, and when this 'farty' issue persisted I eventually swapped out R4 for a 1K resistor, as the manual suggested for 'more output'... Which obviously wasn't exactly my problem, but in my desperation I figured it was worth a shot; Either way, it didn't have any positive or adverse effects to the tone from what I could tell.

The bypass is absolutely clear, and using the audio-probe I can follow the signal around the board. Drastic tone-changes obviously occur around the transistors, but I don't have the ear yet to really hear where it goes wrong.

Aaand the measurements;
9v+ = 8.52
GR = 0
Q1 = 0, 0.56, 1.26 (E,B,C)
Q2 = 0.6, 1.26, 0.62 (E,B,C)
TP= 0.62
Hopefully I got those last ones right, as far as the pinout goes... To be completely certain y'all know what I'm measuring; Looking at the PCB in the PDF, I measured from down to up. (pins 1, 2, 3 consecutively if I'm reading the datasheet right)

I'm hoping this + the attached pictures cover all the info needed and would like to thank you guys already for checking this out :).

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