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VFE Projects / VFE Bumblebee v.3 questions about sweep, etc.
« on: March 07, 2018, 12:45:30 PM »
Just picked up a VFE Bumblebee (#BB0060, board says 3.0) to take the place of a standard 'slow gear' type pedal. I play bass, so all comments reference that use.  I'm just playing around with it right now, but looking for some clarification on some of the control/parameters. The person I bought it from says they sent it in for 'service' recently, but who knows. ;)

-Bass Tweak: From what I can tell, this when turned back all the way allows more bass signal through the pedal. Correct? Any specifics on how this interacts and adjusts? I pulled it all the way back and it seemed to retain my bypassed tone fairly closely.

-The 'sweep' appears to be non-linear if that makes sense. Is this correct and intentional, or is this a mis-adjustment of the other 'tweak' controls? The 'second half' of the volume sweep when triggered is faster than the initial attack/sweep. It's not necessarily bad/good, just different from what I've been used to with other swell pedals.

Thanks for any insight.

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