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Tech Help - Projects Page / LowRider-voltages great until IC5
« on: April 17, 2019, 05:42:54 PM »
No output when I first powered up the Lowrider. All the voltages looked good until pin 14 of IC5. I had 0v instead of 7.9v...

I saw this post:

...and my voltages/issues are pretty much the same for. All good (just a hair lower) until pin 14 of IC5. I'm trying to remove the IC socket now, in case it is somehow a bad socket, but I did have continuity from the bottom of the PCB to pin 14, so I can't imagine it is. I tried another LM324 (pulled from a working Small Stone build) with the same outcome. Any other ideas? Thanks!

So I built two Rustbuckets at the same time, with the same parts. The second one was for my bandmate. First one sounded great right off the bat, really great circuit...and I just "biased" the second one and it's much louder.

On the Rustbucket 1 (sounds great) the gain trimpot is nearly maxed. On Rustbucket 2, even with the gain trimpot all the way down, its significantly louder than RB1. Even at low amp levels, RB2 either feeds back, or feels ready to feed back.

I've double checked components and orientation, and everything looks to be the same (i.e. the edge switch is off on both)

I recorded some audio on my phone real quick, where both pedals have the pots at the same settings. The iffy pedal, RB2 is played first. Then I swapped pedals and played the same notes on RB1. RB1 sustains longer and more smoothly, probably because the difference in gain is effecting the interaction of the sense/attack/decay controls.

Any ideas as to what might be causing these differences in the second build?

(I can't get the audio file to load...I need to look into how to attach audio...)

Tech Help - Projects Page / TOTAL RECALL - very low voltages on all ICs
« on: September 13, 2018, 03:48:10 PM »
Hey everyone, first time posting. Just started the biasing procedure on my Total Recall build, but couldn't get anything but the clean signal when probing around early on in the circuit. Nothing on the BBD. So I started checking voltages.

 The power jack brings in -23.8v, and R57 (the 240r 1w) has -23.8v and that end, and only -0.8v on the other end.

So of course the regulator gets hardly any voltage, less than a volt, and the same goes for IC1.

I double checked and mouser did send me a 1 watt 240 ohm resistor, and I checked it for resistance to make sure it wasn't dead, and I got 240 ohms on my meter. Any ideas on fixing this issue? Thanks!!

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