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Build Reports / TS PG-3 Overdrive Pedal
« on: June 18, 2020, 06:21:17 AM »
Recently I found a bunch of guitar related things on the curb during my town's yearly junk day. There was a couple of small practice amps, Fender tuner, Realistic amplifier, cables, ect. Unfortunately, it was all in a five gallon bucket full of stank swamp water. Yeah, that was frustrating.
Anyways, I took the lot home, disassembled it all, and gave it a scrubbadub with a hose and a bristle brush out on the sidewalk. Amazingly, I got it all working.
One of the practice amps I found was a TS PG-3 Overdrive. It's one of the generic 3w amps you see with names like First Act, Ammoon, Aroma... The speaker was ruined and I wanted the 386 power amp for another project, so I dissected the overdrive circuit and built a pedal out of it. I added a switchable voltage doubler for fun and it worked pretty well.
Below is the schematic I drew up from the OD and the box I put it all into. The box is wood, originally a 80's Polo gift box with a slide-out lid. I covered it all in black patent leather and used the corners and rails from a busted storage box to dress it up a bit.

Open Discussion / Ammo Box As A Stomp Box?
« on: November 14, 2019, 03:11:34 PM »
I've got a few empty 100 round .22 boxes I use for spare fiddly bits. Comparing it to a 1590a it's about the same height, roughly half again as long, and about 1/8" wider.
I know it's plastic but has anyone tried housing a pedal inside one before? I keep thinking about it every time I see 'em.

A few months ago I copied the Marshall Guv'nor GV-2 Deep Circuit on a vero and installed it into an GV1 clone I built. (It rocks!) I've since been wondering about how to change the frequency of this circuit so I could switch between settings.

According to this posting here:
"The Deep control is focussed on very low bass, below guitar range. The hump could be shifted up by decreasing two caps (C16 and C17) in the deep circuit to give more action around 80hz."

What I'd like to know is just what values are needed for C16 and C17 to raise the frequency from the listed 30hz to the suggested 80hz? And how is that determined for this circuit with the two caps in parallel with each other?

Here's the GV2 schematic and my layout:

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