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Requests / Little Green Wonder
February 15, 2012, 04:44:40 AM
has anybody seen any info on this one?  I'm just starting to look into it ...
I did an outdoor party yesterday - board included a KOT, as well as my recent Zygote, Cosmo and Grapevine builds.  The band I sat in with was a 60s garage band on steroids - I had to pull out my JTM50 (built by me also) to get over the noise.  I kept having this problem . . . which button to hit ????  The amp sounded great by itself with the tele, but I kept playing around - the Grapevine worked great for all around hairyness.  Then the Cosmo - zap!  I had to take two steps back.  The Zygote was there for that even fuzzier buzzness . . . I just couldn't stop making those swaps !  What amazing sounds.  So much on tap!  Thanks Brian, these were a riot to build and even more fun to play.
I have a scratchy sound on the pot when the effect is engaged.  I measure anywhere from 2.8v DC down to zero volts when I turn the pot from full right to full left.  I thought I've gone over anything - any ideas?  Is a little noise normal?