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Build Reports / Woodstork, English Man and Lunar clone
« on: June 21, 2019, 04:03:24 PM »
I finished up three fun pedals this last week.  I've been playing with them all the time and are really starting to enjoy the process.  Not to mention the good fuzz.   I also gave away a pedal I'd made to a guitarist I admire . . . which was a joy in itself. 

Woodstork and English Man

These were both pretty friendly builds and sound amazing together.  Honestly I lost a whole evening to just jamming with these on.  My current favorite sound.   The woodstork sticker is from a patch seller named Fennec.  Good patches from that homie and I managed to put the LED where the skeleton's heart would be.  I don't know if anyone here builds the tayda boards, but I'd up the LED resistor if doing this build - it is blinding. 

Woodstork guts:

English Man's intestines:

And the Lunar Deluxe Clone from pedalpcb:

This one gave me an enormous amount of trouble.  I had failed to order a 5.6n capacitor and didn't want to fudge it.  Then putting it together was one of the most difficult constructions.  I drilled the holes too high (used the template), had to bend the potentiometer legs to not touch the enclosure.  Had to bend the power connectors to put the PCB into the enclosure.  The LED was out of sync and still doesn't come on.  But the sound is really great.  It made me dive into old Pink Floyd tunes and documentaries this morning.  Very inspiring as a pedal to make music with.  8-bit moon sticker is from my homie #JMORG who blessed me with most of the planets.  Trying to figure out which pedal should be the earth?

Moon guts:

Thanks to all the creative folks out there!  Salute to the hard hustling late night distortion fiends and soldering mobstas.

Build Reports / Greenbean and Retrograde
« on: June 09, 2019, 01:30:15 PM »
Continuing my excessive quest for DIY fuzz and distortion pedals I finished the Greenbean and Retrograde this week.  Both are really fun pedals with a lot of flexibility.  I'm looking forward to the diode shootout for the Greenbean.  Currently sporting yellow 5mm LEDs.  Does that thread already exist? 

And the Retrograde:

Still trying to figure out graphics for the retrograde.  I've got a great bat sticker from somewhere that would fit nicely, but I'm digging the hunter orange for the moment. 


Tech Help - Projects Page / Honeydripper problem solving
« on: April 13, 2019, 10:53:16 AM »
I finished the honeydripper and I'm struggling. 

The LED comes on, but no sound through pedal either with the footswitch engaged or not.

Here are some photos:

I'm curious if I wired the input/output jacks incorrectly?  Is Jack 1 input?  I've been using a stereo jack for inputs.  Do I need to do something with the ring connection?

Did I miss a ground opportunity?  I've been running a wire from the output sleeve to the enclosure (visible in pic 1). 

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. 

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