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General Questions / Jimmy Page/42 tones wiring?
« on: October 19, 2021, 08:16:23 PM »
So I've been trying to wrap my head around this diagram for a few days, colorized it so I can follow it a little better, but having a hard time putting it together in my head.

Looking at Seymour Duncan single pickup diagrams the phase appears correct and the series/split/parallel as well, but is it correct with the placement of the ground?
In all of the diagrams SD shows green and bare are together...

Attaching the colorized diagram as well as the link to the original.

General Questions / All valve amp hissing after new tubes
« on: October 18, 2021, 01:25:30 PM »
So my v3 tube started to fail Saturday, I went out bought a full set from a local shop, same price as tube depot which is cool.

Installed it and all was well, today I installed the rest and now I have no gain or overdrive and hissing white noise that gets louder with volume and even louder with gain, Guitar signal sounds like a loud clean.

Iím wondering if reseating v1, v2, v4 and the preís would possibly solve it or if I have a bad gain tube in v1 or v2 or if preís can cause this.

V4 is a phase inverter.

General Questions / Looking for eq pedal
« on: October 08, 2021, 10:17:17 AM »
I know I can get a boss ge-7 and pretty much be happy, but Iíve come to find out they can be very noisy, the mod I found to correct that is for the through hole versions and they now make them smd. I could do the mod with ease, but am only interested in adding a low mid high to my dark terror and since there is no room to mount more knobs for that on the little amp I wonít be asking to mod the tone stack.

Apparently if placed in the fx loop the dark terror becomes a whole new beast, Iíve been eyeing the mxr 6-10 band, boss ge-7, JJís clover, joyo 10 band (blueish green) and canít pull the trigger on one.

Iíd like to find one that doesnít alter tone by being in the chain, very low noise or none at all, not expensive as much as Iíd like to get the empress parametric eq.

Any ideas come to mind?

I was hoping Madbean had made a project for one and I could wait for it if it were on the list. Iíd just like to find out if I can make this dark terror as nice clean as my bugera v55hd and maybe replace it.

General Questions / Crybaby manufacture date
« on: September 25, 2021, 08:27:37 PM »
Got my hands on a crybaby, serial starts with AA. board sticker says 40528I with E in lower left and 7 in lower right, pot is metal type EJ and has 100k - 9429 stamped.

Seems to be a 90's, but early or late I don't know, thinking early.

Post the pics whenever iCloud decides to work...

General Questions / Morely Bad Horsie 2 modding
« on: September 18, 2021, 10:59:51 PM »
I traded my VFE Triumvirate for this wah, the pedal just wasn't doing it for me.

I've googled a bit and found lots of people sharing mods for this wah, but the files are dead ends, all broken links.
Apparently it's the same circuit as a crybaby, but uses optic sensors to activate, some say it's tone sucking and I don't really care.
I want to extend the range like a video I found that at half pedal it tops out at stock and full you get more out of it, this one looks like the first BH, but all of the components are through hole.

So if anyone has some ideas...
For reference:

General Questions / Looking to build a amp
« on: September 04, 2021, 03:04:01 PM »
I want to build something that can overdrive easy, do blues -> metal easily. Not sure if el34/84 are best for that. Something that a rx loop can be added to or is in the design.

Was thinking jcm800, but what else is out there that was really good and maybe more gain? 50w is a perfect area for my use, but open to better options with obtainable parts.

Open Discussion / Speaker cab wiring, dual input amp head
« on: September 04, 2021, 01:05:04 PM »
So Iíve replaced the speakers in my cab and am thinking of adding a second input, any considerations I should take with plugging two amps into the cab, but only using one at a time?

Also might add another two inputs to drive two sets of speakers separately.

Open Discussion / Pedal design help
« on: August 30, 2021, 12:49:02 PM »
Iím interested in creating my own combo pedal, boost, overdrive, fuzz, a few switching between circuits and maybe a few stomp switches to turn them on or off.

How can I get started designing it?
I have a program for designing and testing diagrams, but not sure what to use in the design.

Open Discussion / Hendrix fuzz
« on: August 30, 2021, 11:34:13 AM »
Which pedal on here is the closest to the Hendrix fuzz, what mods should be made to nail the sound?

Really want a nice fuzz that fits the part well.

General Questions / Mudbunny general question
« on: July 21, 2021, 10:52:32 AM »
Iíve been enjoying this pedal a bit since I built it a week or so ago, but the sustain knob seems to from 0-100 at 1 and 1000 dimed out.

What resistance pot would give it more range without losing much of the stock half way point or is it supposed to be an untamed beast? XD

I followed the standard build guide.

General Questions / Mud bunny led always on
« on: July 03, 2021, 01:34:42 AM »
I can find a short anywhere, havenít put it under the scope yet.
I would imagine this isnít normal, but it functions as expected and without power the bypass works as well.

Kind of at a loss, second question.
With the dip switch, what selection would be most big muff stock?
Kind of liking the extra bass mode at the moment.

General Questions / VFE Triplet
« on: July 01, 2021, 12:17:37 AM »
Finally got to build this sucker, haven't boxed yet and found a possible issue.

When I turn the Comp knob past half way it lowers the audio to mute.
What could be the likely culprit? I doubt this is designed and I will look for micro bridging.

General Questions / When you forget a DPDT
« on: May 26, 2021, 04:44:06 PM »
SlowLoris2020 sounds so good, really liking the multiple voicing.
Wasnít the rat asymmetric already or is stock different from the rat?

General Questions / oops :facepalm: & the triplet
« on: May 20, 2021, 11:47:17 AM »
I ordered parts for the mudbunny when I have the pigbutt, guess I'm just going to have to order the mudbunny board earlier.  ;D

So before I make another mistake, I've ordered some parts and thought I'd use some I had for the triplet and want to make sure the value won't change the pedal too much or ruin it.

65k Metal / Carbon Film 1/8W (3) using 68k as sub, a few others I used 1/4W and I don't think those will make a difference other than poking up from the pcb a bit.

General Questions / 3D printed boxes
« on: May 18, 2021, 02:07:30 AM »
I am working on making a few boxes ready to print and populate with projects.
This could become a regular thing I do, I could also create a physical drill guide that can be easy to handle, possibly be reused for other projects or even mixed and matched for a more customized experience.
No one is downloading these yet, but I'll keep adding them as I make them for my projects.

Post edited to remove bloat no longer relevant.

Pinning file links and attachments here.
SlowLoris2020 :
Fireaxe :

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