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Build Reports / Sushi box Blackeye
January 30, 2023, 04:15:15 PM
Where to start with this one.... It's an infamous project, but for inherent flaws and problems it has just as many positives and good qualities,  Of course if I was going to build a tube preamp I wanted the full complement tone stack so I tried to emulate the  the SLO tone pre amp in its entirety the best that I could,  I find the gain range quite useable all the way to dimed... this one is worth revisiting in a different format for sure. 

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Finally getting around to posting some older builds , This was a fun one, originally intended for a 125b enclosure but I had some simple mods in mind, I moved the modulation to a toggle because I ether want it off or on and didn't ever see me changing that on the fly, besides I had to make room for an momentary oscillation switch and a pot for dialing in the desired feedback, the 1590bb worked perfectly not too cramped and not a bunch of unnecessary room.  It's definitely not your run of the mill pt2399 delay but of course has some of the 2399 characteristics,  the modulation give you pretty cool spooky tails that can really wiggle,  and the 2399s are easy to send into oscillation so that doesn't disappoint at all if you are into that sort of thing. 

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Build Reports / Bumble bee
December 30, 2022, 03:38:27 PM
Built this awhile ago but just now getting around to posting,
Great GE fuzz built to dizzy tone specs with help from the usual suspects [mention]Thewintersoldier [/mention] and [mention]peccary [/mention]

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Build Reports / Touchstone
December 19, 2022, 10:29:28 PM
never played a small clone before and I have to say where this pedal shines for me is in the more subtle settings where you can obviously tell it's a modulation pedal but aren't quite sure if it's a chorus or something else, settings above that just sound like a chorus pedal... built to spec no monkey biz here...: carry on

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This was a fun demo although the focus is kind of on the esotera(combo) it's really the MBP projects that make this sound great. I used only some stereo panning, IRs , and minimal EQIng for mixing and mastering.   

The signal chain :guitar(7string drop G tuning) >Kompromat >split signal from sludgehammer(to interface) and Archibald to esotera  to interface

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Build Reports / PPCB Hydra and Spatialist
July 31, 2022, 05:15:34 PM

So this was something I have been meaning to get around to for a while, sooo many issues I ran into, broken wires, tight fit, ideas that flat out didn't work, but I sorted everything out on the fly and it turned out good enough. I could go back and change a few things but I'm l kind of over messing with this one.

With the order switch the LEDs change color indicating what is first in the chain (blue first red second) so I could utilize the internal modulation algorithms on the Fv-1 of the spatialist, (I like modulation before delay) they are useable but not really anything that gets me excited. The oscillation mod on a 3pdt momentary through a dual gang 50k trimmed down to 25k (a 5k or 10k would have been the way to go) controls the speed and swell of the Hydra, you really need to have 2 heads running for it to ramp up nicely , a little noisy on engagement but the release is pretty epic... cool circuits , a lot of work to put them in one enclosure like this. Probably won't do that again. Didn't really turn out how I was wanting but not bad, soooo many knobs and switches so I dubbed it the Esotera. Umm yeah I'm even over writing about it.. but it's cool I'll keep it.

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Build Reports / Effects layouts Neotoma
July 31, 2022, 05:09:39 PM
Once again, I have to give a shout out to Chris for hooking a brother up with the board and the legit LM308, he had been trying to talk me into building a straight Rat(I have never actually played through one) and then walked me through the clipping mods going with the single 4001 instead of the GEs, I have to say I'm a fan now, definitely a must have for the arsenal. I wanted to make a play ont the Rat name so I went with Tardigrade for a different angle on things.

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Build Reports / Sludgehammer
July 31, 2022, 04:48:31 PM
In my quest to build a wall of tone rig, (not that I need a gig-able rig, and I doubt I will ever play in front of any one again) I wanted to split my signal and be able to dial in the bass/bottom end of my seven string, the Sludge Hammer seemed like the ticket. It's a tight fitting build, you have to bring your A game with the drill... seriously there is no room for error with the top jacks. It easy to make some mistakes on this build, don't let it fool you. All in all a fun build that can be a bit of a challenge, this thing is amazing with an extended range guitar!

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Build Reports / Kompromat
July 21, 2022, 06:57:43 PM
This is a great compressor really punchy and smooth at the same time. And as a SciFi fan, who compresses space and time like the guild navigators from Dune? Right? (One of my favorite flix as a kid.) Ok down to the dirty I did have a bit of trouble with it as I actually installed 27ohm resistors instead of 27k but I will just chalk it up to me mixing up the bags, soon as I realized my mistake while troubleshooting easy fix, Iong story short Story had an CA3080 so I ran that, the clipping control is a must if you run high output humbuckers but the pedal truly shines with split or single coils.

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Build Reports / Archibald
July 14, 2022, 08:04:42 PM
So I have been sitting on this one for a while and finally got my act together to put it together
With a lot of help from [mention]Thewintersoldier [/mention] holding my hand and walking me through somethings and just flat out telling me to quit being a and build the damn thing.  And also the rest of the trust [mention]harryklippton [/mention] [mention]blackhatboojum [/mention] and [mention]peccary [/mention] for being there to bounce ideas off of thanks guys you rock!

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I see a few names I recognize, as I'm a turd transplant from a different forum, Im still relatively new to the Hobby. I wanted to check out the
Mad bean crew and see if I can learn something new, pick up some bad habits and build some pedals.

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