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General Questions / Misfit questions
December 07, 2022, 05:01:46 PM
I noticed on the Projects(DIY) page the Misfit is listed as a 1590B build, but on the PDF instructions there is only a 125B drill template. Could I use either enclosure?

Also, it says the CA3260E has a 16v supply limit. Will this sound fine with a 9v supply or should I opt for higher?

Quickish question. I've noticed that most of the mbp builds have a 16v minimum for caps but when buying these, for example, there will be a 47uF cap with 16v, 35v, 50v, 63v, 100v, up to 400v ratings.

-Does it matter which voltage I get as long as it's the minimum rating?
-Is there a range I should stay in, like is 400v super overkill?
-Should all caps be around the same voltage or can I mix and match depending on what's available?
-Also, is it good practice to get the cap that has the higher life expectancy? Usually they're around 2000-5000 hours, up to 10,000 hrs. I've noticed the higher voltage caps can have a higher life expectancy.

Thanks in advance. Too many options have confused this newb.
General Questions / Small Bear vs Tayda
September 17, 2022, 10:16:34 AM
I'm a relatively new builder and had good results with my last build exclusively with Tayda parts. I'm trying to keep costs low without sacrificing sound. Has anyone done a sound comparison between the two? Tayda is damn cheap. Or if there are parts that you guys could recommend I only get from Small Bear, like transistors , diodes, etc; And get things like resistors, pots, caps, etc from Tayda. I don't know much about components but I plan on building a ton of pedals. Of if anything what components are crucial for sound quality and shouldn't be skimped on? Thanks!
General Questions / Metal DC Jack Question
July 12, 2022, 12:19:18 PM
Hello, I have a metal dc jack that shorts when I plug in the adapter but when the jack isn't attached to the metal enclosure, and is free floating, the pedal works fine. Also, there are 3 solder posts on this jack. What's the 3rd one for?

Besides insulating the jack from the enclosure with shrink-wrap or something, what's the best approach to fix this? I'll probably be using the plastic insulated jacks next time. Thanks in advance!