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Hi all, Im having some trouble with my total recall build and would really appreciate some guidance.  Ive tested with 3005s and also 3008s.  The voltages provided were done with 3008s.

Theres 2 main issues:

1 a lot of mains noise in the signal path.  Im using a new EHx branded PSU and the voltage regulator is from mouser.  Ive followed all the values in the BOM with the exception of the 1W 240R which I have subbed with a 1W 220R as my mouser 240R is on backorder.

2- Im getting delay when I probe the BBDs and I have biased as per the document.  (interestingly, with only 1 BBD installed, Pin 3/4 gives me what sounds like the actual signal but I get delay when I probe with both BBDs installed.  Im sure there is a reason for this which someone will hopefully educate me about.

However, the output is a distorted signal (sounds like a ring mod/bitcrusher type noise) which is very quiet with no delay, or maybe there is some delay but is so quiet that I cant tell. 

However, if I attach a 100n cap across the output to the testing rig, this sorts out the problem, ie no distortion on the signal/delay and the volume is louder and the delay repeats sound clean.  (the reason I did this was because when I was probing the signal path, the output was clean when I probed the signal path up to the output compared to hooking up to the testing rig. 
The same happens when the pedal is in bypass, ie vol drop and distortion.

Ive attached some pics and have written my voltages on the voltage sheet in the build doc.  Obviously they are all ve voltages.  Some of the voltages on 1 of the 4558s look a bit below the expected voltages.

All the parts were from mouser/chromesphere/farnell.  As far as tayda parts, the 4558s, pots and trimmers came from there, I pre-tested the pots/trimmers before soldering

Any ideas.  I really want to get this one working, while Ive built quite a lot of madbean and other projects successfully but Ive always seemed to have had bad luck with the analog delays; I was never really happy with my dirtbag build and aquaboy dlx is in the box of fail so if I get this working, ive checked a significant milestone!


Hi all.  Im stuck with the aquaboy DLX.  Actually, I built it several months ago but shelved it in the hope that looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes might help. 

Anyway, the problem Im getting is no delay but dry signal only.  Ive looked through the multiple other threads with the same problem but no luck. 

Anyway, Im running it on 15v via the road rage. Ive used an audio probe on pin 3 of IC3 but Im getting a whine only which i presume is the clock noise, but no guitar signal.  Ive set the clock frequency to 6.5kHz on pins 2 and 4 of IC5. 

Im getting clean signal at pin 7 of IC3.  Turning the bias1 trim makes no difference to pin 3. Ive also swapped it out with a tested 3005 but no difference.  (also got one of the legs of the 3005 stuck under my fingernail in the process of lifting it, which I wouldnt recommend to anyone!)

Heres the voltages:

IC1 LF353
1 - 7.38
2 - 7.38
3 - 7.38
4 - 0
5 - 7.38
6 - 7.38
7 - 7.38
8 - 14.8

IC2 NE570
1 - 0.95
2 - 1.8
3 - 1.8
4 - 0
5 - 1.8
6 - 1.8
7 - 7.88
8 - 1.8
9 - 1.8
10 - 4.64
11 - 4.64
12 - 1.8
13 - 14.8
14 - 1.8
15 - 1.8
16 - 0.9

IC3 MN3008
1 - 14.32
2 - 7.16
3 - 10.21
4 - 10.21
5 - 0
6 - 7.16
7 - 14.19
8 - 0.95

IC4 MN3008
1 - 14.32
2 - 7.16
3 - 4.88
4 - 4.86
5 - 0
6 - 7.16
7 - 5.82
8 - 0.95

IC5 MN3101
1 - 14.32
2 - 7.16
3 - 0
4 - 7.16
5 - 6.14
6 - 7.82
7 - 6.85
8 - 0.95

IC6 TL062
1 - 0.6-14 variable
2 - 6-8 variable
3 - 6-8 variable
4 - 0
5 - 6-8 variable
6 - 6-8 variable
7 - 6-8 variable
8 - 14.8 variable

C - 14.8
B - 6.7
E - 6.38

C - 14.8
B - 7.83
E - 7.23

C - 14.8
B - 4.8
E - 4.2

C - 14.8
B - 4.24
E - 3.64

Heres a pic of the board.  Let me know if theres any other info/pics that might help.


Tech Help - Projects Page / Tremopanation wobulator ticking
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:09:14 AM »
Ive boxed up the wobulator but im getting a lot of LFO ticking. Would you guys mind having a look at my wiring and see if theres something ive overlooked?

Build Reports / Meatball risole version
« on: October 25, 2014, 12:42:26 PM »
I made this a while back using Alans risole pcb. Never got round to posting up the finished one as i did the decal the wrong way around so had to paintstrip and redo it.

Sounds great, some awesome tones out of there, the nautilus used to be my favourite prior to this.

Build Reports / Industrial Noise Box
« on: September 05, 2014, 09:14:27 PM »
So, this is a complete rip off of juans alice but after i saw the vid, i had to make one. Much respect to juan.

This one is the machette, vero of the shoot the moon and tenebrion reverb from tagboard effects and the phase90 tonepad pcb. Its late at night so have only tested quietly so will crank up the vol tomorrow.

Heres the pics

Tech Help - Projects Page / Flintlock flanger help
« on: August 03, 2014, 09:34:34 AM »
Im having a hard time biasing the flanger (i always have a hard time with flangers). Im at the stage of trying to get the frequencies in the 69.9-2.6 range of the manual pot. Whats happening is that i have to get c max at full turn to get it at 69.9 but then when i turn manual cw and adjsut the c range i have to turn it fully the other direction to get 2.6mhz. Turning the manual ccw again just gets me in a vicious circle, having gone back and forth with the process several times. Is this normal?  Im getting to the point where the range of the trimmer doesnt get me to the frequency I need to be at within its range.
Any thoughts about this?
Heres a pic. I know i need to post voltages, which i will by the end of the day

Build Reports / Doppelganger Shoebox version build report
« on: June 01, 2014, 03:46:28 PM »
Doppelganger, home etched PCB from Lacesensor's build docs.

Heres some pics:

Open Discussion / Schumann PLL power question
« on: May 29, 2014, 06:34:59 PM »
I'm currently working my way through a vero of the Schumann pll and I'm trying to find a 12VAC adapter but no luck. All the adapters I can see on eBay are acdc. I'm in the uk, anyone have any suggestions where I can find such a contraption?

Open Discussion / What song is this?
« on: May 02, 2014, 01:44:08 PM »
Anyone know what riffs Andy from pgs is playing in this video. The riff at the start of the vid and the riff at 2:20 into the vid.

I'm sure I've heard that riff before somewhere but it's been irritating me all week as I can't identify it.

Build Reports / Screaming Milan 3 Pedal
« on: March 16, 2014, 03:28:30 AM »
This is from the layout on DIYSB, its the GTFO 12ax7 valve preamp, based on the soldano GTO supercharger.
Its called Screaming Milan 3 as its the third distortion pedal Ive named after my son who used to scream all night long...

Some work in progress pics

Build Reports / Mountainking Megalith Vero Build
« on: March 16, 2014, 02:46:59 AM »
Heres a Mountainking Megalith pedal on vero, layout from Tagboard Effects.

The orange paint is a lot more fluorescent in real life and hence the biohazard logo.
It turned out strange in that the pain seemed to contract and peeled away from the primer coat and hence the patterned effect.  I quite like how it turned out even though it wasnt intentional.  Strange that it only happened on the front and back but not on the sides.

Build Reports / King of Tone Build on vero
« on: March 15, 2014, 12:16:41 PM »
This is my King of Tone vero build, layout from tagboard effects, love it.  After reading a few reviews of the KOT, I wasnt sure if it was for me but I thought Id build it just for the hell of it.  Glad I did.

No mojo in there, just 1n4148s and 1n4001s.

The artwork was done by my wife using posca paint pens.  Really happy with how it turned out:

Build Reports / Jok3r X's Tight metal
« on: November 17, 2013, 10:25:52 AM »
Theres been a few builds of the Tight Metal preamp and Jok3r X has done a great job on this, and kindly helped me out when I had some trouble with it.  Its a great project and tons of gain and the gate really keeps a lid on noise.   There's 2 extra boards in there, 1 is the road rage giving it 18v and the other is the cabsim although I prefer the direct sound.

As you can see I went a bit overboard on the shielded wires.  I wasnt sure which parts of the signal needed the shielding so I did all the ins and outs and all signals to switches apert from the gate. 

Oh, and the artwork for the borders and labels were shamelessly plagiarized from JokerX's Dragon Attack!

General Questions / 6.1mm resistors
« on: August 18, 2013, 12:22:53 AM »
Hi all, Id really appreciate some help on this.
Im gathering the parts for a valve preamp I saw on DIYSB andI need 6.1mm resistors.  Ive had a look on google and no luck, I dont even know what they are.

The BOM states these:
R1     68k         6MM.1        R0207/1V      6mm Resistors   

Anyone know anything about 6.1mm resistors and where I can get them from?

Heres the thread, check out the GTFO preamp:

Build Reports / Sharkfin
« on: June 28, 2013, 01:11:18 AM »
Just got my sharkfin working yesterday, sounds great.  Heres what it currently looks like.  Still needs boxing up but Im in the process of decalling everything up.

Ill update the thread when its completed

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