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Build Reports / Nineteen59 (video demo and more)
« on: March 21, 2016, 06:40:52 PM »
Here is a first (and probably last) for me. After months of breadboarding, trial and error pcbs, tearing out hair and crying it finally lives. Many here are likely familiar with the now defunct dual-channel Boneyard circuit. Well this is that except the layout is redone from the ground-up to KILL the oscillation that has plagued previous layouts and attempts over past years. Everything from adding buffers, shielded wire, tweaking component values, etc never quite worked. I want to graciously thank Ben (rollywow) for going down this rabbit hole with me. Although his layouts ultimately didnít kill the OS, we learned a great deal about how to end it once and for all. As he is very busy, I decided to stop bugging him for revised experimental pcb layouts and finally worked it out myself (he did give me many pointers again when I was creating my Diptrace pcbs). THANKS BEN!

So after finally nailing the pcb layout right, the circuit is dead-quiet and sounds fantastic, no buffer, no shielded wire, no band-aids  :). So next I designed a cool box and went through the PPP UV screen printing and drilling process and had a batch of them made. I think they look pretty sharp and classy.
Not stopping there, I wanted to do a video pedal demo for business promotion, fun, and to sell some of these bad boys. Myself and a customer/friend recorded all guitar tracks in the vid. The video was created with Filmora software. I had a lot of fun with the whole process. This was all a TON of work but very rewarding to see it through. I hope you enjoy it.

Open Discussion / Seeed pcb users...
« on: March 03, 2016, 01:00:45 PM »
I am going to order some pcbs from Seeed. They have already been verified through OSH Park so should be good to go for a larger batch.

Do I need to change anything in my OSH Park zip file when ordering through Seeed or is it good to go as is?


Tech Help - Projects Page / Schoon Toon clean blend problem
« on: February 12, 2016, 07:38:08 PM »
Hello people

I believe the Schoon Toon was jubal81's and I PMed him as well. But I thought I would post here as well in case anyone has had experience with this one. I am having a problem using it with a muff circuit.

There still is some fuzz/dirt in the circuit when blend is all the way to clean. Also the fuzz in general doesn't sound right (muffled, less gain) when used with the schoon toon.

Is this normal or did I jack something up? I verified all values and solder so I am certain I am good. Honestly I never have built anything with a clean blend so not sure what to expect?

Thanks for any advice!

Open Discussion / Video Maker Software?
« on: February 08, 2016, 09:11:55 PM »
Just curious what any of you folks in the know recommend for a video making/editing program? Of course I have Windows Movie Maker but curious if there are any (free) better options with more features, better UI, etc.? Looking to make a quality demo video so sound files, pics, text, maybe some video footage, effects and so on.

What say ye?


Build Reports / Cardinal Harmonic Tremolo V2
« on: January 23, 2016, 04:50:27 PM »
Hey gang I just finished this one up, my first 2016 build. Jon's Cardinal Trem I won from him in a PIF. I don't build to many pedals for myself these days but this one is a keeper. The harmonic tremolo setting is really something special. Very pricey to build this one but worth it I think.

I had this blue 1590B for a long while and finally found a good circuit for it. I used the optical bypass also from 1776. A tight fit to get everything in there but in the end turned out pretty clean. Obviously went for a vintage, cupcake-type thingy and covered it in ET. I like it.

Open Discussion / Primus and the Fungi Ensemble=Win
« on: April 29, 2015, 07:20:44 AM »
I got to catch Primus last night in a great little theater. The last time I seen them was sometime in the 90's.

Honestly I am not a huge Primus fan but I have to say do not miss this show if they are coming to your area! Just outstanding in every way live. One of the best sounding treats I have heard in a while: Thundering and so incredibly tight.

The first half was essential 3-piece Primus with the Fungi Ensemble joining in the last half of the show, Oompa-Loompa's and all  :D It took you on a spacey-trip through the world of Wonka's chocalate factory. I don't do drugs but this would have been the time to be high. Anyway just wanted to share.

Open Discussion / Suck at Recording... Audacity Content
« on: April 23, 2015, 05:43:21 PM »
So I only have a Shure SM57 and Shure x2u to record straight to my computer using Audacity. I know by most standards this is pretty much crap but I have heard decent recordings around the webz with this basic equipment.

This is mainly concerning recording acoustic guitar right into the mic. The unedited recording is terrible: low volume and a lot of hiss no matter what I do. In Audacity I amplify it, then compress, then noise removal which doesn't help much. The noise removal tool weirdly makes the hiss "intermittent" which you can clearly hear as the track is playing through (listen to demo). Is it just the dynamic mic and cheap interface?

What are folks using (and doing) that doesn't break the bank to get fair recordings for demos and such? Thanks.

Build Reports / Buffalo Bill (serial killer) Chorus & DEMO
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:39:48 AM »
I had this circuit populated for a long while and finally got to box it up. It is the baja chorus (EH Small Clone). I did the face plate using masking and liquid tin for the silver parts. The plate is also has Envirotex covering it.

I wanted to mess with some duo-toning on the etched plates as I have done several in either color but never together  :). The result is pretty cool as many have also seen in other's builds on the forum.

Many will know who the fictional Buffalo Bill is and the significance of the "deaths head moth" symbol there. What does it have to do with chorus? Nothing really, my wife and I just like serial killer movies is all  ;D

Anyway the demo gives you an idea of it's gorgeous, warm chorus. I really am not a huge chorus guy but this one is really nice for occasional riffage and what-not.

Build Reports / YABY (Boneyard)
« on: March 29, 2015, 09:43:56 AM »
Yet Another Boneyard  :)

This is one I did for a local fella who I do a lot of guitar work for. I have done a few Boneyards locally and people round here rave about em for good reason. This is the since discontinued dual-channel version with that infamous oscillation/squeal. The only way to tame it is to throw a buffer in front of the circuit (1776 Unicorn Breath klon buffer here). I also always use a shielded input and she is nice and quiet at idol.

Wiring this one is always kind of a pain and no matter how hard I try the result is still not as nice as I would like it but oh-well.

I have had my Boneyard for about 3 years and will not part with it. Such a great RAWK distortion that sounds even better at band-level volumes.


Open Discussion / Homebrew pcb etchant agitator?
« on: March 26, 2015, 08:32:03 AM »
Hey folks I am curious of what type of contraptions you have come up with for pcb etching. I don't etch pcbs but do face plates for my builds and am really tired of sitting for 20 minutes and manually agitating the etchant solution in a bin.

I have a 9vDC motor I am pondering it's use for a SIMPLE device to agitate or gently rock a small etchant bin back and forth. I am visualizing an offset rod attached to the motor spindle that will turn "oblonged" and rock a bin sitting on top of it up/down as it spins below.

The motor is high speed though and RPMs are way to fast for this application. I put a 10k series pot in to sag voltage and slow the motor down but the pot is smoking so a new plan is in order  :)

Maybe I can try a 10w series resistor in the voltage line to better dissipate the heat. I want this as simple as possible so please share your solutions, thoughts, ideas, etc. I would love to see and hear them.

Thanks everyone.

Build Reports / 8-Bit Brawler (Arcadiator #2) with DEMO
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:35:30 PM »
Another Arcadiator from rullywow. I built the first one for a customer (The Megabyte) and decided I needed one as well BUT it may be sold already as well as another local guy is sniffing it  ;D

This one is very similar to the other just changed the name and used a light blue box from smallbear which is really a fantastic color IMO. Tinned the face plate again as I dig the blue/silver look throughout. If you havn't yet heard one of these the quick silly demo gives an idea. Great project and great fun!

Build Reports / Galactic Ham Theremin #2 fabbed PCB!
« on: March 22, 2015, 11:14:42 AM »
So here is another theremin build for a friend of mine who flipped over my first one. Luckily member brejna made a fantastic compact pcb and made it available on OshPark here:

Consider it verified and working great, thanks brejna! It is a very easy build. I kept the "Galactic HAM" name but made this one much more compact in a 125B. I don't think there is a need for a large enclosure/aireal as it is very responsive as is.  Just need an isolated jack and good to go. I am going to make up a couple more as some local guys are dying to have one.

Build Reports / Lil' Toobie with DEMO. TH Customs Tube Driver
« on: March 16, 2015, 10:30:26 AM »
Here is my Tube Driver from TH Custom Effects. I spent a considerable amount of time working the baxandall tone stack values to come up with a bit warmer drive with more flexibility but it still has a lot of "raw-grit" to it. I tried some different tubes and as others said a 12AU7 or T7 sounds good but I have an NOS Jan Phillips 5751 that sounds the best in this one to me. It is a cool drive with a gritty-unique sound for sure. I actually will use it a lot on my amp repair bench for driving power amps as it has ridiculous amounts of output  :)

Not sure why but my demo tracks got off-sync? Or maybe it was just my bad timing but you get an idea of tone nonetheless  ;D

Open Discussion / Isolating In/Out Jacks
« on: March 15, 2015, 08:21:42 PM »
So I placed an order with SB and of course I forgot isolated 1/4" jacks that I need (theremin build for a friend) and only have open neutrik jacks  ::)

Any clever home-brew ways to isolate these from an enclosure? May some sort of shoulder washers if I could find them local? All ideas welcome.

I do have a local rat shack still open but I don't think they carry isolated phone jacks, could be wrong though.

Build Reports / The Sweetest Honey with DEMO
« on: March 11, 2015, 06:03:59 PM »
Here is another recent build in my massive overdrive quest. The Sweet Honey using Chi-boy's Silk Hat pcb. I should kick myself for not building this one up sooner as I have had it a long time. I LOVE IT! I am always looking for very dynamic/clean volume roll-off overdrives and I have to say this is the best one I believe I have come across. Just awesome really. I need to check out some more MP stuff.

The enclosure is PPP transparent amber/copper with another tinned FR4 plate and some silver knobs to top it off. This one is staying on my board and stacks well with my Zen I just built. Kind of a bad recording but check the quick and crappy demo out  :)


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