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Requests / Lo-Fi/Bandpass pedal?
« on: March 28, 2012, 06:26:01 AM »
Hello all! I am looking for a DIY pedal that has low cut and high cut, similar to the Ibanez LF7 here:

I am guessing all I would really need is some kind of EQ pedal that can make steep cuts, but I haven't really found a good project out there for it. Seems like this would be a pretty simple circuit to make, but I'm very much a newb so far.

If I want to omit the battery snap and just use the D/C adapter, do I just run a wire from the input ring to the dc jack or do I just forget the wires between the snap and the swith/dc jack?

Also, for the 3PDT footswitch, there are three different places you connect the ground. For the actual wiring, is it best to just run small jumper wires between the three connections? I haven't been able to find any up close pictures of what it's supposed to actually look like.


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