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Open Discussion / Less is more!
« on: May 14, 2015, 12:29:37 AM »
Last weekend i teamed up with Albin at Moody Sounds' ( monter at Fuzz Guitar Show (, a big guitar excibition here in sweden.

Among other stuff, he presented a brand new design, which most likely will be very popular indeed! I don't know about the pricetag yet, but somewhere in the range 3000-3500 USD should be reasonable i think.

Less is More ==> Least is Most!

Have a look and drool!

Build Reports / NOEL Overdrive (Skreemah)
« on: March 28, 2015, 01:58:51 AM »
Long time since i boxed and showed something here...

This is a gift for a friends newborn son. You may guess his name.

The circuit is a Skreemah, my take on the TS / madbean opensource grean bean with small mods.


Open Discussion / NRD!
« on: January 13, 2015, 11:57:03 AM »
Muaha! It finally arrived! I've been waiting a few month for it to be made for me!

A single cone resophonic from Amistar! Loud and metallic!

Open Discussion / (HIFI) speaker selector/switch with sep. volume ctrl
« on: January 04, 2015, 08:17:54 AM »
Hi all

I thought this should be an easy task to google, but i am failing so far.

I wanna build a selector/switch for a common "home stereo" music system with just one pair of speaker outputs, to adress two pairs of speakers with separate volume controls. Pretty much exactly what shows on this page (though a bit simpler as i only need two outputs):

it can't be too hard huh? Just two on/off switches, two stereo pots and a few resistors i guess. but i dont find "the" suitable schematic with correct values.

Any ideas?


Hey folks.

Earlier this summer i got - for the first time in my life - my hands on one of those shiny metal resonator guitars. We (me, two more guitarrists and one on flute) sat down the whole evening and just jammed and played standards. It was so fun, i found "that" inspiration that i actually not often get these days. So... now i got to buy one.

I have made my google job, and i found that there is really "one" brand above them all, and that is National (right?), but the pricing on the National ones are over my head; i dont pay 3-4000 USD for a guitar. Then there are a bunch of midprice brands that seems ok too. China-korean-made (sometimes handmade) instruments which seems decent. I have looked up Dean (the brand of Dave Mustaines guitars, i can live with that!) and Republic guitars, and they both seems pretty ok...

As i live in sweden, the market is so small that i can hardly walk to the stores myself to try out different instruments (they simply dont have a collection), so i pretty much have to order one on the web.

So, any experience among you forumites? Recommendations?

A few facts: I want a:
All-metal shiny guitar (not a Dobro-style wood guitar with resonator)
Round-neck (i will play fingerstyle)
i am willing to pay - say - 6-800 USD


Build Reports / Grön FET Skreemah
« on: June 10, 2014, 02:11:15 PM »
Hmm. Im following maybe the most longlasting(?) of all diy-trends here, and design my own version of the TS. i did the first one-sided etched version about a year ago (, and just recently i tightened the layout, re-added the clipping switch and made it two-sided.

Again: i started with the madbean open TS project, did some changes (where the most important is buffer change; this one has FET BS170-buffers, BYOC OD2-style), and here it is.

Of course its a fantastic little box, as the TS' always is:)

Lazy handwritten böx-design. In some angles man can read what it sais!

I have spare pcb-s if someone is interested. Maybe someone more out there need somewhere to put their BS170-s;) ? But i wont make no big business around this, its not the first nor the most revolutionary Screamer out there.



Open Discussion / Ah... NAD!
« on: May 25, 2014, 06:25:05 AM »
I have spent a few months lookin for "my new main/big guitar amp". I did a fair bit of research and trying stuff, and i had really decided to buy Suhr Badger 35, a fantastic amp to my ears and fingers. But, after waiting a month for a quotation (i wanted a custom color) from Suhr and their swedish dealer (, nice guy(s) for sure), this little baby showed up at "Blocket" (swedish second-hand-buy-sell-trade-site) this wednesday.

Mint condition, two years old, and a decent price (a lil cheaper than a new Badger). Now its mine:).

Only tried at living-room volume with a 1*12" speaker so far, but damm, this is the most versatile and wellsounding thing i have ever played. From the cleanest of clean to Mesa/Soldano metal via jmp Marshalls... it just have it all. Absolutely fantastic.


Build Reports / Füzz Kosmopolit
« on: May 19, 2014, 02:07:04 PM »
You guessed, Kosmopolit is Cosmopolitan in swedish.

I guess we all need something now n then to get us back on the road of inspiration. This time i just felt like boxing it a bit straightforward-dirty, no decals and with the cheapest possible bulk components (i have a bunch of ceramics +1nF that i really never use...).

The pcb is my own, but i wont take any credit for that at all, its pretty much a straightforward ripoff of the Madbean ditto with just one addition; i replaced R11 with a trimpot (someone here came up with that idea... but sorry i dont remember who, and i dont find it with the search function. If you read this, feel free to raise a hand:) ).

The box is a Purple one from bcoles, funny it looks more blue in the pics. Fooled by my desktop LED lamp i guess.

And the sound of it? I just done a functional quiet test so far, but it really sounds promising. As i read a lot of positive stuff about this box i really look forward to make it loud:)


Build Reports / ...and another Blüe Monster
« on: May 05, 2014, 04:22:39 PM »
Argh, creative evening, sitting up late... got this one boxed and up n running too. Two more comin up, but not tonight...

...and to "new readers"; here's the project thread:

Cheers you lovely forum:). Now its bedtime...

Build Reports / mass prödüction
« on: May 05, 2014, 12:57:31 PM »
A few LAUDAHs.


Open Discussion / dummy velcro question
« on: March 15, 2014, 05:17:38 AM »

Im finally putting together some cheap kind of homemade pedalboard for my boxes.

When you guys apply velcro on the bottomplates of the boxes, how much velcro do you use? do you cover the whole bottomplate, or just a square inch?

Edit: 2nd question: which side of the velcro on the pedals? the soft or the sharp? it feels more "right" to put the soft part on the pedals, but i guess there is an obvious answer to this one as well:)


Open Discussion / Did someone mention Cürling?
« on: February 18, 2014, 11:59:22 AM »
... as we came to talk about it at work today, i thought i should share it... even if it was a few years ago, its the olympic games goin on right now, and this video maybe didnt make it much outside the swedish borders :)

Build Reports / Another LAUDAH
« on: January 01, 2014, 11:03:54 AM »

Nothing spectacular here, a LAUDAH (my take on MB Thunderpuss / Jack Orman Mosfet Boost) built in a bigger (B-size) box, for a guy who wanted it battery powered.


Build Reports / ACE ... DIstoRTion
« on: December 26, 2013, 12:07:30 PM »
*** EDIT: Schematic added to this post ***

Heyo folks:)

This is my latest creation. I boiled down my latest breadboard experiments around thee 4049 IC and came up with this multifaceted but hopefully not unduly complex thing; ACE!

There is a lot of madbeans Mysterioso (Blackstone Mosfet OD) in here, but also addons and differences, as a tonstack based on Jack Ormans expanded Big Muff tone control, a diamonds-to-clubs switch and a control for the ride between hearts and spades... More colors:)

I will probably start a project thread about it, but really, i need to play it through some more loud amps before i go completely hubris about this as my pedal of the year:)

Horrible picture quality (rainy outdoors and dark indoors), but here we go:


... and here is the schematic. Feel free to ask any questions. SW1 is an offboard 3pdt switch, arranged to pull the input of the unused diamonds/clubs channel to ground.

Build Reports / 9yo boxing a LAUDAH :)
« on: December 04, 2013, 02:52:04 PM »

At least partly inspired by Willybombs "Kids Pedal Workshop", i spent two evenings letting the youngest guy here building his own stompbox. Great fun. Of course i helped him with instructions all the way, but basically he did all the moments himself, everything from populating the pcb to drilling enclosure and offboard soldering ... :). The solders doesnt look that pro, but it powers up nicely:)

The circuit is LAUDAH, my take on the Jack Orman Mosfet boost / mb Thunderpuss.


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