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VFE Projects / power filtering in Vfe two 100n caps parrallel?
« on: May 20, 2020, 04:48:03 PM »
I have seen this now in several schematics of Vfe designs, having two 100n caps parralel to ground for power filtering.
What's the point of that, what benefit would that have for example in comparison to put a single 220n cap to ground there?
I'm sure Peter was thinking of something there... he's that clever sorta guy...

Open Discussion / NE555 as chargepump.... how does that work?
« on: May 20, 2020, 03:22:55 AM »
Just looking at Vfe schematics to learn and understand stuff, Peter uses the NE555 chip which is dirt cheap as chargepump in some circuits.
This example is from the Fiery Red Horse. Can someone explain me how that works and what voltages can we coax out of that, what are advantages and downsides to the more usual TC1044 circuits? Thanks!

Open Discussion / Yamaha RA 200
« on: April 20, 2020, 12:44:36 AM »
Never seen one of those so well demoed and nice chord voicings to boot. Tom Bukovac, session man.
Fun watch and that doppler effect..... sigh...

So since Eagle seems on the way out and there's been a few great posts here lately from peeps taking the plunge into KiCAD I'm wondering which tutorial series or tips seem most useful.
I did a quick google and there's a bunch, just wondering if you good folks have recommendations at hand which end of the pool to dive into.

I just pulled an almost finished Dirtbag Deluxe board from the rubble and dust of my "I'll get back to that when I have the last missing parts" bin and indeed had the last missing parts to complete it, yay. After a quick ballpark bias setting I do get delay signal, even more yay.
Now I wonder if there's a good tutorial or hints how to bias it with an oscilloscope.
I do have an old school analog scope and a cheapie frequency generator. I did a quick google search but am wondering if more experienced guys here can point me in the direction of which method would squeeze the best out of it?

Any hints and pointers appreciated, also because I have a Total Recall board in the works as well which could also be in for this me thinks.

Paging Scruffie I guess....  8)

Build Reports / Stellar Fuzz.
« on: February 29, 2020, 01:08:03 AM »
Stellar Fuzz, on pedalpcb board take on Noel Cornet Revu Fuzz. All in all a nice BigMuff take with lesser gain and lesser mid scoop, nice singing sustain and all. First impression: I dig it.
2N5133 trannies, laser decal with acrylic faceplate, relay bypass courtesy 1776 fx. Fluegelhorn and violins singing in the background...

Build Reports / Nutcase.
« on: February 23, 2020, 02:04:21 AM »
Nutcase. Bonkers. Chainsaw massacre it is.
But we all know that.
Here is the Zvex Fuzz Factory in Aion version with three extra controls (soft/tone/body) for more extra confusion and interactive nuances.
Amazing to have 8 pots to fiddle with in a circuit that has only 7 fixed resistors...

Hours of chaos and fun.

AC 125 and OC44 GE transistors, 1776fx relay bypass, laser decal, acrylic faceplate. There ya go.

Build Reports / Fat Driver
« on: February 18, 2020, 07:03:18 PM »
Fat Driver.
Pedalpcb take on Catalin SFT.
Quite versatile I find personally I like the lower gain settings best with bass dialed lower treble higher. There's certainly a lot of doom to be had with voice switch upper position and gobs of gain. Can get a bit too bassy IMO, but that's of course just a matter of taste.
Quite  versatile pedal for sure.
My usual thing with laser waterdecal acrylic faceplate, 1776 fx relay. There you go. Taxi please.

Build Reports / Echo Chamber (Dirtbabay and Rub-A-Dub content)
« on: February 13, 2020, 12:25:45 AM »
What took me so long to stick these in a box...!?!

I had the Dirtbaby lying around for quite some time, and finally it's in the box. Very very nice circuit, really impressed how it pulls of the BBD feel and sounds, great fun! Great job there Brian!
I'm glad I have a second pcb floating around for another project. Has just jumped up the queue a few notches...

I think Brian was thinking of discontinuing this, if you don't have one already I'd highly recommend it now. Finally.
And to add to the cavernous feel I added the good ol' Rub-A-Dub on a homebrew designed oshparked board. Love that reverb sound that this does.

Switching as usual courtesy of 1776 fx finish line relay boards (am I getting a frequent and endorser user discount by now, Josh...?). Just trying to twist the arm there... ;)
Laser decal with acrylic faceplate, my usual roll call these days.

Build Reports / Lots of boost, some drive and a flat tyre
« on: February 09, 2020, 10:09:05 PM »
Finally built the pedalpcb Deofol and combined it with two selectable boosters in front of it, both on my own designed pcbs oshpark fabbed. Always was curious about the Okko Diablo which this circuit is a take on.

In front there's the EQD speaker cranker circuit, modded with selectable clipping diodes, and the Lovepedal Tchula circuit. Each booost can be pre-selected with toggle, activated with right foot switch. Tchula has been changed so the toggle does the job of footswitch on pedal switching to higher gain adjustable with vol pot.

One of my guitar heroes Josh Smith uses the Tchula as his main usually always on sound. Of course his actual magic comes as usual from his fingers and playing, but hey, nice to have this also in arsenal.[/youtube]​​​]​

Anyway, then there's the Deofol / Okko Diablo, sounds great too and as I had the rev 1 board mine whistled as well so I did the fix of putting the 39K resitor on lug 2 of gain and 10n to ground which works just fine IMO. I don't know how close this sounds to the original but it's a great pedal and I spent some time dialing in the trimmers for my guitar (Tele) and gear, that was a worthwhile thing to do... tweaks it just right I find. I do like the lower gain settings and there's so many shades with the feed and body control to be had. Noice. And of course hitting it with boost in front or behind, adds versatility.

The photo of graphic I took myself in Burke's Pass, Canterbury, NZ. Tweaked in photoshop, so 'Rustbucket' was the name to go with it, flat tyre included. Also a homage to a busy dashboard with all the knobbies and switches.

Laser decal with acrylic faceplate. Relay bypass switching with 1776 fx finish line.

Build Reports / Broadcaster (Hudson Broadcast OD)
« on: December 25, 2019, 01:37:24 AM »
I dig the sounds of Joey Landreth, Ariel Posen, Josh Smith and those guys use the Hudson Broadcast OD at times.
I can see how it works well also for the slide guitar tunes and the low C tuning that Joey uses I believe.
Built on pedalpcb board with acrylic faceplate of laser decal, this is how I roll these days.

Nice character in this. Will be fun to get into over the holiday period.
On that note Merry Christmas / Merri Kirimete to everyone here, have a good one!

Build Reports / The Red Baron flies again...
« on: December 17, 2019, 09:30:05 PM »
Haven't been building for awhile because I was busy with making music and touring, which is a good excuse in my book.
So back into it here's a fun screamin' box, need to play Snoopy's White Xmas on that now me thinks...
Pedalpcb boards of Distortion 250 into Backfeeder / Boss DF-2 Feedbacker.
Relay switching bypass, acrylic faceplate over laser waterdecal.

Build Reports / Train I ride...
« on: August 06, 2019, 01:35:21 AM »
.... 16 coaches long.

I do love me some steam locos. So time to make some boxes with a bit of steam action on it.
Full Blast is Pedalpcb Hyped Fuzz, certainly a full on type of fuzz. Two different unique fuzz voicings and a boost in middle position of switch.

Acrylic faceplates over laser decal. Relay bypass courtesy of 1776 finishline pcb.

Runaway Train is Pedalpcb Derailer circuit, aimed at the high gain Marshall type grind of Trainwreck soundz.

The build doc call for OPA2134 op amps which I will give a go once I have them on handm for now I chucked in some TL072 to stoke the fire.

Build Reports / May the force be with the X wing fighter
« on: June 13, 2019, 01:03:40 AM »
Lots of knobs, firepower and possibilities in this cockpit for sure.
Pedalpcb take on John Hollis Omnidrive, a very clever piece of circuit hacking and I'm impressed with the first test flight.
Great sounds and tweakability, will take me a while to get through what it can do.
Dig it already though and it's great to have this grinder in the stable that's not just another slight variation.

I might add a protective thingy of sorts to prevent the toggle switches to get accidentally knocked when foot switching, mostly to make sure I don't damage one of the levers. Taking it out and replacing switch is too much of a PITA to leave it like this. But for now it's take off and fight for glory, princess and empire.

Build Reports / Genecode of a tubescreamer...
« on: June 08, 2019, 12:54:26 AM »
... is firmly embedded in these.

I think the first stompbox I bought was a secondhand Fulldrive, don't quite remember which version, but it was blue and had scratches on the outside, the inside smelled like beer and bar floorsweepings.
I loved it and still sold it after starting building pedals, so it's good to have a Fulldrive back in the stable of overdrives (which is a bit overcrowded I have to admit but I do enjoy it) without the boost section which I never quite liked on the original and I named it 'Gearbox' because it drives everything harder.
So this is smaller in 125B and has relay switching and I won't sell it (because it's not worth it as we all know..  ;D after all, only the original blue smelly scratchy box would get a decent price these days...).

And then the 'Evolution', BuGGs version of VfE Scream. Versatile to the hilt and sounds great.

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