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Tech Help - Projects Page / Harbinger (univibe) LFO locking
« on: April 14, 2015, 05:45:21 PM »
I built a Harbinger One last year, actually two. I had an intrmittent issue with the LFO locking up now and then, where I could get it going again by turning the rate knob. Now it won't get going ever. I used the LED, it lights up, the trimmers have no effect. Any ideas?

Tech Help - Projects Page / CurrentLover: Mix Control?
« on: June 24, 2014, 12:32:43 PM »
I am thinking of replacing the "boost' control on my Current Lover with a trimmer (I found the best setting for this) and then adding a mix control. On my deluxe EM moving the mix trimmer to the outside of the box makes it a much more useful effect.

Where would I do this? Add a 10k pot in series with R15?
On the DEM it is 5k on the emitter of Q1, where the Current Lover has a 10k resistor.

It looks like the DEM mix trimmer could have DC on it, but I do not experience crackle when adjusting it. But I did have to readjust the
Feedback trimmer when I put the pot in because the mix trimmer is before the feedback.

I just built a CurrentLover. It fired up fine and flanges. I have two questions:
1) the modulation seems really deep. At minimum range it is a good half step and at maximum it is an octave(!) Is this normal? Would I get a more mellow range by changing a resistor in the LFO somewhere? R25/R26?

2) I got a pretty extreme volume drop, even with the attached "LPB" circuit. The volume was fine up to the junction of R15/R16/R17. It seems like R 17 and C10 make a low pass filter and cut the volume after the wet and dry are mixed. I tried lifting R17 and taking the output right there (junction of R15/R16) and the problem was gone without using the "LPB" booster stage. Wouldn't that be a likely place to fine-tune the output level and deal with the Mistress' common volume drop complaint?
On my Deluxe EM I put a trimmer on what would be R8 on this schematic, giving a little more gain before the BBD. This wired but is touchy to avoid clipping the delay.

I am noting the resistor values in that final booster are different from an LPB. Is this to give a more moderate gain range?

I have built the Quasar several times on Madbean pcb pattern, using RC values. Also have done the AC/RC on vero. On the PCB versions I had a strange crackle or pop on the treble control. BOth times. And even after swapping out pots several times. The one I have now has two loud "pops", both close to the counter-clockwise extreme. I have swapped the pots out (alpha, 50k linear) and the replacements do the exact same thing in the same place!

The earlier version got a nasty distortion on this same point in the pot travel, a sudden extreme fizziness that went away after I subbed the pots. The new circuit had the fizz on the first pot, just the pop on the second and third.

Any ideas? Whole baggy of pots with identical defect? I took one apart and there is no visible damage, no huge splash of solder or anything.

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