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Build Reports / Latest Builds
« on: December 02, 2020, 01:57:24 PM »
Its been a bit since I've posted what I've been working on.  Lots of powdercoating, lots of etching, lots of building.  Here is a small smattering of my latest boards.

Mash Overdrive - This is a Tube Screamer based overdrive with an added blend control.  Works real well for bass.  Dip switches on the inside change the clipping options

Brown Distortion - This is a BSIAB pedal.  Has some real nice high-gain tones.  This is going to be a part of a larger theme, so keep an eye out for that one  ;)

The Boxer Overdrive - This is based on the Cornish CC-1 pedal.  Its a pretty good sounding overdrive, really versatile with the tone-stack.

I/O Box - This is something I've been wondering if it would work for a while.  This is a buffered I/O box to put at the front of a pedalboard.  What is different on this one than ones I've done before is that this has a buffered tuner out.  This took some nerve-wracking drilling, but everything just fits :)

Stallion Overdrive - This is a (mostly) all SMD build.  Its based on the J. Rockett Dude.  I used soldering stencils for the first time on this.  It was super cool to lay down the solder paste on the stencil and see it perfectly on the pads.  When I had the board populated, I tossed it in my powdercoat oven, and let the solder flow that way.  Its amazing to go from "this is never going to work and flow, I'm going to burn everything" to "holy cow, its actually working!"

Kairos Delay - The Kairos is a nice sounding analog inspired delay.  This took some cues from the VFE Blueprint pedal, running internally at 18V, and having a mix control go from full wet to fully dry.  The delayed repeats sound really good on this one.

Chrono Trigger Deluxe Delay - This is a dual delay pedal, with an option to run the delays in either parallel or series.  It took a few iterations to get the switching finally figured out, but I am happy with where it is.  The dual/parallel is on a toggle switch, and you use the footswitch to bring in that second delay.   

Everglade Tremolo - This one also took more iterations to get right than it probably should have.  This is a dual tremolo pedal.  Two sides, one optical trem, the other a brownface harmonic tremolo.  The Harmonic sounds really good, nice and swirly, and the optical side does blackface sounds really well.  I still might want to play with this one again to add just a hint of volume boost to both ends, but for now, I'm happy with it.

Citadel Compressor - This is a totally un-neccesary pedal, but one that is pretty cool nonetheless.  It is two compressors in one box.  On one side is a Dyna Comp based OTA compressor with all the bells and whistles.  It has a blend control, tone control and attack control.  The other side is an optical based compressor, based on the EQD Warden.  The biggest issue with building this was fitting all 11 pots on the board.  So I made a board sandwich and used a secondary board to mount all the pots on, everything is solidly board mounted, and I didn't have to be super-precise on the main board in positioning all the controls.

Open Discussion / 3D Printer People
« on: October 23, 2020, 11:15:37 AM »
Looking for some reccomendations/advice from people who use 3D printers.

My wife has gotten into cookie making lately, and has been buying some 3D printed cookie cutters online.  I'm looking at it and thinking "that can't be too hard", so it has me looking into some 3D printers.

Does anyone have some recommendations of some good ones?  Looking to stay on the cheaper end of things.  I've done a little looking at the Ender 3, but looking to see if anyone has any other ideas.

And I guess the biggest question... yes, my wife will be using it, but what cool pedal related things can I make with it  ;D

Open Discussion / Happy NGD to me!
« on: October 19, 2020, 07:46:57 AM »
I had a NGD on Friday.  I've been looking for a while to add something really nice to my collection.  While I have plenty of guitars, and a few really nice ones, they are all import models, knock-offs, or lower quality guitars.  Schu-Tone has done ok for me for the last little bit, and I had a little bit of cash burning a hole in my Paypay account, so I was on the lookout for a nice electric guitar.  I had originally set my sights on one of the PRS 35th anniversary S2 Custom 24 models thinking that would be a nice one to have.  In the last few months of looking on Reverb, I convinced myself I could move into a core series for about the same amount of cash.  So the focus switched to the Custom 22's and the like.  Last week I stumbled on this guy on Reverb.  The seller was in Detroit, about 2 hours away, so my wife and I took a day trip over on Friday to pick this guy up.

Its a 20th Anniversary Custom 22, with a 10-Top and bird inlays, beautiful flame on this guy.  I got a screaming deal on this because there was no case and a few little dings here and there, but for the price, nothing that I couldn't live with.  Even after buying a hard-case for it, I was still well under what a S2 would have cost.  The guy said he was a shredder, and has it setup super-low, and it plays like butter.  It is definitely wayyyyy nicer of a guitar than my playing ability warrants  ;D

Build Reports / Build dump (Chorus & Drives)
« on: September 15, 2020, 06:40:58 AM »
Here are the builds I've boxed up this weekend.  This is about the end of a big PCB order I got a few months back.  I have all these built up, it just takes some time to box them up :)

This is the Replicant Deluxe Chorus pedal.  It is a dual chorus, allowing you to switch between two chorus presets.  Knobs for Mix, Feedback and Delay, a switch for the clock range.  I love me a chorus, and this one is really fun, all the bells and whistles.

The Eidolon is the Smashing Pumpkins in a box.  Its a combination of the MXR Distortion II and an Op-Amp Big Muff. 

The Torrent is a combination of a Klon-Type boost and the Benson Pre-amp that seems to be all the rage these days.  I've tried the Benson in a 1590A that never sounded quite right, but it works well in here.  Its basically a modded Plexi-Drive, but its a nice sounding overdrive.

The Dirty Martini is my take on the Frantone Hi-Ball.  I'm a big fan of Brian Fallon and the Gaslight Anthem, and that pedal was built for him.  Its a Distortion+, but it has an interesting feature of when the clipping diodes change, the feedback of the second half of the op amp throttles the volume down, so you don't get the volume jump you sometimes get switching clipping diodes.  The giant switch is to turn on or off the input buffer.  There is also an added Micro Boost on the end of the chain.

And here are my obligitory 1590A builds :)

The Istanbul is a Dumble inspired drive with its roots in the Zen Drive camp

Roscosmos is a pretty clean boost pedal using depletion-mode Mosfets

And the Fuzz Franktory is a custom build.  Its a four-knob Fuzz Factory, with an added LPB-1 on the end to really push the volume up.

Build Reports / Etched builds (Phaser, OD's and Mini's, Oh My)
« on: September 02, 2020, 09:42:13 AM »
So here are a few of my builds I've finished up in the last week or so...

Since I've discovered how well my laser etches powdercoated enclosures, I decided to dive into the deep end and start powdercoating my own boxes.  A trip to Harbor Freight for their cheap powdercoating gun, a stop at Target for a toaster oven, and I was in business.  Like anything else, there has been a learning curve, but its really cool to learn another skill like that.

Onto the pedals...

The first is the Lodge Phaser/Pan pedal.  This is based on the old Ibanez Flying Pan.  This is a great sounding phaser even in mono, but sounds even better in stereo with the panning going on.  Definitely a fun one!

This is the Stormcloud OD/Comp.  Reverb did a sound like on John Mayer a while back, and I noticed that a lot of the settings were a Dyna Comp into a Dude OD.  So thats what this is.  I really like using the compressor as a nice boost, and the OD side has great range to it.

Here is the Trestle OD.  I was watching the Premier Guitar Rig Rundown on Robin Trower, and saw him using a Fulldrive and his RTO overdrive.  So I figure why not make a 2-in-1 with both of them.  Yes, its basically two tube screamers in one box, but they stack well together and make a fun combo.

The Phantom Spirit is a Delay/Reverb combo pedal.  Really nice ambient tones in here.  Put them together and you have something really versatile in not a ton of space.

I am really happy with how my etch turned out on the Savant compressor.  This is an optical compressor with a switchable grit section.  This is runs at 18V internally and gives some super long sustain.  A really cool compressor to play around with.

The Onxard is based on the Seymour Duncan 805 OD, but squeezed into a 1590A.  I like having the mid control, it really opens up the pedal with the ability to boost or cut the mids.

Here is another phaser/vibe squeezed into a 1590A.  It is a gyrator based phaser/vibrato.  Two different LFO's control the two stages of filter sweeps.  This is definitely something that you don't hear everyday.

Here is the Lectric FX DC Echo.  Awesome sounding BBD delay.  I don't know if I got lucky, but in calibrating, after setting the clock, I didn't have to move a trimpot to get awesome sounds coming out of it.  Since this one goes from full dry to full wet, I added a dry output at the front end of the pedal (like the original).

And since I've been powdercoating my own boxes, I've been working through some of my own pedals, powdercoating, etching and reboxing them.

Here are a few more of what i finished up this last week...

I finally took the plunge and ordered some powdercoated enclosures to test out with my laser.  Man, does that work well.  The laser burned through the powder like butter, and it ended up looking great!  I am really happy with how it looks, it is so professional, this is what I have been striving for.  My only issue is that I restocked on all my enclosures, now I need to get more powdered enclosures, or learn to powdercoat myself :)

The three that I did were a Clarent overdrive (Bluesbreaker style OD), Ripple Trem and my Secret Agent overdrive (like the Cornish SS-3).  The Ripple is on a white enclosure, it just looks green in the picture.  I might want to play in the future with infilling the etched area, just to give some contrast.

Next up is the Madbean Glasshole.  Sounds really good.  I ended up using 9200 LDR's from Small Bear (since they are out of 9203's).  The depth and range still seems really good.  Cool sounding phaser.  I like the LED's on the stage switch, showing the rate of the LFO.  I am really happy with the etch on this one, I think it turned out pretty cool.

This is a Voight-Kampff Chorus from DiabloChris.  I've had this built up for about a year and a half, just never took it all the way and finished it up.  I went super-deluxe on this one, and added all the outputs that I could (trying to get a pseudo Tri-Stereo chorus).  This is one tight build, definitely not for the faint of heart.  It is definitely an interesting and complex sounding chorus, very lush, you wouldn't think it was PT2399 based.

This is another Robot Zookeeper drive.  This is one of my favorite drives to play with.  It is similar to a 1981 DRV, Rat based overdrive.

Last one is a custom build.  The customer was looking for a Treble Booster into an Octave Fuzz.  I paired the Treble Booster with my Shatter Machine (superfuzz) Fuzz.  It is a pretty cool combination.  It can get really nasty, and the treble boost makes some cool overtones of the fuzz.

Build Reports / Lovetone, Madbean & Schu-Tone Builds
« on: July 21, 2020, 08:52:26 AM »
Here are a few more I finished up this last week (or finally got around to taking pictures of)...

The first three are some Lovetone builds on some DeadEnd FX boards.  Awesome quality boards, awesome sounding pedals.  I've tried a Meatball and Wobbletron before that were never quite right, so I was excited to try these guys out.  They sound amazing.  I love playing the Turbo Trem in panning mode between my AC4 and 5F2 builds, it sounds so cool to have it spaced out like that.  This is my second Doppelganger (I already have an alanp one), and this one sounds just as awesome as the first.

Next is Brian's Man O' War Deluxe.  I've had the board populated and ready to go since the project launched last year, I just never got around to actually boxing it up.  After some farting around with bad clock chips, I got it up and running.  I want to do an A/B comparison next to my Aquaboy DX, just to see how the two compare.  I am really happy with how the etch turned out on this one, I think it looks really cool.

The next few are some Schu-Tone builds.  The first is the Ignitor Deluxe.  It is a dual overdrive pedal, loosely based on the Barber Burn Unit.  One footswitch for bypass, the other to select between two different drive and level presets.  It has that nice tight, focused distortion to it, Dumble like.  The second is the Thunderbird, which is a Morning Glory Bluesbreaker and a Superbolt 2-in-1.  The switch in the middle is for order switching (I know Leetut already posted a build like this, I had my boards on order when I saw his, great minds must think alike  :) ).  The last is a custom build for a guy.  He wanted a version of my Wasteland fuzz with some custom graphics, and settled on the Prince-theme (thanks to Drew for the purple LED's).

Build Reports / Lots of new builds (VFE, Madbean & Schu-Tone)
« on: July 08, 2020, 02:47:31 PM »
Been a while since I posted any build reports of what I've been up to...

First, here are the last batch of VFE pedals that Brian released.  The Dark Horse enclosure has been done for about 2 years, I made that up when the Dark Horse was originally announced and then scrapped.  Glad I held onto it  :D

And here are some other builds.  The Sonomatic Deluxe is an awesome take on a multi-head delay in a 1590DD enclosure.  It comes from a guy named Cees at Skidmark Pedals (check him out on Facebook).  The Hooke is from DeadEndFx and is thier take on the Spaceman Orion.  Awesome spring reverb, it totally compares with the verb in my Princeton Reverb or Gravity amp.  Also in here is the Glitchee and The Imp from Brian.

And here are some of my builds.  The Corkscrew is a dual overdrive, with a Nobels ODR-1 feeding into a Bluesbreaker.  The Rohirrim Deluxe is a Klon, but i took out the tone control and replaced it with a Baxandall tone setup, so you have control over both the treble and bass (unfortunately I do have it wired up backwards, so they are both "Cut" controls).  The Grotto is a mashed up Reverb pedal.  It is based on the BTDR-3 brick, with all the bells and whistles you can ask for.  Pre-delay, room size, tone, feedback, mix and even modulation of the delayed reverb.  The Deuce is a MXR Distortion II in a 1590A size.  The bottom is a custom Box of Rock in a 1590A for a customer.

As you can tell, I've gotten my laser up and running.  The faceplates are made from thin engraving plastics.  I still have a lot to learn and a lot to play around with on the laser.  I haven't had a chance to try engraving directly onto a powdercoated enclosure yet, but I hope to try that soon.  Yesterday I did get a chance to play around with my rotary attachment, making some cups.  It seemed to etch through that no problem, so I am hoping that powdercoated enclosures will be the same!

Here are a few builds I've been working on the last little bit...

Spiralizer Deluxe - This is a continuation of my 3rd place finishing Spiralizer pedal.  I took the basic building block of it and added on.  Add on's to the circuit was to have two Rate/Intensity settings that you can switch between, adding Hi and Low tone controls, and a Chorus/Vibrato switch to bring some dry signal into the Univibe sound.  I really like being able to switch between the two speed ranges.  In the future I might look into adding a Ramp control, but for now, I am happy with how it turned out. 

Tempest Deluxe - Speaking of ramp controls, this is the Tempest Deluxe Phaser.  I made a vero phaser with RG Keen's LERA ( a while ago, and sold it in my last pedal clearout.  Before I sent it out, I was playing through it and realized what a cool concept it is.  So I made a board of my own for it.  The LERA is a Leslie Effect Rotor Adapter and it allows you to ramp between a high speed and a low speed, and there is a control for how fast that ramping happens.  Other than that addition, this is just a modded Phase 90 pedal.  There are controls for Mix, Speed, Regen, Width, Ramp, High and Low speeds, and a switch to change caps (similar to the VFE Tractor Beam phaser).  Like on the Spiralizer, I like being able to switch between a low and high speed, and hearing the LFO ramp the speed up, instead of an instant change.

Skirmish - This Tube Screamer/Bluesbreaker is inspired by the King Tone Duellist pedal.  I've been seeing it talked about a lot on thegearpage and other places, so I decided to take a stab at it.  It is a Tube Screamer into a Bluesbreaker.  On the Tube Screamer side, there are internal DIP switches to go from Sym/Asym clipping, or to add extra diodes in to make it a little more compressed sounding.  The voice switch changes the bass response of the gain (like a Timmy bass control).  The Bluesbreaker side is similar, with a voice switch to change the bass response, and the DIP switches to go from Sym/Asym clipping or to add hard clipping diodes to ground.  Something I learned on this build, is that my pinout of MMBFJ201's has been wrong for years.  Typically I have used a dual package JFET, but for whatever reason I used just the SMD package.  After trying to figure out why my Bluesbreaker volume wasn't over unity, I realized that the pinout was wrong  >:( >:( >:(  A few solder connections later, I have a Bluesbreaker with plenty of volume.

Steel Phoenix - This is a dual drive based on the Vertex Steel String Singer and Ultra Phonix.  In reality, all it is is an Orman mini-boost (Steel) and a Zendrive without the voice control (Phonix).  So I combined the two into one box.  You know what they both sound like, but it is a nice combination to be able to boost the Zendrive with the Steel side.  The control layout was again inspired by the King Tone Duellist.

Build Reports / Fun with Transformers!
« on: December 30, 2019, 12:17:35 PM »
Here are a few of my recent builds.  I've been having some fun with transformers!

Vesuvius - This is based on the EQD Eruptor.  At its heart is a Silicon Fuzz Face with a pickup simulator at the front end to make it play nice with others.  Single knob for bias adjustment and I added a switch for input caps.  It is just as nasty sounding as the demo's make it out to be.

Bitter End - This is an Octavia in a 1590A.  I know Pickdropper has already done this, but I wanted to give it a try as well.  I have the transformer mounted on the pot mounting daugherboard, and that is what gives it the height clearance it needs.

La Plancheta - This is similar to the Dunlop Siete Santos Billy Gibbons pedal.  I really like how this thing sounds.  I've never really played with a graphic EQ before, but it sounds amazing to be able to really boost or scoop the mids out of this.  Turning the octave off and playing with the EQ, it is a super versatile fuzz.  And adding the octave back in really brings out the nasty.

Howitzer - This is based on a pedal from everyones favorite pedal company.  I had never built an Astrotone Fuzz before, so I wanted to try it out.  Another cool sounding and versatile fuzz.

Build Reports / More 1590A builds...
« on: November 18, 2019, 09:10:23 AM »
So after my little sojourn into the land of larger enclosures, I have gone back to the cramped confines of the 1590A  ;D  Here are a few that I have finished up in the last month or so.

And if you ever want to know what I've been working on, I keep the archive section of my website pretty up-to-date.  Check it out here:

Transmission Boost - This is my take on the Hudson Broadcast.  I took the main circuit and just omitted the transformer at the end of the circuit.  It still has some great sounding GE boost to it, and the range switch really adds some versatility.

Codebreaker - This is a pretty standard Blues Driver in a 1590A.  For the gain pot instead of using the 250kA Dual Gang, I used a 250kB linear Dual Gang.

Gargantua Jr Fuzz Face & Treble Booster - This is a dual pedal in one 1590A.  There is a GE Fuzz Face and a GE Rangemaster.  The toggle is an on/on/on switch that lets you have just the Fuzz, just the Treble Booster or in the middle, the Rangemaster into the Fuzz Face.

Detonator Jr 18V - This is the same circuit I've posted before, the Colorsound Overdriver, but I added a charge pump to convert it to 18V, making it a Power Booster in a 1590A.

Iron Fury - This is a Riot-like distortion pedal

Bender - GE Tone Bender MKII.  Added controls for Bias of Q2 and tone control added to the end.

Build Reports / Dual Overdrive Builds
« on: November 13, 2019, 09:24:37 AM »
So in taking a small break from my normal 1590A builds, I've been working on a few dual OD style builds (don't worry, I have plenty more 1590A madness to share).  Here is what I've been working on the last few weeks:

Black Moon - This is based on another one of TGP's flavor of the week pedals.  You already know what it is.  Its an octave circuit into a Rat with clipping options, and a boost on the end.  I wasn't thinking I would like it that much, but this is pretty cool.  Being able to blend in the octave really allows you to dial in how much nasty you want in the signal, and I like having the 4 clipping options.

Raging Bull - This is a Klon into a Bluesbreaker.  I really like this combination.  Having the Klon in front of the Bluesbreaker really gives it a new character to its breakup.

Overload Dual - This is two Dumbloid circuits in one box.  Its a nice sounding OD, and I saved myself about $750  ;D

Dragon Claw - This is a Menatone Red Snapper and Blue collar in one box (like their Fish Factory pedal).  Two similar yet different overdrives give you some cool possibilities.

Open Discussion / Beamo Laser Cutter
« on: October 20, 2019, 01:12:04 PM »
I just saw the kickstarter for this guy.  For the price, it looks like it could be a good option for some of us.

Any laser experts have any thoughts on this?

Build Reports / 1590A BBD Delay
« on: September 30, 2019, 09:33:28 AM »
I am really happy with this, so instead of lumping it in with other stuff I have finished recently, I think it deserves its own build report :)

This is the Hologram Delay.  This is an (almost all) SMD BBD Delay, based on the Aquapuss, using an Xvive MN3005 chip.  All resistors are 0603, most caps are 0805.  I still have 1uF film caps and electrolytic caps as thru-hole components, as well as the transistors and IC's.  It has been a while since I have done any large scale SMD resistor and cap soldering, and it definitely took a few parts to get back into the swing of doing it :)  Overall, I am really happy with the sound of the delays.  They are definitely dark sounding delays, but it does sound really good.  This is the perfect delay to use for some rockabilly or some surf stuff.  The lower delay time settings really lead themselves to pseudo-reverb tones.

1977 Hologram by Dan Schumaker, on Flickr

Here is what I have been up to lately...

Robot Zookeeper - This is based on this seasons pedal du jour on TGP, the DRV 1981.  Basically its a RAT and a Klon buffer.  I added a clipping switch to go from the diode clipping to LED clipping.  It does sound really good, I can see what people are talking about.  I feel it might be a little bright with the diodes, but I like the crunch and growl I get with the LEDs.  I would have had this one done a few weeks ago, but I made a bonehead move of laying out the volume pot backwards   >:(  (And on that subject, I have been on a bad streak of laying out pots backwards on my board designs, I have never done that before, and I have 3-4 boards in my last two batches I have done that on!)
1965 Robot Zookeeper by Dan Schumaker, on Flickr

Amarillo Compressor - My favorite compressor that I have played through is the Diamond Compressor.  This is probably my third attempt to get it to fit in a 1590A, and I am glad I was able to make it work.  I played this one against my Lectric FX Zirconia Comp, and this one sounds just as good.  I am glad to be able to have this one to be able to add to my next 1590A pedalboard.
1963 Amarillo by Dan Schumaker, on Flickr

Hypnos Tremolo - I've been wanting to get a harmonic tremolo into a 1590A for a while now.  Looking around at different schematics, I found the Anharmonic tremolo on DIYstompboxes.  This is my working up of that circuit.  It has controls for Rate and Depth, as well as a frequency control and switch for just modulating the treble content or all of the signal.  The frequency control runs off of a 100k A dual gang pot.  There is also a jumper inside to go from Sine to Square wave.
1964 Hypnos by Dan Schumaker, on Flickr

T-1000 - The first circuit I made a fabbed PCB for was the Tortenmann TA-100 overdrive.  It wasn't perfect, but it worked.  So this is me revisiting that circuit and cramming it into a 1590A.  This is a cool sounding lower gain OD, pretty amp like.  I liken it to the Colorsound Overdriver, where it gets some nice boosting of the signal, but if you crank the gain, you can get some nice crunch out of it.
1960 T-1000 by Dan Schumaker, on Flickr

Adonis - This is a 2-in-1 someone mentioned on a thread in TGP about pedals you wished people had made.  Analogman has the Sunlion Rangemaster and Fuzz Face, but someone wondered why there wasn't a Rangemaster and Prince of Tone combo pedal.  So here it is.  Standard Rangemaster with a switch for the range, and a Prince of Tone style OD.  I wanted to include an order switch, but couldn't find the right spot to place it.  I like this pedal, the Rangemaster boosting of the POT gives it that little extra that I sometimes wish it had.  (And yes, I know, its not a 1590A, I felt like branching out  ;D )
1958 Adonis by Dan Schumaker, on Flickr

Groove King - This has been one of my white whales.  It is based on the MXR Envelope Filter.  I have made probably 4-5 different prototypes trying to get this circuit right.  Finally I was able to make a board with no mistakes.  This one has a trimpot to be able to adjust the bias so it will work with both vintage and current production chips, a common problem people run into on this pedal.  It sounds pretty good for an envelope filter, maybe a little quiet, but still gets some good quack.
1959 Groove King by Dan Schumaker, on Flickr

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