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Open Discussion / Hot Air Rework Station recommendations??
« on: June 22, 2022, 09:37:31 AM »
Thinking about getting a Hot Air Rework station for SMD work (light work.. nothing intense)

Anyone recommend something that is not gonna break the bank?


Open Discussion / Electro cap question
« on: April 25, 2022, 06:49:01 AM »
Checking on the viability of some electro caps and I have a question:

If I connect the positive side of an electro cap to a DC voltage and leave the negative side floating, should I be able to read DC on the negative side? Does the negative side of the electro cap need to be tied to a potential (in-circuit) for the cap to block the DC?

Open Discussion / Flat or tapered pickup rings??
« on: May 03, 2021, 10:04:14 AM »
I have a dual humbucker setup and currently, the pups are in tapered pickup rings. Now... not being the musicphile that some are... I wonder why? Why do they mount pups into tapered rings where the pups sit unevenly and the string distance differs?

Basically... what are the pros/cons of tapered rings compared to flat/even pup rings?

Open Discussion / Need advice...
« on: April 26, 2021, 11:54:14 AM »
I happen to have some lower-tier lefty guitars that I no longer require. 4 to be exact. 2 of them I would relegate as 'junk' and the other 2 I would say have a tiny bit of promise.

My question is.... What do you think is the best way to get rid of them without straight up throwing them in the dump?

Open Discussion / Repair of Alchemy modded Cry Baby
« on: March 02, 2021, 07:26:53 AM »
Friend of mine gave me a Cry Baby that he sent in for mod by Alchemy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the "mod" was just a drop-in BYOC wah kit  :o

Anyways, something I noticed with the design of the PCB that threw me for a loop.......

The battery bypass is different than any I have seen before. Instead of wiring the Battery GND to the Input jack Ring and having the In/Out jack sleeves and PCB GND directly connected to the DC jack GND, they configured the PCB to have the Battery GND go directly to the DC jack GND and to the Input jack Ring. So... instead of having the PCB GND and In/Out jack GND always tied to the DC jack GND, you have to insert the Input jack to complete the connection between the Input jack Sleeve and Ring to get GND to the circuit. 

Wondering if this is a good setup for power switching  ???

Open Discussion / Known good Tele wiring diagram
« on: February 12, 2021, 10:47:09 AM »
So.... I inherited a Fender Squire Affinity Telecaster that someone attempted to mod and failed. I'm thinking it won't be too much of a challenge ot get up and running BUT..

I have seen SEVERAL wiring diagrams online and they all seem to differ in small ways.

Can anyone point me to or provide me with a link to a known good wiring diagram to make sure all will turn out good?


Open Discussion / Anybody use Pedal Parts Plus anymore???
« on: November 06, 2020, 12:37:07 PM »
Hadn't gone there in a LONG time. Wondering why their home page has pics of stomps, transistors, resistors, knobs, etc. yet..... they only seem to sell enclosures  ???

Open Discussion / MBP Database issues???
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:12:19 PM »
Is it just me or have there been a few forum issues in the last 2 weeks or so? I have tried to log in and only see and error message saying "..... InnoDB" or something like that.

Have seen this 3 or 4 times recently...

Open Discussion / Shipping from Canada to US??
« on: April 29, 2020, 08:16:26 AM »
Has anyone ordered PCBs from Dead End FX to the US lately? I ordered and had them shipped about 2 weeks ago and still no show. I have been in contact with Dino and he made me aware that their post is running very slow due to the C-19 situation.

Just trying to get an idea of how long it will take to get here. Mid-east coast.

Does anyone have an idea or experience with this recently?

Open Discussion / Single knob 3-initial noise gate PCB
« on: April 02, 2020, 11:31:25 AM »
Looking for a PCB for the single knob noise gate made by a 3-initialed company. Does anyone know where I can find one? Preferably one of the "G"ood stringed variety??

Open Discussion / Flat washers for toggle switches
« on: March 10, 2020, 06:10:55 AM »
Anyone know where to find them?

I know there are the washers with "teeth" and there are the washers with alignment tabs. I want just plain old flat washers.


EDIT: Nevermind... Lawrence has 'em  ::)

Open Discussion / Click.. Click.. BOOM!
« on: February 28, 2020, 11:20:33 AM »
Thinking about pulling the trigger on a PRS SE Custom 24. I'm a lefty so it will fun finding the right match (Did they make like a million in that awful Trampus Green??)

Anyways... looking for experienced opinions on this model. Annnnnnd... GO!  ;D

Open Discussion / Click.. Click.. BOOM!!
« on: February 28, 2020, 11:19:49 AM »
*** EDIT: Double Post. Sorry  :-\ ***

Open Discussion / Tayda still slipping...
« on: November 20, 2019, 03:17:33 PM »
Since Mammoth went out of business (for now?) it looks like Tayda is the only comparable carrier of Alpha rotary switches  :-\

The bad part is that they have been out of stock on the common types for almost a year. On top of that, they have yet to reply to any of the 3 or 4 emails I have sent regarding whether or not a restock will ever happen.


Open Discussion / Ebay FAUX US Sellers
« on: September 16, 2019, 01:48:35 PM »
Has anyone else been the victim of the fake "US sellers" on fleabay? Bought some memory chips early last week from a "US seller" (I typically check the box for US Only) and the deal went through and got an email saying the package was shipped.

Checked on the progress today and the tracking on the USPS site says "Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending"

This has been the same since Monday of last week!!

These people need to be vetted and if they do not have stock in the US then they need to be booted from the US seller's list. Such a pain in the rear end!!


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