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Ey Up!

Not posted here in a lonnnnggg time, but just checked in and saw the thread on decline..

Nice to see that is not the case and that people are working on all sorts of cool projects  8)

My personal project at the moment is I've got more and more into Eurorack, and have been making (mostly ambient) music again using my just my modular setup.

Here's a track:

I've also started getting into woodwork. I started originally with the intention/end goal of making a guitar, but have got into making furniture and other bits and bobs.

As someone mentioned in the decline thread, I think anyone who has a bit of a creative streak in them (so everyone in this forum) has interests that ebb and flow. I'm sure I'll come back to pedals at some point.

Hope everyone is well!
Open Discussion / Re: Just Saying -- the soapbox thread
November 24, 2017, 03:42:14 PM
Black Friday has caught on in the UK.

As is typical, we are behind our friends over the pond, but we are steadily working our way towards in store stabbings and stampedes over cheap crap nobody needs  ;)
Quote from: Yahoo67 on November 23, 2017, 10:04:42 AM
150 $ man that cheap.... its weird i builded 3 amps from scratch and even if you buy dirt cheap componants you still cant even get the transformers and speaker for that amount... how do they turn a profit ?

Build a sh*t ton of them  ;D

Buy the cheapest components at source (China), in massive quantities, at trade cost.

Then have them built using Chinese labour.

Whether or not it's a real Celestion that is in there, who knows.

I'm sure it sounds just fine though, and if it is all through hole (I would imagine so being a valve amp) then it would be a nice modding platform.
Open Discussion / Re: Enclosures in Europe
November 08, 2017, 04:33:44 PM
I've always liked GapCo's enclosures (UK based):

Their 125B style enclosure is what I use for 95% of the builds I do.
Open Discussion / Re: The Last Jedi
October 26, 2017, 02:21:53 PM
Yep I agree about Blade Runner 2049.

I thought it was absolutely fantastic. It was made to be seen on a big screen with a good sound system.

The sound, the visuals, the existential plot and themes, the bowel moving synths ( ;))... everything.

If I had to change one thing I would have just asked for a few more Vangelis nods in the score. There were a few, but I could always do with more (the original soundtrack is a classic).

I still can't get the film out of my head (couple of weeks now since I watched it).

p.s. People walked out of the screening I went too. It was hardly jam packed either. No accounting for taste I guess!
I hope someone buys one and plays the darkest Black Metal with it.

It's what the Landgraff's would want...
Open Discussion / Re: DIN Connector with loopers
October 05, 2017, 02:14:55 PM
Here's the sketch I did for the 1590DD with dimensions (with some of my notes and scribblings).

Figured 4 1590A modules was the most I could fit.

You have to be pretty nimble toed to work around 4 foot-switches so close together ;). For home use it's fine.

Taking the foot-switches to an external box (with relay bypass), perhaps linked with another DIN connector (6/7/8 way) opens up more space for other fun stuff (perhaps a buffer + eq on the input, DI on the output etc.) on the main module connector board!

Thinking about it further that would be really cool... I'm getting excited about this again!  8)
Open Discussion / Re: DIN Connector with loopers
October 05, 2017, 01:58:38 PM
Yeah they fit fine on the modules I built. Just needed the right drill bit, and then file away the locating pin/nub on the connector. Much easier than the other 1590A builds I have done (which I found very fiddly).

I fitted the switcher with the female connectors,  and the modules with the male type.

Longer PCB's in the 1590A might not be able to have board mounted pots, but this is par for the course with 1590A builds I believe.

There was also a bit of a gap between the 1590A 'modules' and the switcher enclosure, so I was going to put a bit of foam strip (or similar) to keep the modules from moving around (although once connected there wasn't much play tbh).

I used these connectors:

Caveat: suitable DIN connectors that I could find were not cheap!

The convenience of having a little modular pedal board (with easy swap out of modules) makes up for that though IMO  8)
Open Discussion / Re: DIN Connector with loopers
October 05, 2017, 01:32:10 PM
I've already done this (built a very rough prototype a few years ago).

The looper/switcher was built into a 1590dd and the FX modules into 1590A's.

Both DIN connectors were directly mounted to the enclosures (no cables).

It worked fine but I only built a few modules (booster and a fuzz). Family and work have got in the way of other modules unfortunately!

Seemed like quite a nice way to have a miniature modular pedal board without all the cables and hassle.

I think it would be something very interesting for you to develop as you already have a full range of 1590A projects ready to integrate into a modular type system  8)

My final plan was to have the bypass switches all relay based. I could then have a foot pedal for effect bypass, and a 'control' box mounted on my amp to plugin the different fx modules (keeps audio cable lengths short then as well).
Build Reports / Re: Stagefright
August 03, 2017, 06:18:30 PM
Hot damn that's a fine build!
Open Discussion / Re: A Dumble
July 12, 2017, 09:38:30 AM
Wow some cool photos and historic gear there dude.

That P90 les paul is a beaut. Piece of history there.

Also, might just be me but Dumble's are fugly as hell.
Open Discussion / Re: New Synth Day
July 11, 2017, 08:46:36 AM
Check out the Elektron stuff too for VST compatability.

Their synth (and other stuff) has a VST editor, but also streams the MIDI and Audio VIA USB (no need for any other cables).

Very clever technology.

The Analog Four is 4 Mono Synths in one (MKII has just been announced too).

Or... enter the murky depths of Modular/Eurorack.

I warn you now though; if you thought pedals were addictive, just wait till you catch the modular bug  ;) ;D
Open Discussion / Re: New Synth Day
July 10, 2017, 03:01:22 PM
First synth?... probably won't be the last ;)!

I Think aphex twin contributed to the design (and presets) on the monologue... pretty cool!
The guy legit works for Z Vex (look him up).

Not a scammer. He is just... how do you say it... a wanker.