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In my experience, Papilio is way better than the others I have tried (Testors, and one other that I cant remember the brand name of)
The stupid, it burns!!!!  I love that in 16 pages of BS, the OP never manages to spit out what supposedly golden piece of info they got in the magic response from JHS that so radically changed their opinion.

The freaking mental acrobatics to make statements like this, I just don't get it:
QuoteIt can still be a clone and sound very different...     ... You can change the voicing, etc...and still be a clone.
QuoteYou can build an exact clone of a big muff or Tubescreamer, make a couple of small tweaks and have a different sounding pedal. but it is still a clone as it is the exact same circuit.

Its not the same circuit if you have changed component values, even just one of them, I mean is that not really black and white?? A "circuit" is topology (not the same as layout) + components, end of story no?  If you change one or the other, it is a different circuit.  The change may make no appreciable difference (changing value of DC filter cap for example) but it is still a different "circuit".
Quote from: pickdropper on April 30, 2015, 02:51:00 PM
That's clever, but isn't that the Curt aka gtrplaya101?  He posted about these a while back on TGP under that nickname.

If it's him, I'd be a bit hesitant as he doesn't have a great history of product support and he disappears at times.  Too bad because he could've been pretty successful with it.

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If that is "the" Curt I would run, run far away. I wouldn't buy one with your wallet nevermind my own.  Website is so dodgy, no business location, no names of anyone involved other than the email.  Nothing on the contact us page other than the email address. Sketch city. Perfect for him to just pack up and run again when he gets in over his head.

Disclaimer: I was royally screwed by Curt in the whole EffectBlade thing, and yes I'm still pissed. Not only did I lose $200+ on the steaming pile of a "product" that was eventually produced (both of my 2 boards and chipsets have major problems and dont work), I ran a group buy on the needed parts on what he claimed was a verified project, when it turned out the programming was not even written and the board totally untested.  A lot of people sunk a lot of money into it just to get dicked around for MONTHS AND MONTHS.  If I am remembering it was like 10 months and in the end as PD mentioned he just decided he was going to take his ball and go home. Other forum members wound up volunteering to reprogram the chips for the remaining people who were left hanging. 

If its not "the" Curt then I apologize, let me know and i will delete this post, but that website screams his MO all over.
Open Discussion / Re: Lowrider sold out?
April 30, 2015, 12:01:50 PM
I know it must be annoying as f#$k to be constantly asked when stuff will be in, but any word on the 2015 Lowrider??
Another '78er here.  Children of the '80s, what a glorious time. Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet was the first tape I ever owned, followed shortly by some Def Lepaprd (dont worry, I quickly grew out of it).
One I really remember from when I was a teen is The Maxx, which was also done by Image comics.  Its really bizarre and had crazy good artwork (Sam Keith).
Awesome that you got rid of the hum!!  I would bet it was changing the grounding scheme that did it.
Open Discussion / Re: International Swearing
March 26, 2015, 09:25:00 AM
Awesome topic!!  Rej covered French Canadians pretty thoroughly , and I imagine east coasters (Newfs and PEIers) have their own thing going on.  But out here on the west coast at least for the last decade, the #1 swear to insult someone else is douche, most often combined with something else:
- douche-bag (very popular)
- douche-nozzle
- douche-rocket
- douche-bucket
- and my personal favourite because it really takes the Canadianness to the next level, douche-canoe.  Example:  Look at that raging fucking douche-canoe drinking a Canadian (Molson Canadian beer, the Canadian equivalent of Fosters, something no self respecting canadian would drink).

Hoser might have been an insult/swear at one time, but is only used as a term of endearment these days (see the movie Strange Brew if you have never heard the term hoser).

Also despite (or maybe because of?) being one of the more diverse and least religious parts of the country, we reaaaaaly like to thow Jesus' and God into the mix.  EG  Fucking god damn jesus fucking christ.  Sweet fucking jesus on a stick.
Open Discussion / Re: AD 80 kit ebay
March 25, 2015, 12:13:59 PM
$56 for a supposed MN3005 (how on earth did this guy get his hands on so many of them, must have blown a fortune?) and a future promise of a presumably unverified board?? Not a chance.
Open Discussion / Ugliest guitar ever?
March 20, 2015, 02:09:29 PM
Look at that douchebag's face, he is taking the piss and he knows it:

It seriously looks like my 6 year old got at it with a stick on bling kit.
Yes that's correct, just strip 2 bits of wire and twist them together and solder both to the DC jack prong.  But the fact that you are getting the hum even when both pedals are bypassed is important at least in my mind. It means that power to the effect boards themselves is unlikely to be the problem. I am thinking that your grounding scheme is most likely the issue, both in terms of having a ground loop as I mentioned, and that the enclosure itself may not be grounded out.  I would reflow all your connections on your jacks, and as best as possible on the 3pdt switch PCBs (just the wiring connections, not the switch lugs which look ok).

Ohh, actually, there is another thought, are you using good quality 3PDT??
Ok, well believe it or not that is a good thing as we know where the issue lies.  Does the pitch of the hum change at all when you fiddle with the knobs?? 

And again just to confirm, you get the hum even when both effects are bypassed??
Quote from: thesameage on March 19, 2015, 09:42:49 AM
I did try to plug the supply into two different sources last night and still got the hum.

But do you still get hum with the pedal not in the chain at all? The reason I am asking on that one, is I have had a few people recently thinking it is their pedals causing hum, but it turned out to be the power in the room they were in (the wall sockets), in which case no amount of work on the pedal itself is going to help.
Well I cant guarantee that any of this will for sure cure you problem, but here is my thoughts:

- No you definitely dont need to chain from the compressor footswitch to the bass klon for power and ground.  Remove that, and run power and ground for the klon from the DC jack.
- Dont let your power cable runs lie over components on the PCBs like you have.  Twist them up so they stay together, and run them right down the 90 degree angle where the top meets the sides.
- Make 100% sure your enclosure is grounded.  Looks like a powder coated enclosure, you may want to scrape/sand away some of the coating on the inside of the enclosure to make 100% sure the metal of the jacks are making good contact with the metal of the enclosure. This essentially turns the enclosure into a faraday cage.
- Star grounding is a must (no ground loops).  I can see that you have run ground wires to both your in and out jacks. If those jacks are actually making ground with the enclosure (see above) you have a ground loop.  Each of the jacks is wired to ground, as well as connected to each other through the enclosure.  I generally never run a ground wire to the output jack, and I use the ground on the input jack as the "star" point, as in everything else ground there to ensure no loops.
- Move your LED wiring away from any of the audio wiring.  All the in/out and send/return wiring for each of the pcbs and the bypassed audio signal are going right over top of your indicator LEDs, which can definitely cause noise.  The exposed LED legs scare me, but that could just be me.

Another suggestion would be to use some shielded wire at least for the bypassed part of your audio path (so in jack to switch, one switch to the next, and switch to out jack).

Hope something there helps.  Having just written all that I realized i forgot a very obvious question, are you sure the noise is not coming from your room or power?  Like if you take the pedal out of the chain completely you have no noise?